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Optimize Your Website Search Form With These Simple Steps!

Optimize Your Website Search Form With These Simple Steps! post thumbnail image

Having a search button on your website can actually help you boost the viewership. Here’s how! The search button on your website has the ability to boost your business metrics. According to a report from eConsultancy, a lot of websites on the internet don’t have a search button. But they are paying for it by losing some potential customers. Your website needs to be optimized in order to be easily available and navigate through. You have to optimize your website search form for this. Only being available isn’t enough, you have to satisfy their needs. You can lose your customers if your continue working like this.

So if you want to earn customers’ trust and more profit you have to optimize your website search form. This will give your website a high conversion rate, improved brand performance, improved customer satisfaction, and high ROI.

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Here Are Some Tips To Optimize Your Website Search Form

1. Choose Size And White Pitch

Your website contains loads of information about your company. It updates the product details, has images of the same, blog posts, podcasts, advertisements, and different categories of products. So when a customer searches for something on your website, it should showcase a wide range of suggestions. That’s why having a wide search box is important. If you don’t want a large search box then add some features into it for better presentation.

You can easily set the size of the search box on your website. You can also decide the look of it. But having a white pitch for the search box is always convenient. Make sure you put the white pitch on the search box and set it on the top of the website.

The layout of the search box is very important for customer satisfaction. Your topmost goal is to provide better online service. Having a clean and wide search box on the website will definitely help you with this.

2. The Magnifying Glass

When a customer searches for something online, in order to find the right one they search for the symbol. A picture indicating the thing that they want. This symbol initially leads them to the product. That’s why having logos and images on a website is suggested.

To optimize your website search form you need to put a symbol of search on the box. The symbol is of course a magnifying glass. Every search engine has it and every website too. So you have to put a magnifying glass at the end of the box. So that customers will know the existence of it.

3. Search Button

After adding magnifying glass as a symbol of search, now you need to put a search button. People are used to searching online. They know that trick of Googling things. If you just leave an empty box with a symbol, it won’t satisfy them.

To optimize your website search form you need to put a search button at the end of the search box. So when customers will search on the box they will hit the button and the process will start.

This will satisfy their need for response and help you to get more ratings.

4. Put It In Front

After putting the search button on the box, you need to place it in front of the website. This is for the convenience of the customers. They should find the search bar handy for their use.

The ideal place for a search box on a website is on the top. You can also put it on the center or left side of the website. This will make it easy for customers to spot it and search for what they want. Put everything in white and a magnifying glass on it.

5. Choose Best Page

After setting the layout of the search box, you have to choose the best pages to showcase. You have to connect your best pages or blog posts to your search box. You need to connect useful videos and links to other blogs with them.

This will enable them to find the useful information they are looking for. You can also add a search form with support, help pages, and blogs. This will enhance the user experience of customers.

6. Smart prediction

People search in either a long text or short phrases. They use keywords to search. So your search box should be able to predict them and find what they are looking for. This is one of the imp steps to remember when you optimize your website search form.

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