Protect Your Website From Hackers - Best Tips and Tricks

April 26, 2022
Protect Your Website From Hackers

Security is important! Whether it’s about your family or your business, security holds an important place. You can’t un-see the threat that can harm you. It’s always better to prepare for that harm than to be irresponsible. What can be best than taking all the precautions which will prevent it from happening! The World Wide Web is a place full of mysteries. What we use or know is a drop in an ocean. As it has the best advantages that we can ever endeavor, it has a dark side as well. This dark side is known as the dark web. In this blog, we will see how to protect your website from hackers.

You wouldn’t bear to see what goes on there. On the dark web, we all are products to sell and buy. They trade us without our knowing. For what? We don’t know! But it can cost us our lives. That’s why being exposed to the internet is equal to being an open bait for a wild animal. But you can protect yourself and your business from any harm. There are ways to protect your website from hackers. Hackers are the most intelligent wild animal on the internet.

What do hackers do? Can a website be hacked?

They can help you to establish your empire and take it to the dust in one night. You need to be prepared for both! To protect your website from hackers you need to know how they work. Hackers mostly look for easy bait. The loose security attracts them. As they hack your website they get all the information about your business. They can ruin it for nothing or ask for a fat ransom. We need to protect your website from them.

There is a lot of research paper studying the dark web and the hacker community. According to Security Today, most of the hackers are from China, Turkey, the US, Brazil, and Russia. If you are not from any of these countries or have no business there, then you can block access from them. If you have customers or desire to explore your business there, then this won’t work. For this, you have to build strong website security. This can be done in several ways. You need to keep your software updated every time.

The software companies add new features and security measures with the update which make it hard for hackers to crack. You have to install security plugins to protect your website. Along with the WordPress Form Builder Plugins you need to employ HTTPS. Keep changing the password and keep it hard to crack. Get a content security policy to help you with the protection. Secure file permissions and directories for security purposes.

Does SSL protect your website from hackers?

SSL is the industry standard in terms of online security. It's used to encrypt data exchanged between a client and a server via the Internet. This immediately precludes a variety of attacks: if a hacker intercepts encrypted data, he or she will be unable to read or use it unless they have access to the private decryption key.SSL improves the security of many websites. It frequently guards against data theft, modification, or faking.

Although no website can ever be completely safe, every website that stores personal information or other sensitive data should use SSL to increase security. Violent attacks on trust using SSL/TLS-encrypted traffic are becoming more regular and sophisticated and bolder. SSL/TLS vulnerability's low-risk, high-reward nature means that these trends will continue, putting enterprises in danger of data breaches, failed audits, and unforeseen system outages.

Let's See How do I secure my website?

Use .htaccess file? But First What Is .htaccess?

This is a configuration key. It is used to run Apache webserver software on any web server. The .htaccess file is loaded on the server software. There it is executed subsequently. This server software holds the power to enable or disable several features and functions.

This .htaccess file helps in protecting your website from possible attacks. If you have already identified the attacker and you know its location; then this file can activate the server software. This server software can help you protect your business from an attack despite your business operates there or not.

What .htaccess does?

.htaccess blocks the IP addresses you list out as a threat to you from hackers. For this task you can use these codes:-

  • Order allow, deny
  • Deny from
  • Deny from 124.35.6
  • Allow from all

Now, and 124.35.6 are the number of IP addresses. By writing this code, all the IP addresses between to 124.35.6 will be denied access to your website. The second IP address has no fourth number. But it won’t matter because all the IP addresses regardless of their fourth number will be denied access.

Now whenever the denied IP addresses try to hack your website, they will receive 403 forbidden messages on their screen. This works if you have a short list of IP addresses to block.

Assuming that the hacker will limit its hand on one IP address is innocent. Hackers never settle for one IP address. If you block one, they attack again with another. You can’t figure out every address and deny access to them. It takes a lot of time and effort. So we are going to do this another way.

Some choose a shortcut and get membership of Country IP Blocks. This online service provides you with a list of suspected IP addresses from the country you select. You just need to select the country from where you want to block the IP addresses. You can select multiple countries if you want. Then you have to select how you want to block them by restriction protocol, using .htaccess, or anything else.

After these selections, the server provides a code that comes on your browser. This code can be copied and used to protect your website from hackers.

What If You Don’t Have .htaccess?

The .htaccess method is useful for blocking desired IP addresses. But it can’t be ranked among the most efficient and effective methods to protect your website from hackers. But there are better alternatives for this.

One of them is IP2locations! This company sells IP geolocation databases. But it also provides some for free. They have an extensive database firewall list. The list is organized by country. You can either allow all the IP addresses access to your website or ban them all. For a free account, you will be able to block about 30 countries.

For this choose the selection Apache .htaccess deny from the menu. This will give a proper text file to upload the directory on your homepage.

Another website that might help you with this is You can sign up here for free. Then you have to enter the website address and select the countries you want to block access to. By doing this you will get a proper block list.

In this whole process, your website host plays an important role. That’s why choose only the best host and Protect Your Website From Hackers. 

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