Top 7 Free WordPress eCommerce Website Templates For 2023

June 24, 2024
Top 7 Free WordPress eCommerce Website Templates For 2023

Looking for free WordPress eCommerce website templates to take your business online?

Look no further, as we have got you covered. 

With every sector going online and people preferring online shopping, you might also want to take your business online. And it is a great idea if you don't want to be left behind in the competition. Creating an online store using WordPress doesn't take much time or investment. It is code-free and easy to do. 

In this article, we have mentioned seven free WordPress eCommerce website templates that will help you create an online presence and take your store online.

Advantages of Having An Online Store

Nowadays, it is important to have an online presence for any business you own so people can know about your business. Many business owners have decided to take their business online by creating a website to sell their products over the internet.

With an online store, you can reach a larger audience and crush territorial boundaries for selling your products. Unlike a physical store, an online store requires less time and money for maintenance. Plus, your online store can get orders 24/7 since it has no time boundaries.

Some other advantages of having an online store are;

  • No, reach limitations
  • Several payment modes
  • Flexibility for the customers
  • Faster response

Let's take a look at the seven free WordPress eCommerce website templates and themes.

7 Free WordPress ECommerce Website Templates & Themes

Free Electronics WordPress Theme

As the name suggests, Free Electronics WordPress Theme is one of the seven free WordPress eCommerce website templates.

Creating a website won't take much effort and time with this theme.

If you are an electronics store owner, this free theme is the perfect choice for your store website as you don't have to invest in it, plus it is easy to install and use. You can easily customize your website to give it a look that best suits your store. Furthermore, this Free WordPress Theme makes your website responsive and cross-browser compatible, which helps your customers in accessing your website from any web browser and device. It has a ready-made sign of a store website with WooCommerce compatibility, making transactions fast and easy.

Electronics WordPress Theme comes with all important and necessary features like translation readiness, custom CSS option, pagination option, and much more to give you a perfect eCommerce store. 

Free Gadget WordPress Theme

Gadgets rule the world, and people use them for almost all their day-to-day activities. If you are a gadgets store owner, here is one of the best free WordPress eCommerce themes to create a website for your gadgets store. 

Free Gadget WordPress Theme brings an amazing texture, suitable design, and background imagery that uplifts your website. It gives your website cross-browser compatibility, responsiveness, and a user-friendly interface that brings in a great user experience. This theme has a minimal and modern design and focuses entirely on your products. You can categorize your products on the home page, which helps your customers navigate easily to find the product they want.

Furthermore, this theme comes with WooCommerce compatibility, a key feature in creating an online store. This feature also helps in accepting payments from various online modes.  

Lastly, the optimized SEO codes help bring your website a better reach and potential customers by placing it among the top few results of the search results page.

Free Food Delivery WordPress Theme

Since every sector is turning to eCommerce, why would the food business stay behind?

Create a stunning website with the Free Food Delivery WP Theme, one of the free WordPress eCommerce website templates, and take your food business online!

Free Food Delivery WordPress Theme has amazing features and eye-catchy fonts that attract customers. It is responsive, cross-browser compatible, and social media-ready. Most importantly, it has a colorful layout that suits a food delivery business. 

You can also add testimonials and review sections to your website that help you in showing your credibility to your customers. Furthermore, its WooCommerce compatibility is a great feature that helps accept payments and orders.

You can customize your website with 100+ fonts and color options to make it look unique and personalized.

Additional features of this theme are; translation readiness, pagination option, blog and newsletter section, pagination option, multiple inner page templates, and much more.

Free Kids WordPress Theme

Free Kids WordPress Theme is one of the best free WordPress eCommerce themes for creating kids-centered websites. 

You can use this theme for a kids' store, party decorations business, child centers, etc.

It can also be used for kids-related blogs.

The Kids WordPress Theme comes with eye-catchy fonts and colors, perfect for a kid's website. You can also use the available 100+ fonts and colors if you would like to give your website a unique look. Furthermore, you can change favicon, titles, taglines, backgrounds, headers, colors, and all small tweaking to give your website the look you wish.

This theme is responsive, cross-browser compatible, and translation ready. Using the social sharing feature, you can also add your social media handles to your website. It comes with multiple inner pages templates to design each template differently. It also has advanced color and background options to make your website a perfect children-oriented one.  

Optimized SEO ensures your website appears among the top few results on the search results page. This brings more audience and customers to your website.

Free Ecommerce WordPress Theme

Are you a store owner looking for free WordPress eCommerce website templates? If yes, the Free Ecommerce WordPress Theme is the right choice for you.

With this theme, you can sell all kinds of eCommerce stuff and make profits from your store. This theme comes with minimalist designs, making them a great platform for displaying your products and generating sales. Furthermore, it comes with sliders, banners, and sections and offers easy navigation to customers and visitors. 

It also comes with ample Call-To-Action buttons that help visitors make purchases easily. You can customize your already great theme with the Live Customiser and the 100+ fonts and color options. 

This theme has all the necessary features to give you a great eCommerce website, responsiveness, cross-browser compatibility, translation readiness, and, most importantly, WooCommerce compatibility. The built-in SEO makes your website reach a larger crowd and helps gain more customers. 

Free Medical Supplements Store WordPress Theme

Free Medical Supplement Store WordPress Theme is one of the best free WordPress eCommerce themes for WordPress. 

This is an ideal theme to go for, for medical supplements store owners to take their store online. Advertising and selling health supplements and medical products online is a great way to earn profits as more people are becoming health conscious and are watching their health.

This theme is a great choice that helps you create an eCommerce store for selling medical products. It can be used by health supplement owners, wholesalers, nutrition suppliers, doctors, and other medical personnel to create websites for selling medicines, pills, pharmaceutical products, etc.

Specially designed for medical stores, this theme has a clean and beautiful layout and categorized segments. This theme covers all the necessary items for creating medical supplements in online stores. It has a professional look, a responsive layout, and cross-browser compatibility. Additionally, it is WooCommerce compatible, social media friendly, and translation ready. With this theme, you can create a great medical supplement online store.

Free Animal Pet WordPress Theme

Specially designed for animals and pet-related websites, this theme is one of the best free WordPress eCommerce website templates.

You can use this theme to create websites for pet sitters, pet homes, pet spas, animal grooming, and other pet services. It is fully packed with important elements and features such as WooCommerce compatibility, responsiveness, SEO-friendliness, cross-browser compatibility, etc.

This theme has a "book an appointment" form functionality, social media integration, a gallery section, and a section to showcase the team members. Plus, you can also add testimonials to your websites with the name and images of your client. This theme is easily customizable, and you can use 100+ fonts and colors to make a unique website. Additional amazing features of this theme are; translation-readiness, pagination option, blogs and newsletter sections, etc. 

Installation and setup of this theme are extremely easy and can be done within a few minutes.


E-commerce is the talk everywhere, and if you have not yet considered creating an eCommerce store, you are far behind in the competition. If you think creating and managing a website is a pain, then you are wrong! With the above-mentioned free WordPress eCommerce website templates and Best WordPress Themes, you can create stunning and attractive websites for your business within minutes. Not to forget, these are free, and codes are free! 

And if you came here with the determination to start an eCommerce store, we hope you found the right theme that suits your business from the list mentioned above of free WordPress eCommerce website templates. 

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