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    Themes Caliber

    Hi Mrs Jain,

    Adding Products to your menu is as simple as adding categories to your shop page.

    Go to Appearance >> Menus >>select your primary menu named Stencils

    Add a custom link name it whatever you want, I name it Product . Custom Link Available on the left side bar.

    Now move on to products available on left side bar on the menu section of the widget. Check the box(es) you wish you want your product to appear on the dropdown box then click on Add to menu place it under product name as one of the demo I have done it for you. Or you can Show your product Under your Categories too.

    Note:- Add more products to work with drop down as you have only 1 product.

    Live Preview for the widget section is working Just look at the respective Section where you make Changes

    Thank You Regards

    in reply to: Sauna Spa Theme #727
    Themes Caliber

    Sir the website url you have sent to us we have gone through it.

    It seems to be looks like you have installed a wrong theme or unable to activate our theme which is developed by not by DI themes.

    if you have purchased and Install our theme and unable to activate it mail us at [email protected]

    in reply to: Sauna Spa Theme #724
    Themes Caliber

    send your site url so that we can check for the errors

    if possible drop your site credentials at [email protected]


    there are two types of sidebar 1.)page side bar 2.) blog side bar

    go to widget >> click on product categories >> click on page side bar >> save it.
    This will help to display Product Categories on your page side bar.

    do the same process for different widget options and for different sections

    hope this helps

    thank you

    in reply to: TC Ecommerce Shop #717
    Themes Caliber

    Hi Mark ,

    Wordpress got this feature for you, all you need to do is to install any auto-responder plugin follow their instructions to install that plugin. would recommend you to go for MailPoet2 which would be available at

    MailPoet 2

    This would be the reason why we would not add this function to our template.

    Thank You

    in reply to: Issues #714
    Themes Caliber

    Hii Ms. Vidushi Jain.

    As you can see in the widget 4 options are for footer and 1 for blog side bar and 1 for page sidebar

    blog side bar used to display on blog page

    and page side bar used to display on the product pages or the pages which contains side bar

    you need to assign the items to the selected things like

    if you want to add the product categories in the page sidebar

    click on the product categories a drop down will appear select page sidebar ansd save it on page side bar that’s it. your product categories will appear on page side bar do the same for all the different widget options, also for Blog side bar.

    talking about blogger part, the theme is like that, so that the red color doesn’t get complete till the end, our theme design is like you can check the demo for it.
    Blogger Icon is in orange color because icons for blogger is not availabe for the blogger, so forced to add image over there, appology for that, but it might work.

    Do not bother about updating woocommerce these errors do not makes any sense to your website as we need to change some functionality of woocommerce to work website to more efficiently.

    In the blog section all you need to do is to Go to Dashboard >> Posts >> click on the post which you have created >> set featured Image for it which would be available at the bottom right side bar and update the changes.


    Talking about the product you have made too much categories and sub categories which is good,

    now all you need to do is to create products and assign the products to that categories.

    Go to Dashboard >> products >> add new
    there you need to add product name, description, set product Image, price and discount price and punlish it. to add more images to that product you need to add product gallery Images, there you can add multiple Images click on update button.
    To assign the product to the category select the checkbox available below the publish button you can select the multiple categories over there

    The icons on the footer is resolved,

    problem regarding footer border is resolved,

    To add currency converter plugin you need to add a plugin named Currency Converter Plugin.

    Currency Converter Widget

    hope this helps


    in reply to: Issues #706
    Themes Caliber

    Hello Mr. Jain,

    Thank you for your queries, and patience,

    1.)Some how you managed to Disable/strong> footer from TC Setting >> Footer.
    All you need to do is to enable it.

    2.)Image Dimensions are as follows
    i.) slider image (1359px * 578 )
    ii.) featured Product, new Arrival, Best Seller Section(240px * 240px )
    iii.) Go quickly to (330px * 330px)
    iv.) men’s product section 1. big size banner(525px * 408px)
    2. product images (233px * 233px)
    v.) Women’s product Section Same as Men’s Product Section
    vi.) From the Blog Section (330px * 259px)
    vii.)Sponser’s Section (142px * 92px)
    All The Images Dimension and sections are according to the theme which we have provided click on the link to see the respective section

    3.)Pintrest and Blogger Option is now readily available only for you as per your wish which is now available inTC Settings >> Top Bar

    add your link there.

    4.) Logos of paypal, and Paytm ,Visa, Mastercard, Netbanking in the footer under payment methods you need to create an Image of you choice one I have put for you through Widget.

    Fedex and India post under logistic partner in the footer:- For that section Go to TC Setting >> Sponser Section , Upload Image Over there.

    If any of the section is not not available or not displaying on your screen Go To TC Setting >> click on the respective section you want to select Enable it and then click on the Publish Button

    Thank you hope these helps and Apology for delay in response due some technical Issues.


    in reply to: Issues #704
    Themes Caliber

    Hii koolvids,

    As we are suffering from some technical Issues regarding server our support mail [email protected] is out of reach still we are happy to provide service to our customers as, a member from our technical team will connect you through their personal mail Id as below:-

    [email protected]

    and we hope that we sort you out of the problems very soon

    Thank you


    in reply to: Sauna Spa Theme #700
    Themes Caliber


    It’s so glad that you have choose this Theme for your website,

    Changing font family and font color is quite easy using customize panel all you need to do is,

    Go to Appearance >> Customize >> TC Settings >> there you can find the number of sections available on your theme, Select any one of them,
    change font color, font style and click the publish button to save your changes.

    If any of the font style or font color is not changing kindly let us know with screenshot and let us know which version you are using.

    Hope this helps

    Thank you

    in reply to: Issues #696
    Themes Caliber

    Hii koolvids,

    It’s glad that you have choose our platform

    Managing footer on WordPress is quite eazy task as we have provided you in the documnetation

    All you need to do is to follow these very eazy steps as below

    Go to Dashboard >> Appearance >> menu >> Create New Menu

    Write there menu name of your choice then click on create menu
    then on the left side bar you can see pages which you have created with the links or click on custom links
    Click on the custom links there you can provide the url and the link text, then click on add menu.
    Repeat the process to provide as many links as you can, then save it.

    Then go to the widget select the appropriate footer among (Footer 1, Footer 2, Footer 3, Footer 4)
    to display menu on the footer click on Navigation menu select the appropriate footer the add to widget.

    to display logo you can select Image option and then select the appropriate footer where you wanna display the logo
    for text you can choose the text field,
    create multiple menu to display it on several footer section,
    1.) Create menus >> select the pages OR Add new Custom Links >> save menu.
    2.) Dashboard >> appearance >> widget >> Drag Navigation menus to footer place >> select the menu you have created.
    for blog sidebar or page sidebar
    you can select several things like Product Category, Recent posts, menus etc and assign it to respective sidebar,
    Go to Dashboard >> Pages >> add new

    Type name as per your choice,

    Then on the right sidebar you can see the Template, select the page where you want to Redirect the new page eg. page with left Side bar.
    hope this helps..
    Send you wordpress credentials at [email protected] and we will design your website for you.

    Thank You
    Regards team

    in reply to: TC Ecommerce Shop #659
    Themes Caliber

    Hii James Cooper,

    Its glad that you have choose our platform for your e-Commerce Business, its among the fine working e-Commerce theme in WordPress.
    Collaborating Ecommerce Shop Theme with Stripe payment gateway is quite easy all you need to do is to install WooCommerce Stripe Payment Gateway from or any other platform of your Interest, Activate the plugin from the Dashboard, follow the Instructions provided by the plugin and your Stripe payment gateway is ready to use into the plugin.



    in reply to: Sauna Spa Theme #656
    Themes Caliber

    Hi Harry Martinez,

    All you need to do is to go to the Dashboard >> Appearance >> Customise >> TC setting >> Packages Offered,

    There you can find the Number of Packages to show, insert there a number as per your choice eg. 2

    Then click on the publish button available on the top of the side bar

    After reloading the page you can find there only two blocks available for the Image and other stuff like title and content etc

    To change the Price you got the option in the same column as package price. Insert price as per your requirement.

    After uploading Image for package and writing content for all you need to do is to click on the Publish button.

    Hope this helps

    For more details hit on to the link Below



    in reply to: Sauna Spa Theme #540
    Themes Caliber


    Sorry for the delayed response.

    About Us button text option is added to the theme. You can download the updated theme from your Themes Caliber account order section and override the updated one. Regarding the footer, you can hide the credit link by the following CSS.
    Add it to your child theme style.css

    span.credit_link {
    display: none;

    Let us know if you have any other query.


    in reply to: TC Township Theme #536
    Themes Caliber


    In order to proceed with Gallery, Please check out link:

    Once you have done with this Go to Appearance >> Customize >> TC Settings>> Gallery Section.

    You can set the Gallery section by inserting short code ([tc-galleryshow tc_gallery=”139″ numberofitem=”8″]). Make sure to replace the ID with yours gallery. You can get the ID from the URL of the gallery page.

    Let us know if you have any other query.


    in reply to: Sauna Spa Theme #496
    Themes Caliber


    Sorry for the delay.

    We will always recommend you to never edit the parent theme files. If you want to do any of the customization other than already existing features, then do it through the child theme.


    in reply to: Sauna Spa Theme #397
    Themes Caliber

    Hi Amelia,

    If you want to setup the pages with its sidebar then all you need to do is create the page and assign it the page template given on R.H.S of the page.
    There are number of template out of which you can choose “Page with left sidebar” and “Page with right sidebar” to display sidebar on left and right of the page respectively.

    We hope that helps.
    Let us know if you have other queries.

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