WordPress V/S Wix: Which Is A Better Website Builder

October 31, 2020
WordPress V/S Wix: Which Is A Better Website Builder

Are you confused about WordPress or Wix, which website builder to choose for creating your website? So here is your answer that both are powerful with their specific benefits.

To begin with, Wix has free hosting and an easy website builder to offer. It has hundreds of free templates to build a site with an easy drag and drop method. This becomes suitable for the budget of beginners.

Talking about WordPress is a self-hosted platform in which you create your website on your hosting account. Self-hosting lets you completely free to customize your website but it needs a bit of learning if you are a beginner.

Let’s compare both on some points and then draw a better conclusion. 

1. WordPress and Wix Website Builder: Overview

WordPress is a website or blog-building software that is published on the internet. Its widely used around the globe and powers more than 38% of the internet.

WordPress is also called a Content Management System (CMS). It is a tool that helps you create, manage, and modify content on your website without any programming knowledge.

A lot of beginners are confused between WordPress.org and WordPress.com. Let’s know the difference between these two.


WordPress.org “the real WordPress” is a free and self-hosted platform. It is open-source software that can be downloaded and used by anyone and however, they want.

You need to purchase a domain name and hosting, install WordPress on your hosting account, then have full control over your website. After installing WordPress on your hosting, you can log into your WordPress dashboard and start customizing your website unlimitedly without any restrictions.


WordPress.com uses the same software as WordPress.org but it is a fully hosted blog creation platform provided by Automattic. You can start a blog here by simply creating an account. It provides domain, hosting services so you don’t have to set up hosting or install WordPress.

However, it has several limitations for the free version which restricts the user.  

The WordPress we have referred to in this article is the self-hosted version i.e, WordPress.org.

What is Wix?

Wix is a cloud-based software for creating websites. Used by millions worldwide, this website builder doesn’t require any knowledge in coding. Therefore You can easily create a website using the drag and drop method.

Wix is easier to use for beginners, you can simply create a website by signing up. Go to wix.com and click on the ‘Get Started’ button. After that, provide a few details about yourself and your website will be ready soon in a few steps.

Wix platform offers a free plan to build a website. It includes free hosting and domain name but it will be a Wix subdomain like:


With a free plan, you can create a blog. You can use hundreds of free templates and great tools available. However, if you need additional features for your website, then you will have to upgrade to their premium plans. One of the major drawbacks of Wix is that you cannot migrate the hosting to any other hosting provider like Bluehost, SiteGround, HostGator, and many more.

2. Design and Customization Options in Website Builder

WordPress Website Builder:

WordPress offers you endless customization and design options for your website. These are the things for which WordPress is proud of itself.

WordPress is flexible and you have endless possibilities for customizing your website. WordPress Themes and plugins can add new functionality. It has thousands of well-crafted and highly customizable themes to select from your website.

The best thing is that you can find tons of those themes for free. There are more than 7700 free themes available at the WordPress.org Theme Repository. You can use any of these themes an unlimited number of times free of cost.

Wix Website Builder:

You can develop your Wix website and customize it simply by using the drag-and-drop editor. If you know to code, then you can also access the code of a Wix template and customize it.

If you want to build an online store, then Wix has an e-commerce option. It has similar features to other e-commerce platforms, such as BigCommerce, Shopify, Squarespace, and Weebly. However, Wix pricing for e-commerce is a bit costlier. Moreover, websites developed with Wix sometimes can be similar to other sites because of limited themes available on the platform. It has only 500+ templates available for free plan users.

If you buy a plan, then you can use over 510+ premium themes. As you can see, the number of themes available in Wix is very less in comparison to WordPress.

3. Pros and Cons WordPress and Wix Website Builder

WordPress Pros

  1. WordPress is free and open-source software that anybody can install and use right away.
  2. It has thousands of free as well as premium themes to make your site unique from scratch.
  3. Above all WordPress helps make your site responsive which helps your site rank higher in search engines.
  4. You’re allowed to install extra plugins and themes.
  5. You can find plenty of the best SEO tools here to improve your page quality.
  6. WordPress is more popular than Wix as it powers more than 38% of the internet around the world.
  7. Flexible to move a WordPress website to any other hosting when needed.
  8. Fast page load time.

WordPress Cons

  1. You need to purchase hosting and domain names separately to launch a WordPress site.
  2. The site owner regularly needs to update the themes, plugins, and CMS.
  3. May prove tricky for beginners for customization, plugins conflict.

Wix Website Builder Pros

  1. User-friendly and easy website creation by drag and drop for editing the site.
  2. Range of pricing plans which suit from small to a large scale of websites.
  3. Over 500 free templates available.
  4. Wix is responsible for your website security.
  5. Wix has “SEO Wiz” which has guidelines for improving SEO.
  6. Dedicated support team available.

Wix Website Builder Cons

  1. You will not have full control over your website.
  2. You can’t make a unique design as it has limited designs to choose from and once chosen you can’t switch to another design.
  3. Gives you limited customization possibilities.
  4. Challenging to move the website from Wix to another hosting.
  5. Automatically updates your themes and plugins.


We hope you have concluded from the above information on WordPress V/S Wix. WordPress is preferable and is a better website builder to choose from than Wix. If you want a powerful solution for the long run, you should probably choose WordPress.