6 Best WordPress eCommerce Plugins For Your Online Store

June 24, 2024
6 Best WordPress eCommerce Plugins For Your Online Store

Best WordPress Ecommerce plugins are the life savior for eCommerce websites. They provide an extension of functionality to your site and will blow your mind with their stunning features. Building an eCommerce website might be a strenuous task for some people. Still, you need not worry because these best plugins for an eCommerce website will take over all the workload.

What Do These WordPress eCommerce Plugins Offer?

WordPress eCommerce plugins have all the necessary features required for your site. They can easily transform your site into a virtual store within minutes. But are you confused about which plugin would be the right for your business website? Don’t worry. Here you will find the top eCommerce plugins with the information on what to look for before adding a plugin to your site. These plugins come with all the essential features, including shopping cart functionality, a product management system, and a checkout system. Other features include payment integration, where they support more payment gateway options. 

For adding more functionality to your site, these plugins come with product types feature where you can categorize different products and make your site well-organized. This is not it, and these plugins also allow add-ons to your site where you can integrate more functional plugins like email marketing and analysis to grow your business; before buying or installing a plugin, check whether it gives a support forum or not.  All the features mentioned above can be considered before opting for a WordPress eCommerce plugin for your site. Let’s discuss the top 6 plugins and their features in more detail without further ado. 

6 Best WordPress eCommerce Plugins In 2022

WooCommerce Plugin 

WooCommerce WordPress eCommerce plugin is the most popular plugin used by millions of users around the globe as it offers nearly every feature required for your website. It provides plenty of eCommerce features for you to build a professional-looking and fully-functional eCommerce store. Though it offers all the necessary features, you can anytime extend its functionality by adding other plugins to your site. Its setup wizard will guide you set up an eCommerce store with just the following few steps, and your website will be ready to sell online products and services. You can categorize your products as physical, digital, and premium products with this WooCommerce plugin making it more flexible and versatile. 

It offers a block format where you can categorize products in various categories like newly launched products, best-selling products, and much more. You can add this feature to any product or website page. This plugin is compatible with any WordPress theme installed on your website. In other words, it works seamlessly on your website providing useful features hand in hand. Its shopping cart functionality lets the customers conveniently add products to their cart, and you can easily earn revenue whenever they shop. With this plugin, you don’t need an additional SEO plugin to achieve greater ranks on search engines.

Key Features:

  • Setup wizard
  • Categorization of products
  • Block format
  • Shopping cart 
  • High SEO rankings and much more.

Ecommerce Product Catalog Plugin

The eCommerce product catalog plugin is the finest multi-functional best WordPress plugin for eCommerce sites. It provides everything you need to create a responsive WordPress website and increase your conversion rates. This plugin can easily turn any website into an eCommerce store within minutes. The optimum feature of this plugin is that you can create a well-structured product catalog with eCommerce functionality. This plugin can be customized greatly and is compatible with any WordPress theme. Working with an eCommerce product catalog plugin is a simple task. What do you want more? When it provides easy product display, customizable product displays, filters on products, an easy product search option, allows integration of other plugins, and a lot more. 

It provides a web store to display your product catalog where customers can buy products directly through your website. You can use a block editor to edit product entries and write descriptions if you are a beginner or a professional. You can also define grid layouts, wherein comes with modern grid layout, classic grid, and classic list layouts. It comes with detailed documentation and a beautiful design. It provides ready support to its users. This freemium plugin is arrived with its latest updates and has 10,000+ active installations. It comes with a multi-lingual feature to spread and connect with people worldwide. 

Key Features:

  • Product catalog compatibility
  • Displays unlimited products
  • SEO friendly design
  • Catalog settings
  • Built-in design tool and much more.

Studiocart plugin 

Studiocart is a powerful plugin that is very useful for selling different products or categories of products on a single site. These WordPress eCommerce plugins will help you achieve what you desire. This securely coded plugin utilizes a unique plugin dashboard. It will show you a comprehensive report and complete details about your store's performance and conversion rates. You can anytime customize your site the way you want. It provides multiple product options, display options, and digital downloads. Adding products is made simpler. You don’t need to go through the long process of listing products. However, you can add product details from a sidebar popup that provides a great user experience. 

It supports many payment options, including PayPal, stripe, square, and many others. You can customize the plugin using the settings panel, providing you with various configuration options, including various tools like design tools, where you can change colors, add product details and cart designs, customize the product page, and many more. With this plugin, you can connect with more and more people by adding buyers to your mailing lists. This creates easy email marketing and helps you always update your buyers with new launches. 

Key Features:

  • Thank You pages
  • Product launch automation
  • Customizable
  • Plenty of payment options
  • Add buyers to the mailing list and much more.

Surecart plugin 

Surecart is the best eCommerce plugin for WordPress and one of the most popular plugins. This plugin can be used to sell digital services like online courses, subscriptions, and different kinds of services, accept donations, and much more. It is one of the most widely used eCommerce plugins, as it offers nearly every feature required to set up your website. The best part of this plugin is that it is speed optimized so that your site doesn’t lag in providing great services to the customers. It will aid in boosting your presence on the internet space. It offers some comprehensive features as it supports multiple payment options to make it easier for your visitors to pay at their convenience. 

Payment options include popular payment gateways like stripe, PayPal, Google pay, etc. As this is a digital store plugin, we have integrated various other payment options where you can be paid through subscriptions, installments, donations, one-time payments, and much more. Your customers will be free to change their data and renew a subscription plan effortlessly. You can create as many checkout forms as you want. They are fully customizable and easy to use. The best part of this plugin is that it is very different from other eCommerce plugins, as they use WooCommerce as their plugin. Still, Surecart is an eCommerce open-source management system that is newly launched and provides essential features to its users. As a result of these features, this theme is among the best WordPress eCommerce Plugins.

Key Features:

  • Multiple payment options
  • Customizable checkout forms
  • Coupon discounts
  • Slide-out cart
  • Seamless design
  • Full-time customer support and a lot more.

Ecwid eCommerce Shopping Cart Plugin

The Ecwid eCommerce shopping cart plugin is a great solution for your online business store. This is one of the best WordPress eCommerce plugins that work well on your website, where it provides various social media icons to share your business on various social media platforms. This plugin will turn your website into an eCommerce store within minutes. Ecwid plugin comes with all the dashboard and configuration panels that offer product management, payment configuration, and sales channel. Earn more revenue with its built-in Google ads configuration panel, where you can set up an advertising campaign or select a Google ad package. 

Accepting payments is super easy with this plugin. It supports multiple payment options like Amazon, eBay, and square. Also, it accepts bank transfers as well as cash on delivery. This free, freemium plugin offers ultimate features and functions and has a premium plan for additional functionality as required. Ecwid comes with a responsive design that works seamlessly on any device and adapts to your customer's style. Ecwid offers unlimited storage, timely updates, and backups. If you opt for this plugin, you will be stress-free, as your data will be safe inside its secure servers. What do you need more? When you get so many amazing and useful features with a free plugin that also offers free updates to newly launched features and threat fixing automatically.  

Key Features:

  • Panel integration to WordPress
  • Built-in Google ads panel
  • Free plugin with useful and advanced features
  • Unlimited storage, timely updates, and automatic backups
  • Responsive design and much more.

Easy Digital Downloads Plugin

Adding a final option to our list of fastest free WordPress themes, we have Easy digital. The easy digital download plugin is the best plugin for eCommerce websites and is best suitable for selling digital products. This plugin lets you easily sell digital products like ebooks, music, and other software. You can also sell software with a different version. In short, customers can select and buy a specific version of that software. Customers can also do bundle downloads where they can purchase a group of products at an allotted price in a single click. You get a demo importer to launch the plugin with a single click on your website. You can check the progress of your website with the help of a built-in analytics feature from the dashboard to see reports like earnings, downloads, payment options used, and much more. 

Also, you can track your customer behavior on your site, like what and how many purchases a customer has made, how much time they spent on your site, and much more. The plugin supports numerous payment gateways like PayPal, amazon pay, stripe, and many others. You can also add more payment options at your convenience. This freemium theme offers all the essential features of a digital store website. Still, you want to extend its functionality anytime. In that case, you can grab the premium version of this plugin. It has simple yet powerful features to embed into your eCommerce WordPress website. 

Key Features:

  • Shopping cart
  • Plenty payment options
  • Customer management panel
  • Built-in transaction report
  • Extension option to add functionality and much more.


WordPress eCommerce plugins simplify running a virtual store as they provide all the essential features to incorporate into your website. We hope the plugins gave you enough information about what the plugin is and what it provides. Though all the best WordPress plugins for eCommerce sites provide essential features according to which site it is installed and used, it is up to you to pick the best one. All the plugins discussed here come with a freemium version which means it provides all the necessary features for free. Still, suppose you want to extend the functionality. In that case, you can anytime opt for its premium version at a very affordable cost. 

WordPress Theme Bundle

WordPress Theme Bundle is the best choice as it offers the benefits of multiple themes at such an affordable cost. Before you opt for any theme bundle, search whether the themes in the bundle offer useful features and are not packed with features that are of no use, affecting your website’s loading speed. You have access to all the stunning themes, making it hassle-free when you have multiple business websites to grow.

When you buy a WordPress theme bundle from a reputed company, it offers some astonishingly valuable and useful features where you don’t need to get into the coding section. Also, you can change the look and the theme's features in that bundle whenever you wish. Buy our updated and premium WordPress theme bundle at just $99, and we assure you to offer great user support and timely updates all in one place.