Best Free Furniture Design WordPress Themes To Try In 2022

February 11, 2022
Best free furniture design WordPress Themes

If you are looking to set up a website for your aesthetic furniture store, you need an equally aesthetic design complementing your furniture designing business in the best possible way. WordPress has greatly benefitted the process and made it a lot easier with themes catering to the needs of such businesses. However, getting the right theme with the right design and framework for your website is where the real challenge lies. We have brought a collection of some of the finest and best free furniture design WordPress themes. That will not only give you a functional design for your furniture design store by catering well to its demands. But also works in a direction to improve its sales.

These Free WordPress Themes have designs and features at par and deliver results that are no less than a premium theme in any manner. The designs of these themes are just perfect to represent your furniture and interior design business online. Moreover, they make stepping into the online world easier for you by bringing the best Responsive WordPress Themes with a ready-to-use layout that has all the essential features for your business.

Let's explore some Best Free Furniture Design WordPress Themes 

Free Furniture Interior WordPress Theme

Themes caliber presents a stunning Free Furniture Interior WordPress Theme which is available for free use and has an ecstatic design. If you're an interior designer or furniture designer, you will love the layout and overall design of this website. This theme also comes with well-commented codes, so it's clean, sleek, and incredibly well-functional. Since this theme supports multiple web browsers, it provides excellent performance across all popular browsers such as Firefox, Chrome, Safari, etc.

With all the technological advancements being implemented. This theme works well with all the latest WordPress versions. Most importantly, implements the HTML5 codes that are added following the best coding practices. These codes also take care of your SEO needs as well. With exceedingly beautiful content spaces and showing every possible business information to your audience, this theme makes sure that no info is left undisplayed. A strong Bootstrap framework is there to set up a design that is easy to modify and deal with. There are color choices available with the color palette as well as font choices thanks to the theme’s integration with Google Font Awesome.

Key Features:

  1. Supports translation
  2. SEO friendly codes
  3. Social media icons

Free Interior Designs WordPress Theme

Interior Designs is the name that you will always find in the list of best free furniture design WordPress themes as it has got a stylishly flexible layout that can go well with the furniture and home decor businesses, interior designers, and architects as well as furniture designers. You will love what its layout brings in terms of design, visual effects, and animations. Moreover, with all the elements being suitable for displaying your products and working in style, you are going to find this theme a one-stop solution to bring your furniture store online. Imagery and colors really emerge well as the retina-ready design splendidly displays every single image without affecting its quality.

Its slider allows your audience to take a glimpse at your quality work so that they can explore more once they find it worth their time. Plenty of Call to Action (CTA) buttons are included that will guide the visitors to take the next step and also work on improving the conversion rates of your website. No matter how much traffic your website is experiencing, it will always deliver outstanding performance in terms of loading speed and user experience. With the translation-ready design offered by this theme, you will also have your website ready for international audiences as well. Check out our Best Free Interior Design WordPress Themes blog for more cool and stylish designs

key Features:

  1. Cross-browser compatibility
  2. Highly optimized codes
  3. Translation ready feature

Free Township Lite WordPress Theme

With the highly detailed and superbly crafted design, no one would believe that Township Lite is a free theme. It has a design at par with a premium theme as its designers have done an amazing job to bring such an intricately crafted theme that publishes all the details of your work in style. The user-engagement part is well taken care of as there are several sections explaining your products along with amazing CSS animation effects making the entire website look more interesting to explore. You will find the color scheme very beautiful and best complements the furniture design and architecture business you do.

As there are well-tested codes implemented, you don’t have to worry about your website’s performance as it is absolutely going to live up to your expectations. Its optimized design results n a streamlined website that loads fast and does not keep your audience waiting to make them lose their patience and interest. This theme does not want its users to write codes to bring any changes to the layout as it brings easy customization options to the table. For getting connected to a broader audience, it has plenty of social media icons included that allow sharing your posts and make promotions.

Key Features:

  1. User-friendly interface
  2. Highly optimized design
  3. Social media integration

Free InteriorWP WordPress Theme

To give you a professional web appearance, InteriorWP gives you a fine layout. To showcase your work online, this theme includes stunning imagery and takes care of user engagement. It has those extra elements that will make your furniture store stand out from the rest. Moreover, there are a lot of social media icons in the design to give your business greater online exposure. Furniture makers will quickly push their products online and increase sales through eCommerce integration.

With all the advanced coding done, your website is going to work smoothly across several devices and no lagging issues will occur even if a high amount of traffic surfaces on your website. There is plugin compatibility provided for you so that you can add any desired features to your website even in near future. With a lightweight design, you can make your website work at lightning-fast speed without making your visitors wait for longer.

Key Features:

  1. Woocommerce supportive
  2. Responsive design
  3. Plugin compatible

Free Kokoro Interior Design WordPress themes

Your search for the best Free WordPress Themes for furniture design comes to an end as Kokoro Interior gives you a complete solution for your furniture designing firm. The stunning design and gorgeous imagery will make your website stand out since it is a free theme, you can use it free and there is no need for you to spend even a single penny. A functionally rich and technically advanced theme is going to make things easier for you as you will be able to design your website according to your will with a few customization choices given to you.

Mobile-friendly design is going to give a stunning design that looks fantastic on smartphones, tablets, and any other handheld device. This theme is perfect for beginners. As it doesn't require any coding or new coding to add any additional element to your site. Instead, it provides plugin compatibility that allows you to add content features and functionality to your existing site. Moreover, SEO-friendly code increases your chances of getting noticed online and brings in more organic traffic.

Key Features:

  1. Font options
  2. Customization freedom
  3. User-friendly design

Free InteriorPress WordPress themes

InteriorPress is the name that you will often see in the list of best free furniture design WordPress themes and the reason is its beautiful design and user-friendly interface. You can easily transform a few aspects of the default design and professional furniture designers would love the creativity it brings to the table. The imagery and default layout of the theme is going to best complement the images of your products and make them pop on the website. This is going to speak volumes about the business and its products. Developers have worked smartly to put up a design that does complete justice to your business.

It includes SEO-friendly and highly optimized codes well in advance. So you don’t have to worry about your rank further in search engines. With this, fetching good ranks in search engine results won’t be that difficult for you. As this theme is built on the Bootstrap 4 framework, personalizing it becomes easy. Stunning animations are added to the design delivering a lively website and making the content look more interesting and worth exploring. You will find the social media icons included in the design that will introduce you to a broader spectrum of audiences helping you to get more clients.

Key Features:

  1. SEO optimized codes
  2. Easily customizable
  3. Woocommerce support

Free Interior Design WordPress themes

For interior designing firms and furniture designing companies, Interior Lite comes with a suitable design. A user-friendly interface supports a wide range of business types that anyone can work with. Due to its device compatibility, you can use it on any smartphone or device. Moreover, the responsive design will adapt to any given screen giving a stunning display of your work. Its cross-browser compatibility will let you run your website on popular browsers like Google Chrome, Firefox, Explorer, etc.

You can twist the website by adjusting the texts and fonts according to your content type and changing the color scheme given the scope to make slight changes to the existing design. Due to the extensive documentation it comes with, you won't face any issues while using the theme. SEO-friendly coding practices have been implemented in the theme. To get your web appearance noticed by the majority of your target audience.

Key Features:

  1. Cross-browser compatible design
  2. Mobile-friendly and responsive
  3. Compatible with plugins


As we have discussed so far, picking a free theme that takes care of your business demands needs some time as well as effort. But in this collection, we have tried to list down the best free furniture design WordPress themes from reliable resources. That can make your business a professional presence online. These themes are not only free to use but also have top-notch quality and features that will take your interior business to the next level. For more amazing interior design themes. You should check out our blog on the Best Free Interior Designer WordPress Themes, specially created for the new generation of interior designers.

As we are about to wrap up this article, we hope that these themes are going to fulfill your website needs in the best way. These user-friendly and feature-rich themes will help beginners as well as experts to have a highly professional website. Don’t forget to explore these themes that we have narrowed down for you. However, if you are willing to explore further, you will find all the possible help from us. Themes caliber has the best collection for you in terms of top-quality themes. If you are interested in more powerful and feature-rich WordPress themes, take a look at our WordPress Theme Bundle which offers all of our premium themes at a discount price. Thus allowing you to find the most appropriate themes that will help your business stand out.