10 Best WordPress Live Chat Plugin Free for your Website

June 24, 2024
10 Best WordPress Live Chat Plugin Free for your Website


Are you unsure which free live chat plugin for WordPress will work best for your website? If you answered yes, you’re in for a surprise.

Having conversations with your clientele or visitors is crucial to the development of your website. In particular, you shouldn’t skimp on customer service in any way when you run a commercial website.

Using the WordPress live chat plugin, you’re able to quickly resolve the problem. You can use chatbots, as well as live chats, to communicate with visitors to your website once you incorporate them. In that way, you’ll ensure that you never miss a message from them, converting them into dedicated leads.

What is a Live Chat Plugin for WordPress, and Is It Necessary:

A live chat plugin is a plugin that allows you to add chatbots or live chat to your WordPress websites, as previously explained. Having a quick discussion with customers or guests on the property is beneficial. You can answer their questions and handle their fears in this way.

You will gradually attract greater numbers of committed followers if you deliver excellent customer service. In addition, it’s a fantastic way to grow your company by converting them into leads.

Major benefits to utilizing live chat plugins aside from this are:

  • Easy Setup and Installation: It’s easy to utilize the WordPress chat plugins. Additionally, since it’s a free plugin, all that you need to do is install it and log in with the right information. After that, the website’s live chat feature will immediately display.
  • Faster Answers and More Successful Support: Live chats are the most rapid means of receiving help with any relevant problem. Additionally, you may manage several issues at once if you provide a live chat service.
  • Real-time Problem Solving: By utilizing the plugins, you may respond to your clients’ questions in real-time. Similarly, just a few of them provide broadcasting and live screen sharing. It just makes the process easier and more beneficial for clients.
  • Tracking and Analyzing Visitor Information: The live chat plugins alert users whenever a new visitor arrives. It’s also helpful to keep tabs on your active users and even see what they’re typing in the chat window.
  • Multiple Language Support: The plugins are not only easy to use and reasonably priced, but they also support multiple languages. As a result, they will automatically translate your dialogue into the language of your foreign consumers.

The 10 Best Free Live Chat Plugins for Customer Service:

The top free WordPress live chat plugin for client service are shown to you here. They all have the newest features and have been extensively evaluated with popular WordPress themes. So you can easily create spectacular live chat support.

1. 3CX Live Chat:

Among the top free live chat plugin is 3CX Live Chat. The plugin provides an easier-to-use interface for both administrators and visitors and is reliable as well as efficient.

The chat servers of 3CX Live Chat are one of its key features. Users may now communicate with one another in live conversations at rapid speed thanks to this. Major, sophisticated capabilities like audio, video, and other business-level functionality can also be accessible through 3CX’s integrations.

Additionally, the plugin allows you to store records of live chats for subsequent use in business research. Similarly, you can use it to communicate with numerous consumers at once.

2. JivoChat Live Chat:

The all-in-one, free commercial live chat plugin is called JivoChat Live Chat. It offers characteristics that are optimized to allow you to chat with your clientele indefinitely.

Additionally, the plugin allows for live chat, email, phone, and internet-based interaction. It also permits free widget configuration and modification. This can be used to showcase your communication approach and style and to provide efficient client service.

In a comparable manner, it has the ability to connect to and control any communication channel from a single app. Additionally, it has an omnichannel live chat that has been created for e-commerce.

3. Crisp Live Chat:

One of the most exquisite WordPress live chat plugin available for your website is Crisp Live Chat. When you want to improve your company’s performance and have real-time conversations with customers, you can choose to use it.

This plugin offers desktop and mobile apps, fast notifications, and an optional live chat widget. These qualities are all well-guided and suitable for beginners. In addition, Crisp Inbox is available to you when you require more tools and help in marketing and sales.

For greater significance in debates and higher conversion rates, Crisp’s free plan is excellent. But you are able to subscribe to its expensive programs when you require advanced functionality.

4. Tidio Live Chat:

Tidio is among the top free live chat plugins that can be found on WordPress.org. It offers those who visit a quick and simple way to get in touch with themselves as well.

The plugin also features a lightweight, customizable WordPress chat widget. The chatbot’s backdrop color, position, and other elements can be customized with a basic setup. Similarly, it starts with an additional 35 pre-made chatbot themes. You can also customize WordPress themes that offers smooth integration with these plugins.

Additionally, you may use its chatbox to streamline your live chats. This section assists in email address collection, discount offers, automatic FAQ responses, and more.

5. To live chat:

One of the most popular live chat plugins is Tawk. Live chat is completely free and free of ads, spam, and other distractions.

The plugin’s main purpose is to provide real-time site visitor tracking. After that, you can examine the particulars in order to gain valuable knowledge and establish a connection with your audience. In this way, you create a simple and client-friendly user interface for your website.

In addition, the plugin works with every modern browser. Therefore, it can meet all of the requirements of your business for network development and quick reaction.

6. Live Chat by Formilla:

Formilla’s live chat plugin is a productive way to provide customer service. Additionally, it provides the ability to start conversations in person and analyze your active user base in detail.

You may install and start using this instant messaging plugin right away. After that, you may switch to any Android, iPad, or iPhone device to continue your live chats. Additionally, it’s working with all browsers, so you may view any website without any problems.

It’s also an offline and online chat widget that replies to mobile devices. Additionally, it supports AI chatbots, automated messages, and several foreign languages.

7. HubSpot CRM:

HubSpot is a user-friendly plugin for email advertising, WordPress live chat plugin, forms, analytics, and CRM. It’s an effective package solution for managing, interacting, and following up with your clients.

Anyone can manage your complete contact information and group contacts, which is fantastic. Together with the integrated list builder, HubSpot’s free plan lets users use as many as one million contacts.

In addition to all the amazing attributes, it helps track the expansion of your company. Its integrated analytics dashboard offers data-driven statistics and evaluates the functioning of the website.

8. Userlike:

Userlike is the greatest free live chat plugin that allows you to communicate with your clients directly using messaging apps such as WhatsApp, Facebook, SMS, Telegram, and others.

You may send and receive different media such as pictures, videos, and even voice messages with simplicity due to this plugin. If that’s still not enough, you can allow people to ask questions directly by sharing the screen with them.

The main feature is its intelligent routing capability, which allows users to quickly and easily connect with previous operators. Moreover, Userlike has integrations with Slack and Pipedrive, both enterprise tool platforms.

9. Smartsupp Live Chat:

Installing and using Smartsupp, the best live chat plugin, is free. Using Facebook Messenger, it enables you to respond to conversations, emails, and messages from your visitors.

Nearly 30K websites utilize this plugin due to its amazing features and support. Additionally, proactive chats and chatbots that respond instantly are some of the benefits. You can therefore save lots of time without sacrificing communication with customers.

Additionally, Smartsupp uses screen captures to help with tracking the activities of your visitors. You may improve your conversion rates by using all of this additional audience information.

10. Zoho SalesIQ:

A free WordPress live chat plugin that works flawlessly is called Zoho SalesIQ. It facilitates generating leads, trail analysis, and tracking of clients for all types of business websites.

This plugin primarily uses a number of metrics to track visitors to your website. Later on, recognizing the main entry points to your website is also helpful. After that, you can start talks and present brand deals and offers using the tracked platform.

It also allows for intelligent AI bots in your salesIQ according to your business requirements. You may additionally utilize audio calls in case your customers require prompt and extra-depth assistance.


Live chats and chatbots increase customer satisfaction, foster a devoted clientele, and increase revenue for your company. But novices may find it unclear where to create or where to run such discussion areas.

For this reason, we highly advise using one of the above free live chat plugins. Every plugin in the previous list has advantages and traits of its own. Therefore, you’ll be free to choose one of them. We have listed some of the best plugins above.

If not, we advise utilizing Crisp Live Chat. Like its name suggests, the plugin is thin and crisp, and it enables users to interact with customers in real time to grow your business.

You may utilize Tawk as well. To talk live. It’s a continuous live chat widget that links to and examines user activities. You can talk conveniently and receive useful knowledge in return.

As we finally draw to a close, we hope that this post was useful. If so, please let us understand in the space provided for comments below. Remember to share it with the people you love in addition. The social media usernames are in front of you for your use!