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December 03, 2022
Best WordPress themes

To earn better revenue, you need the best and Most Popular WordPress Themes for your business website. Since the best WordPress themes function quite well to grab the attention of visitors and increase your sales. If your website is well managed then you can surely bring down the bounce rate and boost your business growth.

Blogging has almost reached its height and WordPress has become a leader in the blogging world. As WordPress is easy to install and can be customized easily, it gives you the liberty to change the appearance of the blog in a few clicks. There are so many alternatives to WordPress that are presented for free by bloggers and WordPress. Opting for the correct WordPress theme will obviously help your business to grow in a long run. There are numerous free and Most Popular WordPress Themes available in the WordPress gallery that could help you improve the look and style of your website.

WordPress has achieved its popularity, because of its open-source nature. Having open-source software means the software can be modified according to the user’s requirements, and it is accessible and free to the public. It does require a license to view, However, its premium and free WordPress Themes and plugins make WordPress more engaging.

So, to earn better profits, your website needs to be user-friendly and professional-looking. That way, internet users and your customers can visit your website with ease and convenience. To achieve this, you need the best WordPress themes 2022.

Consider These Features For The Best WordPress Themes:-     

Widget position

The location of the content on your website is important. Your action phrase is supposed to be in the center of the page, which is the first thing visitors should see once they arrive at your site. The reason behind this arrangement is that it would be a better choice to position your products and services where everyone can see them easily for better visibility and sales. The content should be unique and customizable. You can put the call option or call the action on the right side of the page as this side is more focused on by the visitors. You can try using appealing sales words for call-to-action options like “Click Here “or “Buy Now”.

Menu bar

Your business website should compulsorily have a menu bar on the top. It will be more convenient for web users to navigate your site. This can also be reserved for your sales content.

Logo space

A business logo is very important to endorse your website. For a professional-looking website, you need to reserve a logo space. The upper left corner of the page is the best place to have your logo, which would catch the first glance of the visitor. This will help you to be recognized.

Background color

To make your text simpler to read without any difficulty on your page, a complimentary background color is very important. Your WordPress theme should have fonts and images easily readable. White is the safest color to be used in the background as it makes a good contrast with any other color.

Stretchable side areas

The sides of your selected theme should be taken into consideration. Some themes come with a justified right-hand side whereas some have a fixed width. This may create problems with different screen sizes. You need to be sure that users won't face such issues while viewing your entire web page.

Search Engine Optimized

Most of the web traffic comes from different search engines like Yahoo and Google. Thus, your theme is supposed to be optimized to a level that it could be read by these search engines; else you may miss out on your valuable visitors.


The most important aspect of the best WordPress Themes is their customization option. You should use Premium WordPress Themes that are fully customizable. So whenever there is a need to add content or CSS, it can be done without any blockage. You can update your site with a proper customizable theme.

Factors To Keep In Mind When Looking For Best WordPress Themes:-

1. Having a clear idea of what you are looking for

This makes your search for the best themes simpler. For this, you can prepare a list of important features for your website. For instance; if you wish for 2 columns, 4 columns, or personalized theme colors, you can search this way as per your requirements. As WordPress is very simple to install, you can use the theme as it is. Having web customization depends on how personalized your WordPress theme is.

2. Choosing a correct theme as per your website’s forte:

While looking for the best WordPress themes for your business website, you need to consider your site’s primary objective. Your theme should be simpler to navigate to make your products more popular over the long run. Some WordPress themes are precisely created for specific business domains. You can take your preference from them.

3. Website Navigation

Website navigation is one of the most important parts of a blog. You would possibly need simpler navigation with some easy alternatives or you might require a few more for having a better website navigation panel. Including tough navigation may be a bit problematic in case you don't wish to learn PHP, so you got to make sure that your entire theme has the whole thing simplified, for whatever you require just prior to installing it. The complete Genesis lifestyle subject has about 2 menus and you could easily turn them on/off simply by checking out the menu region. Now not all the major themes are adaptable, so there is a need to work accordingly. A drop-down menu will even make your work simple so far till website online navigation comes into the frame.

4. Getting a responsive theme

A responsive theme functions equally well, irrespective of the device the visitors are using. Responsiveness is very important as tablets and smartphones are gaining more attention these days. There are numerous WordPress themes that are responsive. So make sure to look for the best quality product that would make your website popular.

5. Reviews and Testimonials

While looking for a WordPress theme, you should first find out what other clients think of it. Go through customer ratings, reviews, and comments. This will definitely help you to get a better direction for choosing the best WordPress themes for your website.

6. Updates and Support:

When you're looking for a WordPress theme, you have to consider what type of help and updated features you're searching for. You should see whether you get some normal regular updates or not. This is an essential factor that could drive your choice to select a specific theme, whether paid or free. If you're thinking about free WordPress themes, you can simply utilize the ones which originate from master designers who have reputations in the market. Several premium themes usually offer you complete support in addition to some free updates. You ought to guarantee that you purchase an appropriate license that enables you to decide on an updated theme and helps to promote your product.

What Is The Best WordPress Theme Design?

There are numerous themes design available. While looking for a reliable WordPress theme design, you can face numerous challenges. By using a responsive WordPress theme, your blog popularity increases. Therefore, it is important to make your selections wisely to meet your website's needs. You might be wondering What is the best WordPress premium theme? So to help you, here is a list of the 7 best WordPress themes in 2022 that will help you kick-start your business

Let's Dive Into The Top 7+ Best WordPress Themes Of 2022

Filmmaker WordPress Theme

As the name suggests, this WordPress theme is designed for businesses such as photography, videography, filmmakers, podcasts, etc. Filmmaker WordPress Theme is one of the best WordPress themes for business, and it comes with many amazing features. This theme gives your website features like responsiveness, cross-browser compatibility, translation readiness, and WooCommerce compatibility. Moreover, you can also direct your audience to your social media handles 

by using the Social Media Integration feature. Additionally, you can also add various sections to your website that describe your business, like a testimonials section, a services section, and an about us section. Filmmaker WordPress Theme also lets you customize your website using the Live Customizer, which lets you see the changes you make in real-time before you hit the push button. Since this is a premium theme, you can get it for $39.00. Theme support and updates come free for a year of purchase. 

Software Technology WordPress Theme

SAAS Software Technology WordPress Theme

Software Technology WordPress Theme is one of the best WordPress themes of 2022. You can use this theme to create websites for all types of software-related businesses. This theme is designed with a combination of powerful and robust features. Some of the features are; 

  • Responsive layout for all devices
  • Cross-browser compatibility, which lets your website load smoothly over all web browsers
  • SEO-friendly codes that help your website reach a larger audience
  • Translation readiness allows your international users to use and navigate through your website easily

Additionally, the Live Customizer feature of this theme lets you make changes to your website and see them in real-time before you push it. You can also use the 100+ fonts and color options to personalize your website and give it a unique look. You can purchase the Software Technology WordPress Theme and its amazing features for $39.00 and get theme updates and support free for a year.

Travel Agent WordPress Theme

Travel Agent WordPress Theme

Who doesn't love traveling? And if you love traveling and want to create a website to earn some revenue out of your passion, then this travel agent premium WordPress theme is made for you. Get your hands on this unique theme that serves some advanced features that no other theme offers. This theme will save you time by providing you with a beautiful canvas where you can show your creativity in building a brand-new website. Customization with this theme is not a heavy task. With its Elementor page builder plugin, you can do anything you want. 

From modifying the logo, title, and tagline, you can also drag and drop elements of your choice. You can share amazing pictures of your travel times and share travel stories with its blog format available in the theme. Its full-width slider will allow you to display high-quality pictures of beautiful travel destinations, accommodations, and much more. Customization doesn't require coding skills, just plan on what features you need on your website then you are ready to step out. It also features a testimonial section, contact form 7, various CTA buttons, plenty of shortcodes, a WooCommerce plugin, and a lot more.

You can grab Travel Agent WordPress theme for just $39.00

Key Features:

  • Excellent team support
  • Easy documentation
  • Brilliant design and layout
  • Color schemes
  • Cross-browser compatible
  • Typography and much more.

Electronics Store WordPress Theme

If you are looking for a new and unique layout to introduce your electronic online store, you have come to the correct place because this Electronics Store WordPress Theme provides precisely what you are looking for. This is one of the most prominent WordPress themes available. It was designed by Themes Caliber, several of the industry's best WordPress theme developers. It includes a drag-and-drop builder that can be used to construct any form of layout. You also get 100+ fonts, family choices, and a one-click demo import to help you get started on your new website.

The theme is flexible, with an attractive homepage layout, mobile-friendly layouts, multi-vendor integration, and a variety of customization possibilities and WooCommerce capabilities that simplify website building. Product Banner, for example, allows you to highlight your top offers on every page. That works for mobile phone users as well! These features make it one of the Best WordPress themes for eCommerce.

Key features:-

  • Custom layout for your website
  • Mega Menu Integration
  • Choose between a boxed or full-width design!
  • Live Theme Customizer is being used to customize the layout.

Museum WordPress Theme

Museum WordPress Theme is a sleek and modern WordPress theme suitable for an art museum, showcase center, online national gallery shop, conference center, public library, or the publishing industry. It has a top carousel, exhibition layout, Product Section Ribbon part, Team, and Testimonial area. This theme is also compliant with the Gutenberg block editor. It also has a smooth, clean interface that highlights the industry. So that visitors can concentrate on your incredible qualities instead of the site's interruptions.

With the Elementor page builder's drag-and-drop functionality, you can easily customize every page and element of the Museum WordPress theme. Elementor is a freemium plugin that allows you to change any of the elements on the demo site. This theme is also compatible with Thrive Architect, Gutenberg Block Editor, and WordPress Live Customizer. This is one of the best WordPress themes you can use to create a website related to the Museum and any art exhibition! On top of that, Elementor, Revolution Slider, Contact Form 7, and other popular WordPress plugins and extensions work seamlessly with the Museum WordPress theme.

Key features:-

  • It is compatible with WooCommerce
  • Have 100+ Google fonts family option
  • Various sliders and types are available.

Stock Photography WordPress Theme

Stock photography wp theme

This Stock Photography WordPress Theme will let you sell your images via Shutterstock, Deposit Photos, Images Bazaar, and other large online marketplaces. It comes with a simple digital download plugin that lets you manage your stock photography business like an expert. You may easily publish any image for the backdrop of your header, login, and membership pages. Stock Photography WordPress Theme also has a minimalist design. The powerful customizer allows you to change anything from the colors to the typography to the designs with only a few hits.

With this theme, you can create attractive web pages for your site without writing a line of coding, thanks to the simple drag-and-drop WordPress page editor. This theme is built to work with WooCommerce in mind, allowing you to sell stock photographs on your website and generate money. And this is one of the best WordPress themes for creating a stock photography website that helps you sell images rapidly.

Key features:-

  • Comes with Email newsletter support
  • It comes with stunning Sliders and galleries.
  • Responsive and retina-ready design

Cargo WordPress Theme

The Cargo WordPress Theme is one of the Best WordPress themes for business-related transport, logistics, and general transport services. As a logistics service provider, the first thing you need is solutions and client testimonials to build confidence in your business in website visitors. Thanks to the WordPress live customizer, you can effortlessly alter any aspect of your site with just a few clicks. It's entirely SEO-friendly, and all scrollable parts have swiping functionality. A slider, parallax effect, preset quote box, scrolling effects, return to top button, and Google Maps are all included in this Cargo WordPress Theme.

This theme also comes with a simple and extensive collection of theme options to help you establish and customize the many features of your site. It is also Smartphone and desktop friendly, so it looks great on any screen. Get started with a single-click installation and detailed documentation! You can also contact Theme Caliber's customer service team 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, for personalized assistance.

Key features:-

  • Editor for color palettes
  • CSS customization options
  • It is Mobile-friendly and fully responsive.

Blog WordPress Theme

Blog WordPress Theme is one of the best WordPress themes for blogs. It is entirely customizable. It has an initial template for personal blogs, profiles, commercial blogs, and marketplaces.
It's mobile-friendly and compatible with the most popular website builders like Gutenberg Block Editor, Thrive Architect, and Elementor. It has WooCommerce support built-in, so you can easily add an eCommerce website to your blog if required. Because it is translation-ready, you can also create websites in any language.
It's a simple theme with a lot of color schemes. The theme features, such as logo upload, can be found via the WordPress live customizer. It also has various layout options, full-width pages, top navigation menus, custom logo integration, numerous sidebar spaces, gorgeous slideshows, and more. It's extremely adaptable while being simple to set up and comes with a WordPress live customizer. Moreover, it ranks No.1 in Best WordPress themes for blogs.

Key features:-

  • Responsive layout and SEO Friendly theme
  • Multiple sidebars and custom CSS feature
  • Gets Premium Support of Themes Caliber

Moving Company WordPress Theme

Try the Moving Company WordPress Theme if you want to make a professional website for a moving company. This commercial WordPress theme features a clean, trustworthy appearance and all of the business tools you'll need to attract more clients. It is one of the best WordPress Themes for exporting and importing business-related websites. You can already notice from the screenshot above that this theme has a business-friendly layout. It maintains contact information and a call-to-action button at the top of each page. But here's the kicker: everything is completely adjustable.

The designers have created a lovely style, but this theme's header and page content may contain any content you require to add. There are numerous call-to-action buttons throughout the demo site, including a conspicuous form for requesting a quote. These tools will have a massive effect on a moving company that requires a presence on the internet. It works with various page builder plugins such as Elementor and Thrive Architect and comes with WooCommerce integration. You can customize the homepage using the live theme customizer, and because this theme is SEO-friendly, you will rank higher in search results.

Key features:-

  • A variety of custom post types and shortcodes included
  • Have customizable Header and footer layouts
  • Includes Slider revolution & swiper slider

Mobile App WordPress Theme

mobile app wordpress theme

Mobile App WordPress Theme is one of the best creative WordPress themes that are unique, which you can use to create a website-related Mobile App Development Company. This theme is a professionally designed and well-produced solution for users. It has a plethora of customization possibilities. The WordPress theme customizer can be used to access the whole of them. You won't need CSS knowledge to make your website seem exactly how you want it to look. It has nice typography and does a great job with featured images. You can also quickly add a contact form to your website by utilizing any prominent contact form plugin.
The theme uses cutting-edge features and Interacting capabilities to display features, photos, and other content. It's also totally Bootstrap-based. The SEO feature of this theme improves your website's ranking in a variety of top search engines, including Chrome Browser, Edge, Mozilla Firefox, and others. It integrates seamlessly with popular page builder plugins like Elementor, Thrives Architect, and WooCommerce. There's a built-in lazy loading mechanism to keep your site as fast as possible.

Key features:-

  • Built with the most up-to-date HTML/CSS technologies.
  • Integrated with Google Fonts, WooCommerce, and Gutenberg Block Editor.
  • There are a few customizable layouts for both the header and footer sections.

Magazine WordPress Theme

The Magazine WordPress Theme is a fantastic theme that uses drag-and-drop content creation with a sleek design to provide a fantastic UX, whether for an online magazine or another type of media website.
Furthermore, You can use this theme for any magazine, including sports, fashion, news, and general interest magazines. Its responsive approach ensures that it performs at its best in every situation on any search engine. This Magazine WordPress Theme comes with a comprehensive range of tools, functionalities, layouts, and plugins that enable users to create a completely customizable website for their business easily.

It has a clean, simple design with lovely colors and fonts. Elementor, Thrive Architect, and Gutenberg Black Editor make it simple to customize this theme. Other highlights include an included drag-and-drop website builder, integration with prominent third-party plugins, and a font library with over 100 options. This is one of the best WordPress themes for building a website that caters to the magazine or online media newspaper categories. It could be the theme you're seeking if you want to create a completely user-friendly content website.

Key features:-

  • Slider with limitless slides (advanced)
  • It is SEO-friendly and retina-ready theme
  • Comes Translations ready and Custom CSS features


I would advise you to choose these best WordPress themes for your website because they include many of the features and customization options I mentioned earlier. There are numerous themes to choose from, each with features and perks. You must choose wisely to meet the criteria of your website. Remember that your blog's theme is a little version of your shop.

So give your website the finest first impression possible, and during the selection process, pay close attention to the colors and designs. The design of your website is one of the most essential factors that can influence how consumers perceive your brand.

Check out our WordPress Theme Bundle to rapidly develop a website for your business utilizing the top WordPress theme bundle's featured themes. The Theme pack includes 61+ premium WordPress themes that are user-friendly, feature-rich, and have a friendly and open design. We hope this article was helpful to you in your search for the best and most attractive WordPress themes.

Frequently Asked Question

Do these themes have a free version?

Yes, these themes have their free versions, which you can check before purchasing them. You can try using the free version to get an idea of how a particular theme and its features work, as different themes have different features.

Among all these themes, which WordPress theme is best for beginners?

All the themes offered by Themes Caliber are best for beginners. This is because all of them belong to different niches and serve different purposes.

Are themes easily customizable?

These themes are all easily customizable, but if you get stuck somewhere, you can always contact us for support. We offer 24/7 theme support, and you can reach us through emails or contact forms.

Can these themes be utilized for multiple websites?

No. You cannot use one theme to create multiple websites. The reason is different themes belong to different niches and serve those purposes. You will have to use a theme belonging to the same niche as that of the website which you want to create.