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WordPress theme bundle provides the biggest advantage while purchasing WP Theme in a package and the rate is obviously less compared to the purchase of an individual. This puts you at a higher edge when it comes to the theme purchase and the amount of money that goes out of your pocket because things are definitely at a discount price for you in case of purchasing the WP theme bundle. Secondly, in case you are operating multiple businesses simultaneously, then the advantages are higher because the theme bundle has the package of various themes pointing towards different areas or niches. With the purchase of the theme bundle, you have the membership benefits and secondly the benefit of support for all the themes for a year. Even at this one-time payment, you get benefits of themes that are to be released within that year.

What do you get in WordPress Theme Bundle?

With the WP Theme Bundle, you have the theme options framework that permits the setting up of the website in just some clicks. When you buy the WordPress bundle, there is actually no requirement of any knowledge related to the coding. And secondly, in the WordPress theme package, all the themes can be accessed fast. Secondly, the theme bundle carries the theme options permitting you to change the color, font, logo, background images. It also permits the addition of social links, custom CSS and much more. The theme package provided in the theme bundle has the demo content ready to use as well as the images permitting you to set up the website in just a single click. All the themes provided in the bundle are responsive. The development of the themes in the package is as per the standard of the WP codex.

25+ themes in one WP theme bundle

The WordPress theme bundle comprises various themes and the total number of themes you get is forty-five but you also get the facility of the themes that are about to come in one year from the date of purchase.

Access to all our WP themes plus next coming themes for one year

We provide you the complete access to all our WordPress themes after you purchase the WP theme bundle from our company. Besides this access, the new additional themes that will be generated by the company from the date of your purchase of the WordPress theme bundle will also be given to you and you can have free access to them. You are actually a big benefit to this facility.

Documentation of all available themes

We provide the complete documentation for all themes in the WordPress Theme bundle. This is, in fact, a step by step guide for establishing your website. With our instructions, you will find it quite easy to install as well as set up the theme. You have the choice to customize the header, the footer, home page sections as well other features. All the documentation related issues are dealt with by experts in this area.

Free installation

Our company has the provision for providing the free installation services for the setting of all or particular themes once you purchase the WordPress theme bundle. We not only provide the installation but also the setup services. You can also do the process by yourself and you will get step by step instructions from our experts for this. Our installation experts make the entire process easy.

Premium Support

One of the issues that many competitors give to the clients is the area of customer and technical support although they promise many things at the time of purchase. When you purchase a WP theme bundle from our company, we promise you free support for one entire year from the date of purchase. Support from our experts is available during any time of day. Tech and customer support executives solve your problem in a short time span.

Responsive and user-friendly themes

All the themes that you buy in our package are responsive as well as user-friendly. The responsive theme comes with the fluid grid system providing the adaptability with the mobile devices and also with various other screens related to the different devices. All WP themes in our WordPress theme bundle are user-friendly and due to this, working on the website becomes obstacle-free. Responsive and user-friendly themes are good for different businesses.

Demo content with free installation and set up

We provide you the demo content with all the themes that are present in our theme bundle and apart from that, our experts provide the free installation procedures as well as set up. All this is an advantage because all this comes in the package and there is no need to spend the money other than what has been paid for the theme bundle package. The demo importer provides a single click demo import option.

Ecommerce compatibility

All WordPress themes present in the WP theme bundle have ecommerce compatibility and this feature is quite beneficial for the business expansion. You can open the online store with the potential to expand the footprints on the global scale. The special feature of WooCommerce helps a lot as far as business expansion is concerned. WooCommerce is actually an open-source plugin for ecommerce related to WordPress.

Retina ready

When you talk of retina-ready, it is actually the high enough pixel density. All our themes mentioned in the themes bundle are retina ready and display sharper images as well as bright and more vivid colors. The retina-ready images are high-resolution images. With the help of CSS3, elements are created and these are buttons, speech bubbles, drop shadows as well as gradients without the use of images. This means elements are displayed as sharp and crisp.

Regular updates up to one year

After you purchase our WordPress theme bundle, our company will provide you regular updates for a period of twelve months from the date of purchase of our theme bundle. This will also cover all the information related to the new releases as well. You will also receive modification updates.


  • Feature personalization
  • Minor modification support
  • Premium yearly subscription
  • Save $362 on the purchase of
  • Live Chat support via Skye, Google hangout, and team viewer.
  • Custom feature addition


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