How to Add CAPTCHA in WordPress? Here Are The Steps!

February 24, 2022
add captcha in WordPres

Before You Add Captcha In WordPress, Understand What It Is

Before performing any kind of activity on a website like a login to a government e-learning website or checking exam results you are either questioned that you are human or solving a maths problem is all about facing captcha. You would like to add a captcha to a WordPress site. While performing any search function on the internet also you can come across word captcha many times. Thus you might be eager to know what captcha actually is. Captcha is a computer program that identifies the difference between human and automated users for example robots or other computer programs. The above feature is activated by presenting a simple test for humans to pass out but not the same for an automated script. The captcha image shows letters, words, or numbers taken randomly in a deformed style.

Need Of Captcha In WordPress

captcha is used for the website's security, making it almost impossible for automated users to pass out the given test. It is invented in such a way so that sensitive and confidential information is safeguarded, spam, attacks, and access to key features of the website is blocked.

Introduction To Various Types Of Captcha

CAPTCHA stands for Completed Automated Public Turing test to tell computers and humans apart. Its work is unorganized in a similar way as its name. A common type is a series of deformed letters and numbers. Another latest type of captcha that Google uses for a specific purpose is NO CAPTCHA or RE CAPTCHA. Here is only a tick to be put in the available checkbox to monitor your mouse movements as a result of a person or computer program.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Adding Captcha In WordPress  

  • The main motive or advantage of add captcha in WordPress is provide an extra security layer on sensitive pages.
  • Its usefulness to prove as an advantage or not also depends on for what it is used.
  • When used for registration, order form, login or checkout screens it restricts the direct access to personal information and spams created by malicious bots.  
  • The users annoyance leading it to being a disadvantage is human users unable to decipher the curved letters.
  • In reverse bots are easily identifying this.
  • All captchas are not totally safe from bots as they are becoming better in cracking them.
  • CAPTCHAS are beneficial for your website when you use them appropriately.
  • The question of when to use itself has an answer that they are resourceful at any and every point  the users submit their personal information.

Tools To Add Captcha in WordPress Website

  • You need to install a dedicated plugin.
  • Different WordPress Form Builder Plugins are in stock to help you create WordPress captcha.
  • The Google-captcha comes first in our list of plugins to add captcha in WordPress. In this you can add a simple CAPTCHA checkbox to contact, registration, login or comment forms and others.
  • Many additional customization options are also available.
  • Advanced no captcha reCAPTCHA is second plugin like above one apart from providing more suitable uses options for captcha placement and style of appearance features.
  • The use of second plugin to add captcha is for e-commerce pages or forums.

Steps To Add Captcha In WordPress Contact Form 7

  • First Login to WordPress dashboard then find contact form in it.
  • Select the contact form that you want to edit.
  • Click on Generate tag drop down list on right side of Contact form.
  • Select captcha option from the above list to add Captcha.
  • After click of captcha option, CAPTCHA settings will display below the Generate tag drop down list.
  • Now properly arrange the options in a way to add captcha and copy-paste the code on the left side of the window.
  • Then finally hit the save button on top right side of WordPress dashboard.


We can conclude that without doubt WordPress safety is significant as a breach can seriously damage your site by hackers using bots efficiently to attack it making it difficult to handle. Here are simple tools to add captcha in WordPress that can keep bots and spammers out of your WordPress site. We have amazing Responsive WordPress Themes, check out our website to know their features. There are premium as well as popular WordPress themes available.