Top 10 Best WordPress Themes for Beginners in 2023

June 24, 2024
Top 10 Best WordPress Themes for Beginners in 2023

WordPress is one of the most popular content management systems, powering over 40% of all websites. Its user-friendly interface and vast customization options have become the go-to platform for beginners who want to create their own websites. However, choosing the right theme can be overwhelming, especially for those new to WordPress. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the best WordPress themes for beginners. These themes are designed to be easy to use, customizable, and visually appealing. They come with pre-built templates and drag-and-drop editors that allow beginners to create a professional-looking website quickly.

Our selection of themes includes premium options, each with unique features and benefits. Some are geared towards specific niches, such as e-commerce or blogging. In contrast, others are more general and can be adapted to any website.

Whether starting a personal blog or an online store, finding the right WordPress theme is crucial for your success. With our list of the Most Popular WordPress Themes for beginners, you’ll be able to find the perfect theme for your website and start building your online presence with confidence.

Let’s Checkout The Factors To Consider While Selecting

  • Beginner-friendly customization options

As a beginner, you must go for a website that is user-friendly and easy to customize. Choosing a user-friendly theme is the best because you don’t know how to code professionally.

  • Good design and layout

Next, you must observe the theme has the latest designs and layout presentation. A good design automatically reflects in a good appearing website.

  • Mobile responsiveness

Mobile responsiveness is the most vital factor to observe while selecting a theme. As 60% of the traffic comes from mobiles, so must focus on a mobile-responsive theme.

  • Security and reliability

Security and reliability are the other two vital factors to be noticed. A secured theme results from minimum errors and threats to your site. And reliability will help your site perform well along with raising quality.

  • User reviews and ratings

Lastly, you must look at the reviews and ratings given by previous clients to the theme, as this will let you know better about the theme’s functioning.

Best WordPress Themes for Beginners

TC Food Ordering

Presenting the best theme for beginners to start their Food Ordering business online. The premium Food Ordering WordPress Theme is the best for this. And a website will help reach more clients ordering from your place. The theme comes with the latest WordPress versions with proper documentation. So that modern and advanced features will come your way while designing. The impressive theme design perfectly suits online food businesses and restaurants. And with an easy price of $39 only, you can unleash the responsive features of a food website. The theme integrates valuable plugins like Woocommerce and page builders. This will help increase functionality and user experience while ordering food. It lets you create online menu cards and a smooth call to action for easy ordering. Its responsive layouts will enable a mobile-responsive website effectively.

TC Advertising Agency

You must get this responsiveAdvertising Agency WordPress Themeto start an ad agency. This is the best theme if you have decided to launch an ad or digital agency. The appealing design is well-furnished with exclusive features to launch a modern site. The intellectual design well suits marketing, software, and web development agencies. It comes with an easy price of $39, revealing the best features for your site design. As you enter it, a single-click demo importer helps you find significant ways to innovate your site. It requires no codes and less interpretation to come with a professional site. The theme supports a live customizer ensuring easy editing options. You can create web pages, including sections like services, products, and much more. Plus, the integration of the plugin will leave your site functioning well. And the seamless support will guide you better in difficult situations.

TC Software Technology

Software Technology WordPress Theme is the leading theme in developing software websites. Launching a software firm as a beginner with this theme is your best choice. You don’t need to have skilled coding skills or hire a developer for this. It deals with the best documentation and the latest versions ensuring the best functionality. It is available at its best price of $39, getting the best responsive features ever before. Its homepage design has minimal looks suiting all software and IT industries. Plus, it comes with responsive layouts that fit better on every screen. The templates further help display your company insights through web pages. You can use page builders having drag and drop feature for page building. Moreover, it supports SEO optimization helping your firm reach better ranks on search engines. Which makes this theme rank high among the best WordPress themes for beginners.

TC SEO Agency

If you want to launch an SEO or web agency, get this SEO agency WordPress Theme. The theme is perfect for entering the digital world without any codes. It is designed for marketing, SEO, digital, creative, and ad agencies. The beautifully designed theme is easy to customize and has responsive layouts. It comes with great features letting your SEO site function well. To interact with premium features, you can buy this for just $39 only. With this, you will be introduced to demo content, plugins, menus, and templates. Classifying your site using templates will give a great appearance to your site. Also, you can use the page builder to design web pages to display services, testimonials, and products. Its cross-browser integration helps your site load properly on popular browsers. Also, site promotion is well supported by adding social media icons.

TC Filmmaker

Video creators must use this Filmmaker WordPress Theme as an opportunity to kick-start their career, as the theme is perfect for those having passionate video-creating and editing skills. Also, photographers, video creators, news portals, podcasts, and filmmakers can use this. It is available at an easy price of $39, only getting user-friendly features for web design. As you enter the theme, single-click demo content will guide you better to innovate your site. Its appealing light and dark modes will help you present your video site well.

Moreover, it has Woocommerce integration. The reliable live customizer helps to give a personal touch to your site with easy menus. Also, the theme supports formatting text, graphics, and layouts for a better outcome. The fully responsive layouts help your site content adjust on every screen size. Plus, SEO optimization helps you reach better ranks on search engines.

TC Electronics Gadget

Start selling your electronics gadgets through a verified electronics website. This can be achieved with this most popular Electronics Gadget WordPress Theme. The theme is tailored with modern, unique, and graceful designs for online shops. The advanced and flexible theme has Woocommerce integration for online shops. And with a price of $39 only, unleash the most reliable features for online stores. It has a well-coded WordPress structure letting you customize every bit using live customizer. The responsive layouts enable clients to access the site on every device. Its templates will put your store products correctly in gallery sections. Also, designing web pages will help your store appear well, which is possible using drag and drop. The theme further supports image and video graphics displaying store products. An easy call to action and payment gateways guide better online ordering.

TC Shipment

Take your shipment and logistics company to digital levels with a professional website. It takes less time and no codes to get a website ready with this advanced theme. The theme design has clean colors suiting logistics, freight services, and transportation businesses. You can get this theme for just $39 only to get into the most reliable features. Its homepage layouts are well-organized, using easy menus, sidebars, and sliders. The live customizer helps your site look perfectly unique by adding personal elements. Also, you can display your company services on web pages with slider menus. This helps to enhance the user experience by getting more clients to interact with your site. The theme has Woocommerce integration managing online bookings and payments. Plugin compatibility further helps to maintain flexibility in the website you form.

TC Feminine Style

The Feminine Style WordPress Theme is worth buying for building women-oriented websites. The theme has interactive and attractive designs with a feminine touch for multiple businesses. It may be a fashion designer, makeup artist, online store owner, blogger, or interior designer. This Best WordPress theme is well-suited for females wishing to embrace their careers online. Its gorgeous layouts and templates have vast features for designing niche websites. And you just need to spend $39 only to get this outstanding theme with its features.

You also get a fantastic range of integrated plugins that follow up with advanced functionality. The easy customization menus help women give a personal touch to the site. Also, it has responsive layouts that work perfectly on every screen. SEO optimization helps your site reach better ranks on search engines. Plus, it has social media integration for easy promotions on your site.

TC Travel Agent

Travel Agents must get this feature-rich theme to kick-start online agency services. The premium Travel Agent WordPress Theme is for travel agencies, agents, and companies. Its frenzy interface helps beginners to easily come up with a competitive website. And you just have to spend $39 only to get the most responsive features for web design. The Woocommerce plugin plays a vital role in developing business deals. Also, it has a page builder getting your travel plans and services on web pages. The live theme customizer is to help in customizing and giving a personal touch. It includes customizing colors, layouts, fonts, graphics, and more. SEO optimization further ranks your site among the top search engines. The Bootstrap-enabled theme has powerful coding standards ensuring a user-friendly website. Social media icons can put your travel website on popular social handles.

TC Electronics Store

Are you looking forward to raising your electronics store to the digital market? If yes, then the Electronics Store WordPress Theme will help you out. The theme has appealing, modern, and colorful designs with responsive features. The electronics store is among the best WordPress themes for beginners that come with a flexible interface that perfectly suits all electronics and E-commerce stores. And don’t worry. You don’t have to opt for hiring a developer or spend hours on it. You just have to spend $39 only to get the most responsive features for your site. Also, it has plugin integration getting extensive functionality for your site.

Most importantly, it is integrated with Woocommerce for business dealings. Electronics store products will be arranged on gallery sliders, ensuring easy navigation. It also comes with various sections, including a wishlist, cart options, landing pages, and more. The drag-and-drop feature will let you build your site well.


Choosing the right theme for your niche seems quite crucial. As you have to filter out so many factors, making the right decision is difficult. And that is important to set a great brand image for clients visiting your site. Luckily, the above content has easily guided the right theme selection. And the list of 10 exclusive themes suitable for your niche is presented with their features. All these Responsive WordPress themes are expertly tested with the latest versions and responsive features. Beginners will find pleasure in using our user-friendly themes for web design. And you can be one of them, as the above-listed Best WordPress Themes for Beginners are the best.