Best Free Interior Designer WordPress Themes For Websites

February 08, 2022
Best Free Interior Designer WordPress Themes

Creative work needs creative websites and so does the interior designing business. To make your search easier for professional and Most Popular WordPress Themes, we have compiled a list of some of the best free interior designer WordPress themes. Most people have the misconception that building a professional website requires a lot of money, time, and effort. However, Free WordPress themes have succeeded in changing this perception to some extent as they bring a free readymade professional layout for creating websites. But as a matter of fact, you should understand that the target audience is always willing to work with highly skilled and professionally excelled service providers. To represent your business online, make sure your website shows a similar level of professionalism.

For such highly professional websites, you should only pick the best themes. The themes listed below have features that rival paid themes and allow you to create websites that compete with them. Moreover, you can use premade skins as-is or modify them a little to fit your needs.

Here Is A list of the Best Free Interior Designer WordPress Themes

1. Free Furniture Interior WordPress Theme

Free Furniture interior WordPress theme

Furniture Interior is a brilliant work from Themescaliber as this theme has a stunning design focusing on the furniture and interior decor business. Moreover, a good professional website is just a few steps away, using this intricately crafted theme has got all the key elements that will help you make your website just like the one created by professional web developers. It is an exceedingly stylish theme following the best coding practices ensuring a fabulous performance of your website. Moreover, its codes are SEO-friendly in design to help you make it to the top search engine results.

Embracing technical developments, developers have tried their level best to bring a theme that follows all the latest trends and has a catchy design that can impress your visitors. With beautiful content spaces included, you don’t have to worry about showing several business aspects as the various sections of this theme are going to do that for you by default. Social media options are also there that will help you to cover a lot of ground since you can link the posts or images to various social media accounts of yours and promote your business on a bigger level. We have created a blog on furniture design WordPress themes, especially for those looking for awesome themes for their furniture business. Visit our blog on the Best Free WordPress Furniture Design Themes to download in 2022 for some cool and modern designs.

Key Features:

  1. Social media integration
  2. SEO optimized design
  3. WPML and RTL compliance

2. Free Interior Designs WordPress Theme

Free interior designs WordPress theme

Free Interior Design WordPress Theme is proving to be a great solution for your online business endeavors. It is one of the best free interior designer WordPress themes bringing modern solutions for modern-day interior designers. Home decorators, interior designing professionals, interior furniture, and decorative companies are going to love what this theme’s layout has to offer. The default layout of the theme looks so good as it blends really well with the colors and imagery perfectly complimenting each other. Catchy animations enhance the theme's visual appeal, which makes the overall website appear more lively.

It comes with a beautiful slider that lets visitors see your work more prominently. Moreover, there are some call-to-action buttons (CTAs) to improve conversions. These will also allow visitors to explore more about your business and take the necessary steps. Optimized HTML codes are introduced into the theme as they will greatly help in making your website streamlined and work with tremendous loading speed. The cross-browser-compatible design of this theme also makes your website work phenomenally well across the various popular web browsers.

Key Features:

  1. Optimized HTML codes
  2. Cross-browser compatibility
  3. Compatible with the latest WordPress versions

3. Free Township Lite WordPress Theme

Free township lite wordpress theme

You won’t believe that Township Lite is a free theme because it is so very intricately crafted. Architectural firms, interior designers, township builders and developers, construction business owners as well as builders will like the content spaces this theme brings to business websites. The color scheme and imagery are absolutely stunning and will find it conducive to marking the growth of your business. With all the elements being ready to use, there is hardly any need for you to add something additional or make any tweaks to the existing layout. However, there are options made available for you to add your own twist.

All this can be done without implementing any new codes and this is such a great relief for novices as they will be able to design their own website without worrying about the coding part. Because developers have brought a highly streamlined design that works well on several web browsers and does not cause any lag. This will highly impress the visitors of your website giving them a superb online experience. Plenty of social media options are also included so that you can reach out to a broader audience base and make a difference in your business by improving sales.

Key Features:

  1. User-friendly interface
  2. Highly optimized design
  3. Social media integration

4. Free InteriorWP Theme

Free interior wp theme

To push your services as an interior designer online and give you a professional web appearance, you will find InteriorWP extremely suitable. In order to take your business to the next level, it has got all the elements right. All sorts of interior designing firms, design agencies, professional architects, interior decor product manufacturers, and those who have adopted interior designing work as a freelancing work are going to love the design aesthetics this free theme brings. A professional website gives more business exposure and considering this fact developers have also included all the elements that will make your business get the desired place online.

Advanced codes are included in the design that will result in a much-improved performance. These codes also work fabulously for your website’s SEO. With a lightweight design that is quick to load and easy to customize on a few fronts, you will get a fantastic website that can help you achieve your business goals. You can still add more features to your website even though many inbuilt features exist. InteriorWP has a responsive and mobile-friendly design making the website appear absolutely stunning on any device your audience prefers to use.

Key Features:

  1. Mobile-friendly design
  2. Woocommerce compatible
  3. Supports plugins

5. Free Kokoro Interior WordPress Theme

kokoro interior wordpress theme

If you are searching for the best Free WordPress Themes for interior designer's websites, you have Kokoro Interior. Its design is absolutely stunning and has got plenty of elements that will give you the desired website. This theme has also got the potential to deliver highly functional websites that will completely change your perspective on website designing as it does not demand any coding skills from you. On the contrary, you will get many inbuilt functionalities that are handy for creating desired web presence online. The sophisticated design that it brings is going to give you the easiest way in which you will be able to get the desired web presence that will make your web presence count.

They feature a responsive and mobile-friendly design. Kokoro Interior has everything interior designers, architects, as well as professionals related to home decor will like. Considering this fact, developers have included a few customization options to help you get the look you're after. There are plenty of choices given for adjusting the colors as well as fonts. So depending on the content type you want to publish on the website, you can try various fonts.

Key Features:

  1. User-friendly design
  2. Font options
  3. Easy customization

6. Free InteriorPress WordPress Theme

Interior press wp theme

InteriorPress is the name that you will often find in the list of best free interior designer WordPress themes. The design itself speaks volumes about why this theme is one of the best ones. Architects, professionals related to interior designing and house decor, civil engineers, interior designing consultants as well as businesses that are relevant to this niche are going to find this theme absolutely well worth their interest and investment. Moreover, a dark layout best complements the imagery that you add to the background. It will make your website speak volumes about the quality interior design work you do.

Developers will optimize the coding to help your website appear in the top ranks well in advance. As they already take care of the SEO aspect. Having translation-ready features is a must these days and this theme takes care of that too. Since the powerful Bootstrap 4 framework is being used, your website is going to be lightweight and easy to customize. With many free plugins and add-ons supporting the design, there isn’t any need to add new codes in case you want to add something extra to your website. More animations are added to the design making your website look the best.

Key Features:

  1. Woocommerce compatibility
  2. Easily customizable
  3. SEO friendly

7. Free Interior Lite WordPress theme

Free interior lite wordpress theme

Interior Lite is a top-class free theme for firms and companies that are looking to push their interior decor products online. Your website will appear top-class and perform outstandingly across various devices with this theme. With a design accessible in any browser, this theme also features cross-browser compatibility. The theme also offers customization options to make adjustments to the design. You don't need any coding skills to make changes.

The tests and imagery can be decided by you along with the colors also that allow you to add your twist to the design. With detailed theme documentation explaining every single stuff regarding the theme, users will never find the need to rush to a developer for help. Our code optimization for search engines will also help your site rank higher across search engines. With the plugin compatibility feature, you'll be able to add features to your website much faster.

Key Features:

  1. Responsive and mobile-friendly
  2. Plugin compatible
  3. Multi-browser support


This amazing collection of the best free interior designer WordPress themes is going to help you to make a huge difference in your business by bringing you a sophisticated online presence. Each of these themes is embedded with some really outstanding design aesthetics and useful features. Thanks to such themes, by themes caliber and other sites. Now, your website would not just be a simple web space for your business but a highly professional space where you can display your services and work professionally. In case you are interested in more advanced, feature-rich themes, you can check out themes caliber's WordPress Theme Bundle.

This theme Bundle gives you an online appearance that is way more sorted and looks like designed by an experienced developer. The themes are at par when compared to others. Not only are they technically competent, but their plugin compatibility allows them to have any feature you wish. Working with these themes is exceptionally easy and at the same time, there isn’t any prior coding experience needed. With all sorts of elements inbuilt, you can look upon these themes as a great choice to begin your online venture with. More themes related to interior designing websites offering a professional as well as a strong online presence can be found in our detailed blog on the Best Free Interior Design WordPress Themes.