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Free WordPress themes v/s Premium WordPress themes

Free WordPress themes v/s Premium WordPress themes

Whenever you are creating a WordPress grounded website, the foremost important task for you is to find an appropriate WordPress theme. WordPress themes give your website an identity. Themes can make your website unique. Though you can settle with the default theme that comes in synchronization with standard WordPress installations, still you can explore a theme which is flexible, customizable and fun to use. You will be astonished to see thousands of free and premium themes available on WordPress.

There are different methods to find a perfect WordPress theme for your website. The simplest and the most obvious is to Google search.

An alternative way to find a theme is WordPress.org site. Here you can search a theme through huge databases available, you can filter your choices by using keywords like” free themes” or “premium themes”, etc.

WordPress supports each theme designer to bring up their own installation instruction for their theme. To use your theme correctly, read the direction of installation before installing your theme. While choosing a theme for your website, you need to consider the foremost important purpose of the blog, so that your theme will be aligned with respect to the objective of your website.

Primarily there is two type of theme available one is Free WordPress themes and the other one is premium WordPress themes.

There have been so many debates over free WordPress theme against premium WordPress themes. Well both the categories are suitable to work with, depending upon the type of site you are planning to build.

In the following, we will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of utilizing free WordPress themes against premium WordPress themes.

Free WordPress Theme

A free theme is very simple to install and doesn’t cost you any dollar. Even if you are not satisfied with your choice, you can change the theme anytime you want without any loss. There are so many advantages of free themes as listed below

Advantages of Free WordPress Theme

  1. Free themes have very easy and generic design without any complications or complex structure. They are simple to understand and easy to function.
  2. It is free!!! That is the biggest advantage as there are no monetary risks associated with utilizing free themes.
  3. In case you don’t like the functionality or features of your installed theme, then you have got the complete liberty to opt for other available free themes.
  4. You are free to explore your required theme from a huge library of free themes available on the web, specifically on WordPress
  5. Some free themes have got customization options, to manipulate the theme as per your wish.

Disadvantages of Free WordPress themes

  1. Essentially all the free themes are not available with customization option. For the themes without customization, you need to be fluent in coding, to understand WordPress coding and change it accordingly as per your requirement in your themes
  2. Free themes are not facilitated with the latest updates. That is the reason why they are least compatible with the latest version of WordPress.
  3. None of the assistance is available from the support theme. In case you face any difficulty regarding installation or functionality of the free theme, no help is provided from developer’s side. You need to solve your queries on your own, which sometimes becomes a most tedious task and may create a lot of nuisances.
  4. Free themes differ in their quality. Though there are some free themes with good quality in the market, still low-quality free themes are available with their poor functionality and support
  5. Free themes are decent up to personal blogging level only. They definitely will create a loss to the bigger organization through their lack of features and functionalities.

If you are a business owner and planning to create a professional business site, then a Premium WordPress theme will be the better option for you.

Premium WordPress Theme

Premium themes are developed by the team of professional web developers. Hence, the premium themes are reliable and sophisticated. To maintain their reputation, none of the developers will try to risk their brand by creating an inferior product. Their only aim is to create a group of satisfied and loyal customers. This can be achieved by developing outstanding premium themes and by providing complete customer support.

Advantages of Premium WordPress theme

  1. Premium themes are more professional, elegant, polished and classy with their robust features as compared to free themes. Premium themes are filled with ample features to meet your website requirements.
  2. These themes will provide you with consistent updates which are fully compatible with the latest version of WordPress. With premium themes, you can continuously enjoy using the brand-new features added to your site
  3. You are provided with full customer support assistance from the developer’s team. If you have any queries regarding themes, no need to worry as support forum respond any of your queries within 24 hours. Complete technical help is provided to you whenever you need it.
  4. Virtually all the premium themes come with customization option which enables you to make any changes with some clicks. You can execute some basic customization by yourself such as changing your website font or colors, background images etc. Unlike free themes, you don’t need to understand the coding techniques to make small changes to your site. In fact, you don’t need to understand anything about coding as customization in free themes is as simple as ABC.

Disadvantages of premium WordPress themes

One and only fault of the premium theme is that it is paid and cost you several dollars. Though considering their functionality support and features, premium themes are worth those dollars

Final thoughts

WordPress themes can take your site to another level of advancement. They offer a professional look to your website. You can explore through the huge WordPress.org database or browse over the web to find a preferable theme for your website. If you are a business owner and serious to set up a remarkable website which will help you further to draw more visitors, than you need to invest a huge amount of money on web designers and developers to develop your site in an appropriate way. Whereas on the other hand premium theme will cost you just a small part of that amount and still gives you better revenue for your business.

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