Best Plugins For Blogs And Business Websites

October 27, 2020
Best WordPress Plugins

Today every second person among us is a blogger or has his business website or is planning to take his business online by creating a website. To start with the process, such people first need website builders or themes. There are thousands of themes available online, so you might get confused about which one to pick for your project. We would suggest you try free WordPress themes First. All these Most Popular WordPress Themes go through a strict review process and support many popular plugins.

People do tend to create WordPress websites for business, blogs, news, magazines, portfolios, etc. However, themes alone cannot help you to make a complete website. You will need to download “plugins” which will help you to add that extra functionality like for SEO or for adding a contact form in your website. We have therefore mentioned here some very popular and best WordPress plugins that are compatible with almost every WordPress theme.

Let's See Some Best Plugins You Must Have!

1. Yoast SEO

When you have finished designing your website, the next step will be starting to do its SEO because without it you won’t go so far. Yoast SEO is one of the best and most used plugins for blogs and business websites regarding search engine optimization. It is trusted by most WordPress website owners and is regularly updated for better versions and also to be compatible with Google algorithms. This is why it is regarded as the #1 SEO plugin in WordPress.

It has a lot of features that can make your website’s content get ranked easily. Can optimize your keywords and gives suggestion on how to make them better. Analyzes the readability of your content. It can also optimize the images that you post on your website so that they can rank higher with the help of the keywords in the image’s title and attributes.  

Key Features:
  1. Keyword optimization for related keywords and synonyms
  2. Control over breadcrumbs for setting primary categories for posts
  3. No duplicate content with the help of canonical URLs

2. Everest Forms

When you have published blogs or have mentioned certain products or services on your website the visitors may get more than eager to contact you and ask queries about it. So you may need to keep a contact form on your website for situations like these. Everest Forms is one of the best plugins for adding a form to your website. It is very user-friendly for customization equipped with drag and drop fields. So, you can easily customize your forms however you want.

With this plugin, you can add an unlimited number of forms with multiple column support. It is fully responsive so the forms can be viewed and used on any device. It is translation-ready. Besides this, you are provided with two beautiful form templates in this plugin if you don’t want to design it on your own.

Key Features:
  1. Short codes to help add Page, Post, Sidebar and more in the form.
  2. Support from Google ReCaptcha to block the spams
  3. Redirect the user to a specific page after form submission

3. User Registration

On most websites, owners tend to add new registration or login options for users. This increases the interaction between the owner and the visitors as the logged-in users can have access to more features on the website. They can also get notifications on the website itself or through emails. To have this feature on your website, one of the Best SEO Plugins for WordPress is User Registration. It has a lot of customizable tools and attractive designs.

Key features:
  1. Email notification after registration
  2. Auto – login after registration to save user’s time.
  3. Admin approval for registration

4. Akismet

Your website may contain a lot of spam now and then. You need to ensure that this doesn’t happen again and again. Spam can contaminate your website through various comments or form submissions from the users. To reduce this spam on your website, you can use the Akismet plugin. It is an anti-spam plugin that examines all the content submitted to your website for any sort of harmful content. When the spam is found it is recorded in the status history so that you can view where the comments have been spammed or unspammed by the Akismet moderator. People have been able to remove more than 400 billion spam using this plugin to date.

Key Features:
  1. Easy backup and restore processes
  2. Moderators can view the number of spam comments from each user.
  3. Fast performance that saves time.

5. UpDraft Plus

You may want to back up your blog post on your website for future use or if there may come any technical difficulties. You may have adopted a lot of security measures for your website but they all can prove vulnerable. Your website can be hacked or there can be problems with the updates. So backing up data can be quite helpful in these situations. Updraftplus is one of the best plugins for backing up and restoration of data of your website which is entrusted with more than 1+ million downloads. You can backup your contents using Updraftplus in the cloud databases like Dropbox, Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, iCloud and more. Just click on restore to obtain it again. It also has the option to have scheduled automatic backups which can save a lot of time.

Key Features:
  1. Uses fewer server resources for faster processing.
  2. Easily duplicate or migrate websites with the help of Migrator
  3. Free dedicated expert support

Improve the quality of your website with these plugins. These plugins will improve the appearance, usability as well as reach of the audience for your website. Before installing one of these plugins make sure that you have suitable responsive WordPress themes for your website as well. Take advantage of our exclusive WordPress Theme Bundle to get all our premium and popular themes at an incredibly low price of just $99.