Managing Inventory On WordPress

February 21, 2022
managing inventory on wordpress

WordPress A Website Development Tool

WordPress holds the top position among the best website development tools. A number of website developers use it for business websites because it is one of the best content management systems and when you get feature-rich free WordPress Themes, it gets even better. Wealth-generating software is the biggest benefit comes from WordPress. The feature of WordPress solutions used by most popular WordPress themes websites like Woocommerce, Ecwid, Foxy Cart is available to only those wishing to use this power.

The user can operate the big shopping carts like Shopify with plugins added and the above power along with the managing inventory on WordPress activate. WordPress merchant tools have made little easier to handle inventory management, fulfillment, shipping, orders while in the eCommerce business which was difficult even with strong tools. Such tools usage depends first on understanding the difference between In-house and outsourced fulfillment and then the business needs in the form of in-house fulfillment or outsourcing to third-party fulfillment.

Difference Between In-House And Outsourced Fulfilment

  • Meaning: In-house fulfillment means business receives orders, shipping returns, and new products. Outsourced fulfillment is defined as being out of stock or transactions taking place outside the house.
  • Expenses: Additional costs like maintenance, rent, and related expenses are included in in-house fulfillment. While the outsourced fulfillment includes call support, return fees, storage fees, cartons, and more for managing inventory on WordPress.
  • Option Suggested: The most suggested option is in-house fulfillment for businesses though both are the best fulfillment options.
  • Extra Consideration: The entrepreneurs deal with third-party taken into consideration by outsourced fulfillment is not covered in in-house fulfillment thus it is extra. The above sentence simply means business done with all such expenses through a third party.
  • Control: When all the control power is in your hands it tells in-house fulfillment. In outsourcing, fulfillment the power gets distributed also.
  • Time-Saving: Outsourced fulfillment saves the time spent on running logistical operations to cover critical business areas. Such cannot be the case in an in-house one.

Other Consideration To Manage WordPress Inventory

The company considers both fixed and variable costs generally affecting inventory levels in WordPress inventory management. Most popular WordPress Themes like Woocommerce, Ecwid, Foxy Cart is available to only those wishing to use this power.

Matters In Which In-House And Outsourced Fulfilment Works Best

In The Following Matters In House Fulfillment Generally Works Best

  • When cash strapped business or company is unable to afford other than the main party costs to handle everything. For instance owner himself does the pack and ship orders to save employee cost.
  • Either the company warehouse does not require outsourcing or the location is not conducive to outsourcing.
  • In the case of business or company require major control over the fulfilment process.
  • Highly specialised companies that need such unique customization or fully utilised ones that are outside the scope of outsourcing fulfilment.

In This Case, The Given Ways Are Best To Work With Outsourcing Fulfillment

  • The focus of the business owner is on the aspects outside the business logistics some of them being sales, marketing and product development.
  • When significant fulfilment cost savings is available by utilising a professional fulfilment company.
  • On logistic operations located outside their main region.
  • The specialist in some capabilities or assistant to manage the costs which cannot be either implemented or handled internally.  

Best Managing Inventory On WordPress Tools For In-House Fulfilment

There are no differences in costs or expenses for either of the above fulfilments, but the logistics of handling WordPress inventory are different. The WordPress inventory system tools for in-house fulfillment in the discussion are packaging, shipping, tracking, reporting, and order fulfillment. Here WordPress provides a strong set of plugins to manage the shipping and fulfillment workflows.

  • Woocommerce, one of the best WordPress tools in ecommerce platforms used as a plug-in that gives us the features to form the root of logistic function.
  • Skyverge plugin is efficient to function for printing invoices, packing lists, order list and pick list for outbound orders.
  • For the poor stock, new orders, backorders, and cancel orders the plugin of advanced notifications is crucial.
  • Bulk stock or bulk support manages the bulk product orders and stamps.
  • XML file: You can do printing shipping labels with XML file thus providing a fairly complete solution that covers the fulfilment function.

Best WordPress Tools For Outsourced Fulfilment And Shipping

The simple method to generate potential and effective outcomes is the outsourced fulfillment opted by the majority of business owners. The reason behind the fulfillment companies offering the direct connection between web store solutions and their warehouse management system is the eCommerce sales expansion. The two WordPress tools for managing inventory on WordPress are Packagebee and OrderDesk. They perform the above connection by saving details of the order, product, and shipping that can easily pass and forward.

Some Other Ways To Successfully Manage Inventory On WordPress

  • Avoid Wastage: By making sure you are selling your products on time you can avoid wastage of both money and time.
  • Save on costs: You can save The warehousing and variable by using the best WordPress tools for WordPress inventory.
  • FIFO: First In First Out is the inventory management technique meaning sell old products first.
  • Planning: As popularly told Planning is one half of life, the same applies for stock handling in business. Make planning before using the tools as management is essential to tackle any problem with ease.
  • DropShipping: The most successful method among all for managing inventory on WordPress is DropShipping generally considered in outsourced fulfilment. In this method the third party comes into picture for managing all shipping from your store and prepare inventory.


Whether managing local inventory or WordPress Inventory using in-house or outsourced fulfillment, an assistant in the form of tools is a must to get the most out of business. 

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