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The Uncharted View of E-commerce

The Uncharted View of E-commerce


In today’s world where the IT industry is recasting the ways of living and biasing the mode of functioning of each sector, a new approach is molding the base with a colossal speed and hasten the way to sell and buy.
This self-defining way is E-commerce. It’s a medium used to provide an interface between customer/buyer and owner/seller to sell and buy goods via this environment. It opens up a new world where transparency is at its best and more and more people are getting connected to the real spider’s web i.e. World Wide Web. The major focus of e-commerce websites and apps is to provide more stuff at your fingertips. This gave birth to a cut-throat competition to hold the position and make as many tons as they can. E-commerce is as easy as 3 clicks as if you have bought a yacht or as tough as making a robust system that fits well in every customer’s aspect.

E-Commerce Website

Gains And Losses Of E-commerce Website

E-commerce is a blessing for some but for some, it’s not less than a curse. Today each company has its e-commerce website or an E-commerce partner. The biggest example is Amazon which has created a huge base and is now considered as one of the world’s fastest-growing company. According to Tom Popomaronis with FORBES “The retail & e-commerce landscape is shifting dramatically. Review the current state of retail and you will see the ‘retail annihilation’ impacting an incredible amount of household brands, with stores closing with increased frequency. Decisions are being made to shutter less profitable brick-and-mortar locations, while other brands are ditching brick-and-mortar altogether. As a result, retailers are doubling-down on their e-commerce efforts at a rapid pace.” This leads to a place where everything is getting over the screens rather than being in the shop/stores.

Now its everyone’s piece of cake to get or create an E-commerce website to start a new livelihood. You can easily make your own Amazon or Flipkart with full of your customizations and likes. The only thing you need is a PC or a Laptop with a curious mind and patience to let the business grow. This holds a question with a dark side that “What will happen to the conventional way of commerce and where will all the brick and motor go as the Giants are taking all from them?” Hell is going to break loose soon.

What Does It Take To Build An E-commerce Website?

I think most of us had once visited an E-commerce website or had bought something from that site, so we know the basic feels and the dilemma we go through. This will help us to mold our idea.

The first and the most important thing to start an E-commerce store is the idea. It should be genuine and worthy of your time. For example – Most people say Flipkart is a copy of Amazon but it’s a little white lie both have their singularities like Amazon is all about ‘one-click’ shopping and Flipkart is on the ‘Cash on delivery’. This is the sole reason why both are standing, and another example is Dominos and PizzaHut. The conclusion is that everything can work with a unique touch. It’s not just about the idea it’s about making that idea to reach the reality you planned by implementing it with WordPress Themes

Now we have our unique idea ready, we can have our store, it’s like crucial to choose the best platform for your store according to your obligations. The on-going eye-catching competition is between two E-commerce platforms i.e. Shopify and BigCommerce. The obvious question is which one to choose and which one to lose. Each has its beauty and flaws.

According to me – “Shopify is like Apple’s Mac OS which is all about beauty and looks and soothing environment and for extra features we can use apps just like Apple’s app store whereas BigCommerce is like an Ubuntu OS and will look as good as you can build.” There are still more options than these two eg- WIX, lightspeed, and many more.

So now the advanced question is what you need and what you can handle. The justification for this question will answer your choice. Everything is there you just need to open your vision to look the right thing for you. Now we have two choices again one is to develop the store solely by self or hire some experts to design the creative thoughts of yours into a working model. Then you can launch your store easily.

This was all about developing your E-commerce store.

Aspects That Should Be Unturned

As this makes the job easy or as this eases the job] but it cuts off job opening for tons of people like a shopkeeper or a sales assistant and many more.

Darwin’s Theory of Survival of the Fittest has never been truer. Are we aware that we are spiraling towards a job market catastrophe in IT in the next few years? This is the question that is striking in the minds of every IT professional. The future is now sneaking out from your desktop/mobile screen, this is the best time to get out of your comfort zones or perish. Technologies are the visible pathways that question conventional thoughts. The skills we need will be dramatically different. This also helps some curious minds to come together and get their brains in action. The only change is the transformation that we want to welcome. The race has been started and in this race, the fastest one will not win but the sustaining one will win.

New Opportunities Due To E-commerce

E-commerce has also opened many platforms like Electronic Money Transfer, Sales, Logistics, Data management, and most revolutionized Digital Marketing.

All these fields are boosted like sonic speed and we need to find our spot in the pacing E-commerce revolution. Everything we can think we can buy or sell on this humongous platform where everyone is equal until you keep it fair. It’s like a joyride in an amusement park of technology where each ride is modifying itself to cope up with the rest.


E-commerce is a tool whose right use can make you billions like Amazon, Flipkart, and many more or it can bankrupt you like Snapdeal. It depends on which direction you put your efforts.

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