WordPress Cache Plugins To Speed Up Your Website

April 06, 2022
WordPress Cache Plugins – Speed Up Your Website

Whenever someone visits your website, the first thing that comes to mind is how we can engage the user. We can let them know about the various aspects of our website. The user will automatically engage with the site if the load time is very fast because the various offerings of the website will appeal to the user. Having a slow website will cause you to lose more visitors. By using WordPress cache plugins, you can enhance your WordPress website in the fastest and most efficient manner. The purpose of this article is to inform you how you can improve the speed of your website by using best plugins.  

What Is A WordPress Cache Plugins?

Responsive WordPress Themes works more efficiently with caching plugins. Whenever a visitor accesses a page on your website, the content is generated dynamically. This means that there is a lot of work going on behind the scenes, including multiple database queries and code executions.

By using a WordPress cache plugins, you'll be able to reduce the steps that are involved in generating dynamically generated pages. As a result, your visitors will experience faster page loading times. A cache plugin is necessary to improve the performance of your WordPress site and increase user satisfaction.

Do I Need A Caching Plugin With WordPress?

The advantage of caching is that it reduces the load on your WordPress hosting server and speeds up your website. To improve the speed and performance of your WordPress website, you must have a proper caching setup.

It is easier for users to navigate a faster website and they will visit more pages. This will also increase engagement and the duration of time users spend on your site.

By optimizing your website for speed, you increase organic traffic to your website. Google gives faster websites a significant advantage in search results, helping them rank higher. Therefore you must have a WordPress cache plugins on your WordPress site. To get your website up and running faster, let's take a look at the best WordPress caching plugins.

Do I Need A Cache Plugin?

Yes, caching plugins create static HTML pages of your website and store them on your server. Whenever someone visits your website, your caching plugin serves up a lighter HTML version instead of WordPress's PHP scripts which are comparatively heavier.

Which Cache Plugin Is Best For WordPress?

There is a huge number of WordPress Cache Best WordPress Form Builder Plugins that are used by different wp users. The majority of the plugins among them substantially enhance the page loading time. A few examples of the popular WordPress cache plugins are W3 Total Cache, WP Super Cache, OPcache, and Autoptimize. These are the Best WordPress Cache plugins 2022. Let's see them in detail!

1. W3 Total Cache

W3 Total caches use different types of techniques to enhance performance. It utilizes the feature of page caching to increase the speed of the site. Minification of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript is performed. It has other facilities too like it uses ETags for Browser Caching, and gzip compression and it also has the for CDN i.e. Content Distribution Network. Using all these techniques W3TC fastens the speed of the WordPress Site.

The Setup of the W3 Total Cache is simple and easy. You can follow the below Guidelines to Configure the Plugin.

  • First, go to plugins that can be navigated through the available menus in the WordPress dashboard.
  • After that click on the Installed Plugins.
  • Then Find the W3 total cache.
  • Click on settings.
  • After scrolling down the page, just enable next to the Minify, Page Cache and Browser Cache.
  • Lastly, click on the Save all Settings Button.

In short, it should be like the following path.

  • Plugins >> Installed Plugins >> W3 Total Cache >> Settings >> Enabling Page Cache, Browser cache and Minify >> Save all settings.

It should be noted that if you are using shared hosting then you should not enable all the available caches at the same time. In short, you should avoid selecting toggle off all the caching types on or off at once. The main reason behind this is that if Database caching and Object Caching is on then they both will activate the resource usage spikes, which will definitely not improve the speed of the page. So, if you are using a Dedicated or VPS Server for hosting your WordPress Website then only you can enable these Caches.

2. OPcache

Another WordPress cache Plugins that speeds up the site is OPcache. It is one of the best cache plugin for WordPress. It clears all the cache after upgrading. OPcache stores the compiled PHP code in the memory. This Code is used to reduce the load on the website. OPcache is packed up with PHP (above 5.5) and supports both file and memory caching. The plugin stores the script bytecode in shared memory which improves PHP performance.

  • To flush the OPcache you just have to click on the Flush PHP OPcache button. After this, the notification related to the flushed cache will get appear.
  • To check additional options like General settings, statistics, etc. that are provided by the plugins, you can navigate through the settings. Click on Settings then find WP OPcache and click on it.
  • In General Settings, you will get an option to automatically flush the cache. From the top navigation menu bar, you can also precompile PHP files and remove the OPcache button.
  • You can check configuration, Scripts, and memory status from the statistics menu.
  • Just after doing the necessary changes, you can click on the Save Changes button to apply the Changes.

3. WP Fastest Cache

Among all WordPress cache plugins, WP Fastest Cache is the most highly rated. WP Fastest Cache's free version offers a number of advanced features. This plugin allows site administrators to delete all cached and minified CSS and JS files, or schedule them for deletion at a particular time. In addition, they can turn on or off the cache option for mobile devices and logged-in users by checking a box on the settings page.

Other free cache plugins like W3 Total Cache only minify HTML and CSS files. WP Fastest Cache combines them to make your website code cleaner and faster. Even more, functionality is available with the premium version, including minifying JavaScript files, eliminating render-blocking JavaScript resources, and lazy loading.

4. WP Super Cache

The WP Super Cache plugin is a free plugin by Automattic. The most downloaded cache plugin from the WordPress directory has over two million active installations. There are three caching modes in this plugin. The fastest mode is "Expert" but requires you to modify your .htaccess. However, the .htaccess file may not work for all users - particularly since a mistake can bring the entire website down.

Therefore, WP Super Cache provides a "Simple" mode. This mode generates static HTML files, which most visitors will see. You can also use WP-Cache to serve custom cached files to visitors who are logged in, viewing password-protected pages, or who have left comments.

5. Hummingbird

With Hummingbird, you get similar features to those offered by the cache plugins above, including browser caching, GZIP compression, CSS and JavaScript minification and deferral, the removal of render-blocking resources, as well as lazy loading for images, comments, and longer posts.

Hummingbird offers a unique feature: it scans your website, finds files that are slowing it down, and provides tips and fixes. It even provides some one-click options, such as optimizing CSS and JavaScript, minifying styles and scripts, and deferring CSS and JavaScript. With this, you can boost the speed of your website.

With the premium version, you get even more advanced capabilities, including automated scanning, uptime monitoring, enhanced minify compression, and CDN-hosted minification.

There are many more WordPress Cache Plugins that can be used to speed up your website. The majority of the Plugins have similar ways of Installation and similar ways of modifications in settings. You just have to choose the best.


All WordPress websites, whether it is simple or advanced, whether it is big or small, no matter how it is, but all these sites should utilize the WordPress cache Plugins to enhance and speed up the performance of their site. This will not only improve the visitor’s user experience but will also encourage and motivate them to come back to their site. It will in short help the user drive heavy traffic to the website. You can choose any WordPress caching plugin, at last, they all will offer you faster loading time and will enhance the performance of the site. The speed of the website is like a prestige to you, don’t stagnate it otherwise no user will ever visit your site. So, start using WordPress Cache Plugins and make a wonderful impression on your visitors. 

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