Reseller Vs Shared Hosting - Which Is Best For WordPress

March 08, 2022
reseller vs shared hosting

While managing a WordPress website, you have to make some decisions. But you won’t always know what you want or what’s suitable for you. In such a confusing state, you might make the wrong choice. But here we are to help you choose right! One such confusing decision is choosing between reseller vs shared hosting. Both of them provide an additional layer of ownership which gives more administrative power than the middlemen. Let’s see reseller vs shared hosting individually to make an informed decision.

Reseller VS Shared Hosting


It is more convenient for freelance web developers. Freelancers use it to make products for other clients while managing their own host. If you are an aspiring business person with several different startup ideas, you can use Reseller and get effective results.

As you know reseller is known for multitasking. Reseller hosting is a good choice because it lets you purchase the required bandwidth along with server resources. It will delineate the same to client websites as per your preference.

The reseller hosting will give you greater control over server settings and domain as well. With this, you will be acting as a host for several domains. By using a reseller host you will be able to set up your own hosting agency.

Shared Hosting

This can be a good option for small businesses, individual owners, or beginners. To get started with shared hosting you just need to get registered for an account and do whatever is needed.

Shared hosting splits various resources between the registered members. You can also go ahead with the email setup and other important features for your website.

When it comes to controlling panels Reseller and shared hosting both have their preferences. For reseller host, you will have to use WHM control and for shared hosting, you will have to use cPanel.

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Let’s Take A Look At Reseller Vs Shared Hosting Panels Closely


By choosing shared hosting you chose cPanel to be your control panel. It will enable you to have some kind of control over your website. It will even allow you to gain management control over your domains, emails, FTP, and SHP.

cPanel will also allow you to install other soft-wares. You can install WordPress and Magneto to make your website stand out. With having shared hosting you can get a cPanel license as well. This will open the box of magical features of cPanel.


If you choose a reseller host then you will have to deal with WHM as a control panel. Believe us when we say it’s an updated version of cPanel. It has better control over domains, bandwidth, and everything that makes your website better.

WHM stands for Web Host Manager. With the help of this, you can create a reseller account, set addresses, take admin control, set server alerts and custom features as well. You will be able to limit the bandwidth of usage of your users.

After control panels, you may ask about the number of websites you can run on each host. Let’s dig into that!

Shared hosting will enable you to use it on only one website. If you have a basic plan for shared hosting, you will be able to host only a single site. You will find several hosting companies online to help you. Companies like Bluehost, Hostgator will allow you to operate more than one website. But obviously, they charge high and premium for that.

The reseller host can allow you to host more than one site. With this host, you can operate several websites and offer interesting and innovative deals. You can relocate resources as you please and use personal names for servers. This will effectively streamline business operations.

Not only this, using a reseller as a host will help you spot the server quickly. Using personal names for servers will help you with it. It will also ensure fast loading speed for your clients. By using this you will have better control over your domain.

The security for both reseller vs shared hosting has some pros and cons. They both work well and give the best results. You only need to figure out your preferences and choose accordingly.    

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