Best Free Cargo WordPress Themes For Freight Cargo Service

January 29, 2022
Best Free Cargo WP Themes

For creating a website for your transport and cargo business, there is no easier and better option than WordPress To further simplify the process, there are many amazing WP themes available. Most of the Free Responsive WordPress Themes make a good and cost-effective option for getting a website ready in no time.  However, the real struggle lies in picking the best free cargo WordPress themes. With hundreds and thousands of options available in the market, the task seems a little daunting. You should only use themes from reputable suppliers and developers since not all free themes are the same. 

So to save you time and effort, we have tried to list down a few best free logistic WordPress themes that will simplify the process and give you websites that will best promote your business and services. Whether your company is providing transportation or shipping services or a global logistics and relocation service, provider. We are confident that the themes we have listed here will show every detail and project your business more professionally.

5 Best Free Cargo WordPress Themes

Free Cargo Transport WordPress Theme

Themes caliber presents Cargo Transport which is an amazing WordPress Theme dedicated to shipping and cargo companies, freight and transport businesses. A professional and sophisticated website is just a few steps away thanks to this free theme as you do not need to pay extra money for using this theme. For someone who is not so well-versed in coding and does not demand any coding skills. With this theme, you can see the difference in your work once you go online for the transport and logistics industry.

New businesses with a limited budget can use this free theme to get the desired online space. You don’t need a professional web developer with simple tweaking options, easy to use interface, and theme options panel. To make your web presence count. This theme has plenty of SEO-optimized codes that will work accordingly for fetching higher ranks in search engine results. Moreover, Translation-ready features are going to give you more benefits. Since they make your website ready for an international audience as well as allow you to reach out to the global masses.


  1. SEO Friendly design
  2. Optimized codes
  3. Responsive layout

Free Transport WordPress Theme

Logistics Transport is a brilliant theme supporting every business that is related to transportation, packing and moving, cargo, freight, shipping, etc.  Moreover, Its top-class design and amazing features let you create a website that represents your website very well. For anything you want your logistics website to have, you will never have to rush to pick some extra elements as this theme has got you covered very well, from displaying interesting information about your business to its services and contact info; everything is so well done by the developers.

Making the theme user-friendly was the real challenge and developers have succeeded in that. By bringing a user-friendly interface that anyone can easily use. From a powerful theme options panel supporting slight changes in the layout to various color options as well as Google Font Awesome integration; it has everything that can let you try your creativity. This Free Transport WordPress Theme can make you see the difference in your work once you get online. As everyone is not from a coding background, there is no need for you to write the codes or modify the existing code files for bringing the desired changes. This is what makes the theme stand out and rank among the best free cargo WordPress themes available in the market.


  1. Well coded
  2. Translation ready
  3. Bootstrap based

Free Transportation WordPress Theme

If you are looking for something powerful yet cost-effective to get your website running, you should try this Transportation theme for your shipping, shifting, transport, and freight services. You can alter a few aspects of the theme to make it fit any business that is related to this transportation sector in any manner. It is also user-friendly, you do not need to have any prior experience in web designing or coding and anyone can easily use it to its full potential. It follows modern design trends and works very well with the latest WordPress versions.

With thoroughly tested codes included, developers have made sure that your website will stand the test of time. Moreover, there are countless fonts and color options provided to you which means you can pick any of them and see if it complements your content or not. The design aspects are simply fabulous hardly leaving the need to tweak. It works magnificently with several other plugins as well so if you are willing to add more features, use plugins straight away. With its RTL and WPML compliance, you will be able to make your content available in different languages that your audience will find convenient.


  1. RTL and WPML compatible
  2. Customization options
  3. User-friendly interface

Free Transport Gravity WordPress Theme

For your transport business to be successful, you need a good online representation of it and for that, Transport Gravity would be a nice pick. It is also one of the best free cargo WordPress themes bringing an ideal design for cargo, shipping, logistics, and general transport services. The responsibility of casting a powerful impression of your business lies on your website and this theme does exactly that. Since it shows different business aspects through its various sections and its impressive slider is going to make the visitors feel the need to explore more about your services.

You will never feel the need to add extra elements as it has got all that stuff infused. However, the use of relevant plugins can simply give you the desired features in near future. Woocommerce integration can prove really amazing if you are willing to push your services as well as products online and sell them. This also facilitates accepting payments online and getting more profit from it. This theme serves your business right in terms of visibility in search engines as it has got SEO-optimized codes that will bring more audience to your page and boost conversions as well.


  1. Responsive design
  2. Plugin support
  3. woocommerce compliant

Free Transport Lite WordPress Theme

Transport Lite is a clean, professional, and visually appealing Free WordPress theme available for free download and use. Its layout supports businesses that are related to logistics, transportation, and delivery services. The theme delivers top-notch performance and well-commented advanced codes following the latest WordPress standards. Moreover, there are some amazing scrolling effects infused into the design making the overall website look lively and interesting. In addition, The Call to Action Buttons (C.T.A.) placed at crucial points will handle conversions for you without any extra effort.

This theme gives you a full-screen slider that you often find in a paid theme. It gives you a feeling of a premium theme as there are wonderful effects added to the slider as well as several other sections. The FAQs section of your website would be a great help to users as most of their general queries are answered there and for further queries, they can reach out to you either through mail or using the contact form. You may even display the pricing of different services offered by you. The best part is, you can completely exclude the coding part since there are ready to use.


  1. Functional elements
  2. Advanced features
  3. 100% responsive design

Free Transportex WordPress Theme

When you go through the design that Transportex brings, you will feel that you are putting yourself at the very front of a modern, luxurious, clean, and intricately crafted layout that will help you get the best look for your website. With the background images and details looking pitch-perfect for your web page, you hardly feel the need to implement any changes. You can pick the ready-made layout and start creating your website without even bothering about the coding stuff. Despite its extensive list of features and functionalities, you will be impressed by its quick loading speed and top-notch performance.

The simplicity of customization is what makes it one of the best Free WordPress Themes available for business websites. In addition, with the beautiful parallax scrolling effects added to the design, your website is going to look electrifying. To make every element fit perfectly to the different screen sizes, it comes with a responsive design. The stunning slider brings more user engagement with CTAs and arrow buttons placed for navigating to the next slide. Documentation of this theme contains all the details regarding the theme’s customization and setup so that everything becomes so very easy for the users and especially the novices. To find more designs related to transport especially, check out our blog about the best free transport WordPress themes for transportation, so that you can establish a strong online presence for your business.


  1. Well-documented
  2. Responsive layout
  3. Optimized design

Free Cargo Lite WordPress Theme

If your company is offering logistics, cargo, or freight services you must consider using Cargo Lite as it is a professional theme exclusively designed for such businesses. A modern layout with a sophisticated look brings elements that work together to grow your cargo business. You will also find it much more professional in how it presents all the details regarding your business. You can directly start using the layout as it is for your website and push your site online. A few customization options are available to you, such as fonts and colors.

This theme is 100% responsive and compatible with all devices, including mobile phones, laptops, desktops, etc. Moreover, with some amazing features and catchy animation effects, this theme is going to make a website look extremely attractive. Designed keeping novices and non-coders in mind, its user-friendly interface is going to make things extremely easy for you. Plugins can be used with this theme to add features and functionalities to your website. Moreover, it is compatible with Woocommerce.


  1. Wonderful CSS animations
  2. 100% responsive
  3. Easy customization options


Themes caliber has some great responsive WordPress themes for you to begin your website with. There are many other themes listed here that are going to work phenomenally well for transport and cargo business websites. By getting these best free cargo WordPress themes. You can very much be at ease. Moreover, You don’t have to worry about creating things from scratch as you can use the pre-built design and make your website live within minutes. For a discount price on all our feature-rich and premium WordPress themes, check out our WordPress Theme Bundle and get all our themes at just $99.

All themes in our bundle have a mobile-friendly and responsive design and many useful options that are well worth your attention. So if you are building a website for any business that is related to logistics, freight, transportation, shipping, relocation, etc. With these themes, you can be sure to get websites that will make your business successful.

If you are still looking for more themes, reach out to us and we will help you get the best one for your business type.