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    Chaim Odom

    I have just installed your “tc-ecommerce-shop” theme on one of my website, I was very impressed to see the demo site, but got disappointed to not succeeding the design on my site as per your demo.
    Since your front page design is based on the Custom Home Page template, I can’t use any page builder content on the home page, its a great limitation I feel. So I’m to be stick to your custom home page template. But the problem is I can’t even getting your options which are supposed to be built in the theme customization settings (as shown below images found on your documentation pages at, they are not present in my theme settings. What actually I’m missing???
    If I don’t get these options neither I can design my site as your demo design nor I will be able to use page builder content for design!
    This is really puzzling situation. Hope you can give an idea to solve this issue.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)