How To Customize WordPress Themes For Optimal Performance

June 22, 2024
How To Customize WordPress Themes For Optimal Performance

Customizing WordPress Theme presents you with the best ways to modify your website. What is the first thing a user looks at after installing a theme? Of course, customizing and editing options make a website look unique. User searches to explore attributes that will shape the website as required. For this, you must go for an easily customizable theme. And WordPress is a place where you easily get Customizable WordPress Themes with responsiveness. Here in this article, we will discuss How To Customize WordPress Themes For Optimal Performance.

Most of the themes require no codes, and some may contain. Customization becomes easy when you have selected the right theme. Also, the theme you have chosen must be user-friendly and have proper custom menus. 

But First, We Will See Why We Need To Customize A Theme 

Customizing a theme makes a unique impression with new ideas and designs. It gives a completely new look to the website with better-promoting ideas. Simply, it helps to stand out strong in this gradually increasing market. Also, it helps to resemble your brand with a unique touch. And with Customize WordPress Themes, you get to promote your business. Not every theme comes with 100% perfection, but it can be with easy customization menus. Moving forward, we will discuss how to customize a theme with easy steps. 

To Customize WordPress Themes, we are presenting three easy methods to use. Let us check out:

  1. Using WordPress Customizer
  2. Using the Page Builder Tool 
  3. Using Codes

WordPress Customizer

  • This is the easiest you can adapt to customize your theme. It is as follows: 
  • Open the WordPress Admin Dashboard. 
  • Click on the Appearance tab> Customize. 
  • After this, it will take you to the live customizer and get your custom options ready. After suitable changes, click Save and Publish the changes. 

Using Page Builder Tool 

  • The next method is a page builder, elementor page builder, or visual composer. This is another effective method to make custom changes to your website. 
  • In simple terms, you just need to install the page builder plugin to make custom changes. 
  • Compared to live customizer, page builder provides various features and designs. The drag-and-drop feature helps to embellish your website without any codes, as this is the handiest way to provide user-friendly features to customize the theme. 

Using Codes

  • The third way is to customize the theme using codes. If a user wishes to do so, then the theme editor can be used. And to avoid damage to parent themes, use child themes to implement. Here are the steps to follow: 
  • Open the WordPress Admin Dashboard. 
  • Go to Appearance> Theme File Editor from the dropdown list. 
  • Users can edit visual Appearance using "style.css" and theme features using "functions.php."
  • In case you wish to add custom CSS, then just simply edit live changes in the built-in CSS editor. 

These were three easy steps for customizing a WordPress Theme. Now let's check out 2022's top most Customize WordPress Themes:

Top Most Customize WordPress Themes

Food Ordering WordPress Theme 

The Online Food Ordering WordPress Theme has perfect assets for you. This is a theme where you effortlessly grow up your food business online. The theme gets unlocked at an easy price of $39 only. Here, you get the most appealing and responsive features for the website. Also, the best part about the theme is you get a live theme customizer. You can also modify your website easily using custom elements, giving a powerful appearance. Your website gets ready in a few minutes with elementor page builder. Also, it requires no codes and less time to set up a website. The Woocommerce plugin creates a striking impression giving a gallery displaying food items. Moreover, the SEO integration manages to secure higher SERP ranks.

  • Woocommerce integration 
  • No codes required
  • Advanced gallery slider 

Advertising Agency WordPress Theme

Digital Advertising WordPress Theme is the theme for digital agencies. It has a magnificent homepage display with responsive features. Users can easily get this theme for $39 only. It also comes with free demo content that helps to remark your work with custom features. Yes, you can customize the theme using a live theme customizer. Moreover, it has a stunning range of templates giving responsive layouts fitting all screens. The fabulous theme incredibly suits digital agencies and advertising agencies. You can launch your venture in the digital world using elementor page builder. It helps to display your services with different paging sections and endless elements. The drag-and-drop feature for easy customization further follows it. Integrating social media icons will surely increase the number of clients.

  • SEO integration 
  • Translation ready
  • Free Demo content

Travel Agent WordPress Theme

Are you planning to take over your travel business online? The Tour Travel Agent WordPress Theme is ideal for you. It comes with easy installation and free demo content for $39 only. You can easily explore an enthralling range of responsive features with this. It also comes with an elementor page builder for building reliable web pages. The theme holds a live customizer to make required changes with formatting menus. For a business website setup, the Woocommerce plugin implies most functionality. It serves with a gallery slider for travel bookings and destinations display. The theme additionally suits travel blogs and provides erratic assets for this. You can take online consultations with the best services as a travel agent. 

  • Elementor page builder compatible
  • Woocommerce compatible 
  • Custom formatting menus

Electronics Store WordPress Theme

Electronics Store WordPress Theme is a banger theme in the world of business. It sets your business on higher standards at $39 only. You get to implement the most responsive features and designs for your store. The theme creatively suits all E-commerce stores with vibrant designs. Moreover, it comes with an easy website setup using elementor page builder. And with free demo content, beginners can easily design it without any codes. The theme also has Woocommerce compatibility for business trade and product display. It provides a gallery slider to showcase the best range of products with visual images. The drag-and-drop feature has special functionality for easy element placement. The user-friendly design with SEO integration helps to secure higher SERP ranks. 

  • Advanced homepage layouts
  • SEO integration 
  • Live Theme Customizer

Interior Designer WordPress Theme

Are you striving for the best theme for your interior design business? Interior Designer WordPress Theme is one of the Most Popular WordPress Themes for interior design websites. It calibrates the most erratic range of styles and colors for your website. Get the most responsive and easily customizable features at $39 only. You get to launch your business to larger levels using social media icons. Moreover, the page builder tool helps to build reliable web pages resembling your art pieces. The Woocommerce plugin signifies the best gallery slider for product display and services. The artistic theme suits interior designers, decorators, and home decor stores. Apart from customization, you get responsive layouts that fit great on all screens. The lightweight design easily works well on all browsers. Lastly, you can make better promotions through social media icons. 

  • Advanced Gallery slider 
  • SEO integration 
  • Cross-browser compatibility

Blog WordPress Theme

Want to secure hikes and better client attention for your blogs? Blog WordPress Theme is the ideal theme for you. This is an advanced theme suitable for bloggers and influencers. Since blogging is the most rising career, it is getting more advanced. And, so this theme implies the most advanced and trendy features for this. You get to showcase your blogs with responsive features for $39 only. There are gallery sliders that make your content place properly using custom formatting. You get to secure the free demo content for easy design without any codes. Also, you don't need to spend hours on website designing as it holds user-friendly assets. Get your blogs to look more attractive using elementor page builder. Here, you get endless elements to be placed using the drag-and-drop feature. Also, get more client attention by integrating social media icons. 

  • Responsive Design
  • Live theme customizer
  • User-friendly features.


This is a wrap to the above content depicting Customize WordPress Themes. Here in this content, we have made it easy for you with short tutorials and themes. There are three significant ways how to customize your theme for website design. You can easily customize your themes with live customizers, plugins, and codes. Then, we have listed 2022's topmost Customize WordPress Themes. The above-listed themes can be easily customized and are user-friendly too. 

But customization becomes easy when you have chosen the right theme. Lastly, all the focus goes on the theme selection and plugins to be installed. Thus, you must reduce the number of plugins to avoid errors. 

WordPress Theme Bundle 

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