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A Basic Introduction To WordPress Themes

A Basic Introduction To WordPress Themes

WordPress is fairly an active platform to build websites. It is the most effective content management system throughout the web industry. It is very simple to install and use to uphold a blog or website. WordPress websites are very easy to sustain as there is no need to understand any kind of programming or HTML deeply in order to keep up with the content. Just with some little proficiency in CSS and HTML, you can do wonders with your website.

A WordPress theme is a group of templates and style sheets that are used to describe the presentation of the WordPress driven website. They can be altered, managed and enhanced as per the requirements from the WordPress admin area. These themes are varyingly created to deal with several categories of the website. They can be modified by the addition of plugins or code. This is the most preferred platform for web designers and bloggers as you can start their business website or blogging site with very few clicks by installing WordPress in association with the required plugin. WordPress themes are specifically known for their robust functionalities.

How WordPress theme functions?

A WordPress theme gathers the content and information stored by WordPress and presents it to the search engines. Whenever you are creating a WordPress theme, you choose how your content will look and showcased on the web. There are many available functions that your theme performs. Those functionalities are:

  • Your theme can have unusual designs like stationary or responsive, using one column or two.
  • Your theme can show content on the website wherever you want to display it.
  • You can list programs and events to make your content perceptible.
  • Your theme can customize its typography and plan using CSS
  • Other design fundamentals such as images and videos can be added anywhere in the theme as per your wish

Types of WordPress Themes

Numerous themes and widget are ready to use and allow you to add several functions to your site. Hundreds of WordPress themes are available on WordPress.org; those are free, responsive and premium.

  1. Free themes
  2. Free WordPress themes are simpler to install. This gives you a liberty to try your hands on numerous free themes till you get the one which meets your requirements. Free themes have so many variations in their quality and functionality. You can easily discover free themes on WordPress.org. Over 1700 free themes are available on the web. The only drawback is that they may not be compatible with the latest version provided by WordPress. They may contain bugs or viruses which make your blog or website prone to hackers. This may not the case with every theme but is important to keep in mind while choosing a free theme.

  3. Responsive theme
  4. Responsive themes always come with a user-friendly installation where your blog/site adapts itself in accordance with the user’s display resolution like PC, mobile phones, tablet, or iPad. Because of the increasing interest of users in mobile phones and ipads, responsive themes are more versatile for better business growth. An amazing feature of responsive themes is that they allow you to save the look and style of your blog or site when viewed on any type of screen.

  5. Premium themes:
  6. Premium WordPress themes need to be purchased. They have better features as compared to free ones. The foremost important aspect that makes premium themes unique is the customer assistance from the support team. They have greater functionality, navigations, and inbuilt plugins. The presence of their robust features leads to the increasing demand for premium themes in the market. This has actually made the purchase of this type of theme more affordable. There are several web owners that offer well-designed premium themes with proper coding, SEO friendly that is good for blogs and similar websites. Several publishers have released these outstanding premium themes like themescaliber for their excellent performances.

    Apart from the theme classification, there are so many advantages provided by WordPress themes.

Advantages of WordPress Themes

  1. WP themes are Cost Effective; Gone are the days when making a site will cost you a huge amount of money. WordPress planning and improvement are really cost effective. Likewise, the upkeep and support cost is moderately cheaper as you can do it without anyone’s help, whenever you have to refresh the content of your site.
  2. You can refresh your site anywhere. If you choose to create WordPress Theme Website, you can roll out improvements to your webpage anywhere you access the Internet.
  3. They are SEO friendly. Sites assembled utilizing WP has straightforward and steady codes making them perfect for Google ordering. Website design enhancement parts for each page can likewise be redone giving you full control on which pages you need to rank high in web indexes (i.e. You can focus your SEO campaigns around high converting pages).
  4. They provide helpful syndication. This is a very proficient approach to acquire inbound connects to your site. Each time you post another blog section, it can consequently go to an RSS channel, making it less demanding for others to collect your content crosswise over indexes and different sites.
  5. Responsive website designs are never again an alternative, however, an unquestionable requirement. When you utilize a WordPress web design, you consequently get the advantage of responsive web innovation without the need to create separate sites for different devices.
  6. Update the capabilities of your site easily. Adding new highlights and functionalities can be to a great degree of loading for customary sites, particularly those that are made utilizing refined stages. This is the correct inverse for WordPress-based locales. There are modules that you can introduce which regularly make only three strides. Further, the WordPress team is extremely dynamic and relatively report the best practices.

Tips to use WordPress Themes

Most of the WordPress themes have several customization options. If these options are not programmed wisely, then it will become a very tedious task for you to change the customizations or operate plugins. To overcome these issues, following are some tips that can help you to use these themes wisely.

  1. Try out for some simplicity
  2. WordPress themes come with complex designs, colours and glitzy animations. You may need all such aspects but in most cases, you don’t. You can search for a theme that meets your requirements without adjusting your simplicity and functionality.

  3. It is obligatory for being responsive
  4. Responsive themes adjust their designs across different displays or devices. This will give rise to the meaningful web traffic that is generated from handheld or mobile devices.

  5. Keep compatibility with all the search engines
  6. You may get many users who opt to use different search engines. Hence your WordPress theme should be compatible with all the search engines. This tuning between your theme and search engines is very important for your business; else all of your efforts will go waste.

  7. Practice WordPress Plugins
  8. The plugins provided by WordPress are the real heroes for WordPress themes. With the help of these plugins, you will get a greater flexibility for better customizations and functionality of WordPress themes. So you need to try hard to get as many WordPress plugins as possible. Some of these include Yoast SEO, Gravity forms W3 total cache.

  9. Page builders
  10. Page builders are the plugins on WordPress that help you to build different page designs for using a drag and drop interfaces for its users. Some of the themes come with these inbuilt page builders. Specifically, they are used by developers only. These builders are created for landing page only as it produces codes. Hence having knowledge of page builders is very important.

    These tips will help you while working with WordPress.

    Let’s Wrap up

    Use WordPress themes to make the most out of WordPress. These themes will be helpful in creating a brand for yourself and can also dignify your writing talent. WordPress themes have become an influential and easy to use platform. These are established to serve as an ideal Content Management System (CMS) for businesses or any individual organization to manage their site content.

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