Best Free Interior Design WordPress Themes For Year 2022

February 04, 2022
Best free iterior design wordpress themes

An interior designing business website needs to be creative and this is why people find it really hard to create. Plus, your audience is looking to work with someone who can professionally demonstrate their work. An average WordPress theme won’t do it convincingly. You only need the best ones. Another point to consider while picking up a theme is the initial cost involved. There are many Free WordPress Themes that are at par as compared to premium themes and work really well for giving you quality websites. That is why we have gone through the various theme stores and tried to list down some of the best free interior design WordPress themes for you.

All these free themes are the Best Responsive WordPress Themes that are going to make your web presence count. Moreover, these themes are from trusted sources and understand the needs of such businesses very well. They need very little effort on your part as you get a ready-to-use skin that can be easily customized without even knowing the basics of coding. No matter what kind of interior designing website you are trying to build and how involved you want to be in the web designing process; this theme has plenty of options for everyone.

Let's check out Best Free Interior Design WordPress Themes one by one.

Free Furniture Interior WordPress Theme

Themescaliber presents you with Furniture Interior which is a brilliant theme for interior designing firms and bussing interior designers who are willing to get themselves a good professional online presence. This is an exceedingly stylish theme making it stand in the list of best free interior design WordPress themes that you can find online. Architecture companies, interior decorators, false ceiling providers as well as home decorative items manufacturers, etc. will find this a great choice to build their website. This theme wonderfully embraces technical advancements and comes with a strong Bootstrap framework that can significantly improve the performance of your website. 

With thoughtfully crafted content spaces included, you can show every single detail with respect to your products and their pricing along with specifications. As it also gives you some space to customize, you can easily modify it using the customization options and use the theme for other relevant niches as well. Moreover, with its social media icons, it becomes a lot easier for you to reach out to the masses and promote your business on a different level. The experienced developers of this theme have included highly optimized HTML codes that will result in a faster-loading website that doesn’t make your visitors wait for a longer time till the page loads. Look no further if you're specifically looking for Furniture Design Themes. Check out our blog post on Free Furniture Design WordPress Themes for 2022 for more cool designs and themes.  

Key features:

  1. WPML and RTL compatibility
  2. Cross-browser compatible design
  3. Responsive layout

Free Interior Designs WordPress Theme

If you are looking for a modern website solution for your interior designing company, you will love the layout that the Free Interior Design WordPress Theme brings. This WordPress theme is also crafted to show architectural firms, modern home decor and interiors, furniture and industries, professional designers, and their work online. In addition, With a beautiful color scheme blended with solid background imagery. You will immediately like to get started with the theme as its default layout is so good to go online. Developers have taken care of the visual as well as the interactive part as you will spot stunning animations and useful Call to Action (CTA) buttons included.

With some well-thought SEO-friendly codes, the struggle of fetching good ranks in search engines has been minimized as these codes work very well to make your presence get noticed online. The glimpses of your fabulous interior design work can be sown on the theme’s slider which will get the attention of the audience and help them explore more. This is also a great way to show your work more prominently. The theme is so lightweight that your pages will load within a second or two and delivers outstanding performance across several decides as well as web browsers.

Key features:

  1. SEO optimized codes
  2. Woocommerce compatible
  3. Translation ready

Free Township Lite WordPress Theme

Township Construction WordPress Theme is yet another wonderful and top-class theme from Themescaliber that is truly designed to give the best possible online presence to architectural firms, construction businesses, interior designers, builders, and township developers. Even towns and villages will find the theme useful for their portals. Moreover, what impresses the visitors the most is its unique color scheme and imagery. You will also be able to make the most out of it without even bothering about the coding part as easy customization options are there. That does not demand any coding skills from you and lets you make a few basic changes with ease.

You will be highly impressed by the top-quality work done by its developers as they have tried their level best. To bring a highly optimized and streamlined design to the users. There is no wonder why this theme delivers fast and quick-loading pages that do not take more than a few seconds to load. This theme also has social media options as well. That will provide your website the potential to make a difference in your sales as you can easily reach out to a broader audience and promote all your interior designing products through this.

Key features:

  1. Social media integration
  2. Optimized design
  3. User-friendly

Free InteriorWP Theme

For interior designers who are looking to get themselves a webspace, InteriorWP will prove to be a fantastic theme to get online. This is such an amazing theme if you are willing to take your business and services to the next level. It is ideal for interior design firms as well as construction firms, architecture businesses, and construction agencies. With advanced codes and the latest Bootstrap version, you should get a lightweight and easy-to-customize design. Novices and beginners will find it extremely easy to use since there are many options to get things done.

This theme lets you avoid the coding part completely. Moreover, if you want to add more features to your website, you do not have to tweak the code. In place of that, you can try using plugins and get the desired functionality. The mobile-friendly design and responsive layout will help your website work and look great across numerous browsers. InteriorWP supports Woocommerce as well.

Key features:

  1. Mobile-friendly design
  2. Woocommerce compatible
  3. Supports plugins

Free Kokoro Interior WordPress Theme

Kokoro Interior is a theme that will completely change the perspective of designing your website as it has got a lot of handy elements and a well-designed layout to make your website live within minutes. A simple yet effective design is going to surprise your audience with its splendid performance and top-loading speed that does not keep your audience waiting. For businesses as well as professionals that are related to interior designing business or home decor work in some of the other ways. This free theme becomes the easiest way to get a website ready in a much more sophisticated way.

Thanks to Kokoro Interior's responsive design, your website will look great on any device and adjust itself based on the screen size. Moreover, the design is customizable and allows you to customize the elements and decide which looks best for you. For that, there are easy personalization options made available to you. The theme offers font and color options that you can match according to the content type.

Key features:

  1. Font choices
  2. Personalization options
  3. user-friendly

Free InteriorPress WordPress Theme

InteriorPress is yet another beautiful theme that always makes the list of best Free WordPress Themes for interior design. Suited for architecture work, interior designing consultants and decorators, freelancer home decorators, architects, as well as civil engineers. This theme is going to make your web presence count. Due to its lovely colors and dark layout, your work is brought to life and shown off in the best light. Moreover, its SEO-friendly codes and used translation-ready design ensure your audience can view the content in any language.

Constructed using the powerful Bootstrap 4 framework, it makes the design adapt to every screen and easy to customize. Woocommerce support is also available making your website ready for online sales. You can set up an online store to sell the products and get more revenue for your business. This theme also supports many other premia as well as free plugins and add-ons. Users won’t have any issues while working with the theme. For your website to have some really interesting features, you can use any of the plugins for obtaining the desired features. The theme also includes interesting animations that enhance the look.

Key features:

  1. Easily customizable
  2. Woocommerce compliant
  3. SEO friendly

Free Interior Lite WordPress Theme

Interior Lite is a top-class free theme for companies that are producing home decor materials, interior designing products, architectural firms, etc. Additionally, this theme has been tested on iPhones, iPods, smartphones, and other screen sizes, making the layout fit perfectly on every device. The theme is also compatible with all browsers making sure it works smoothly across any popular web browser. You will also see a few customization options included in the design leaving scope for you to try a few things. Customizer makes it very easy for beginners to try different things without needing to have any coding experience.

You can decide the colors, text changes, and imagery to add to the background. The well-written documentation for the theme makes it very easy for users to work with the theme. Moreover, There are a lot of social media options made available with the theme. You can also rank well in the search engines with the SEO features built into the theme. This amazing theme works in harmony with several other plugins as well.

Key features:

  1. Plugin compliant
  2. Mobile friendly
  3. Cross-browser compatible


We have chosen the best free interior design WordPress themes for your architecture and interior designing business. All these themes are from reputable stores such as Themes caliber and others and offer some really beautiful and ecstatic designs. Which will also give you a professional look at your website. Combining the right colors and styles will allow you to create something truly worth your target audience's attention. You'll also be able to present your interior design expertise through a professional website. If you are an Interior designer Go check out our Best Free Interior Designer WordPress Themes blog to launch your interior design business online with cool, professional themes   

In case you are interested in more advanced, feature-rich themes, you can check out themes caliber's WordPress Theme Bundle. The themes in this wonderful collection have enough features and top quality to represent your brand very well. All these themes are highly responsive, and mobile-friendly that guarantee the stunning performance of your website on mobile devices as well. All these top-notch themes will help you start your online business and boost your site's power.