Best Free Logistic WordPress Themes For Wonderful Websites

February 01, 2022
Best Free Logistic WordPress themes

If you are looking for a smarter option to create a website for your logistics company, the best way is to use a WordPress theme. It isn’t obligatory to make use of paid themes only if you want to guarantee success as there are many Free WordPress themes available that are no less than premium themes. Among thousands of free themes, the real challenge lies in finding the best Free Logistic WordPress Themes. And also, you can trust themes that come from reliable sources and experienced developers as you don’t want to take any risk in terms of codes. Right?

Here we have listed some of the Best Free logistics and Free Transport WordPress themes available for designing your logistics and transport business websites. So you don’t have to bother about finding them and spending your valuable time. With these themes, you'll be able to sell all sorts of cargo, logistics, and transportation services. There are also a variety of layouts and sliders to choose from at themes caliber and these Most Popular WordPress Themes are ideally designed to give your business website a professional appearance.

7 Best Free Logistic WordPress Themes

Free Cargo Transport WordPress Theme

You will like Cargo Transport which is a professional theme from Themescaliber. This will also give you a functional design with all the elements dedicated to logistics and management, transport, cargo, and relevant business and services. Moreover, with this amazing theme, creating a website is just a matter of a few clicks. That is why it is no wonder why this theme features in the list of best free logistic WordPress themes. This feature sophistically displays every service you offer. Making it easy for people to contact you.

There are hardly any coding skills needed to push your services online as this theme has a ready-to-use layout. Moreover, the customization options will let you customize a few aspects in just a few clicks without bothering about the coding. This Free Cargo WordPress Theme is available for free download and use which relieves you in terms of the costs involved in getting you an online presence. You will also find translation-ready options in this theme that will make your website support different languages. Moreover, it has SEO-friendly codes. Due to this, you will get easily noticed by people on the online platform and get huge organic traffic coming to your website.


  1. Responsive design
  2. SEO optimized codes
  3. WPML and RTL compatibility

Free Logistic Transport WordPress Theme

For businesses such as shipping, cargo, logistic services, and freight, you will find the design of this Best Free Logistic WordPress themes absolutely conducive. The design is top-class and the features are very much useful to make your website functional and serve as a full-fledged online business solution. Your logistic business website is going to see spectacular growth once you get an online presence. This provides more exposure to your business and lets more people know about you. Though all useful elements are already included, if you feel the need to add some more features, you will never have to rush to a developer to do that for you.

You can always use plugins and add-ons for adding those features and skip coding altogether. With this theme being user-friendly, you don’t need to have any web designing experience of using it. It also displays all the interesting information about your services in a professional way putting things up and front. A color palette and Google Font Awesome integration offer a lot of choices in terms of colors and fonts. Moreover, by adding social media icons to your business, you can connect with more people.


  1. Optimized codes
  2. Social media integration
  3. Woocommerce compliant

Free Transportation WordPress Theme

For something powerful and cost-effective, you will find Transportation a great choice to make. Using content elements so intricately crafted to portray every single detail of your business, no aspect will be overlooked. One of the best things about this theme is that you do not need to be tech-savvy or know any coding. Moreover, this is a theme that simplifies the process of creating your website through the single-click customization options available. Moreover, Your website will look trendy and updated because all the latest design trends were followed when designing the theme.

Thanks to the highly tested and well-commented codes, the website is going to perform very well even while experiencing high website traffic. Users won’t experience any delay or lag while navigating through the pages of your website. This theme works very well with the latest WordPress versions and performs really well across several popular web browsers. There are countless fonts as well as color options included in the theme. That gives you some liberty in adding the colors and fonts of your choices according to the content. All of these features make this theme stand out among the Best Free Logistic WordPress themes.


  1. Supports translation
  2. Customization options
  3. Cross-browser compatibility

Free Transport Gravity WordPress Theme

If your transport business demands some extra attention from you in order to be successful, the best way you to do so is to get a website ready. For that, Transport Gravity will serve as a perfect online solution that doesn’t even need you to invest even a single penny for using it. This theme is one of the best Free WordPress Themes. And also, It is easy to download and has a wonderful and user-friendly theme options panel with no need for its users to write codes for creating their websites. For your website to be popular, you need to guarantee that it gets noticed online. Therefore, you need an impressive design that can easily catch the attention of the audience.

With this theme, you get an enticing slider that gives you a powerful web presence with useful CTAs that can prompt the audience for exploring your website in detail. With all the useful stuff well-infused into the theme, you will never feel the need to add extra elements. However, you are free to do so with some plugins and add-ons readily available without going into the coding part. Moreover, Its Woocommerce integration proves to be a great help as you can start pushing and selling the services online and generate quick revenue through your website.


  1. Woocommerce support
  2. Plugin compatibility
  3. User-friendly interface

Free Transport Lite WordPress Theme

Transport Lite is such a wonderful theme that has a catchy layout supporting businesses dealing with cargo, shipping, logistic, transport, and similar services. Its visuals are extremely attention-seeking supported by professionally designed elements that show every business aspect in detail. Well-commented codes always guarantee a splendid performance of your website no matter how much traffic you are seeing. This also gives an outstanding user experience that your visitors will always remember. Developers have done fabulous work by infusing stunning animations and interesting scrolling effects that will make your website look absolutely stunning.

All the arrangements have been made for giving you better conversion rates as Call to Action (CTA) buttons have been included on the pages that will improve the conversions. The fullscreen slider is something that you often find with premium themes. But this theme seems to be an exception making it in the list of the best free logistic WordPress themes. Because of the different sections, organizing your content becomes very easy and its FAQs section will help the users to get answers to generalized queries. Users can completely skip or exclude the coding part as this theme doesn’t demand any coding skills from you.


  1. Advanced functionality
  2. Responsive design
  3. User-friendly interface

Free Transportex WordPress Theme

Transportex is yet another professionally designed WP theme giving you a modern layout that will put your business and services in front. The layout is modern and intricately designed, so having the best possible look for your website is much easier. By picking this ready-to-use layout, you are giving yourself a chance to stay ahead of the competition and make more business. As it is not only visually appealing but also included useful business elements that can reflect better conversions. Though there are a lot of features inbuilt. You will never be disappointed with the theme’s performance as it has a quick loading speed and faster page load time.

The stunning parallax effects included in the design are going to impress the users by adding more life and making your website more happening. Developers have made sure that every element fits well to the various screen sizes by creating a responsive design. So whether your audience is using a mobile phone or a laptop, they ought to get a perfect look and experience. Navigation is made simple and more user-engagement element is added by including a lot of Call to Action buttons (CTAs). Novices will absolutely love this theme since there are single-click customization options available.


  1. 100% responsive design
  2. Detailed theme documentation
  3. Optimized codes

Free Cargo Lite WordPress Theme

You can consider using Cargo Lite for your website as it has the potential of giving your business the online space it deserves in a much more professional manner. If you are into freight, cargo, logistic, or delivery and shipping business, and looking to get a website on a limited budget. You will find the theme absolutely conducive since it is available for free and doesn’t demand any coding skills. With all the content elements being intricately crafted, you will be able to get the best out of these Free cargo WordPress themes as far as your online presence is concerned.

Since social media options are provided in the theme that will give the best exposure to your business. Users will be able to connect with you through the contact info given on your website. With a 100% responsive design supporting you, you will also never have any resizing issues. Furthermore, you will see amazing animation effects added to the design that will uplift the entire look of the web page. Novices, as well as non-coders, will find this theme immensely useful. As there are no coding skills needed thanks to the easy customization options available. Woocommerce integration is going to make your website ready for doing online business. There's no wonder why this theme made it to our list of the best free logistic WordPress themes.  


  1. Responsive theme
  2. Easy Customization
  3. Woocommerce support


To start your online journey, Themes caliber has some amazing free themes exclusively designed for logistic businesses. In the above list, you will find some other really beautiful and professional themes from reputed developers. Moreover, With the best free logistics WordPress theme. You will feel confident enough to create your website without approaching any developer. As these themes are immensely user-friendly and there is hardly any need for you to know how to code. Due to this, You don't need to begin from ground zero as their ready-made skin seems perfect to start building your website and make it live within a few minutes.

These themes are carefully curated and designed to meet the needs of logistics businesses and offer a responsive layout. That can easily get the attention of your target audience. The design that these themes bring ensures that your website looks professional and brings you more business that will mark your success. For more premium themes like this. Take a look at our WordPress themes package designed by our professional team. We offer all our premium themes at a terrific price, giving your website a powerful presence with our WordPress Theme Bundle.