Top Reasons To Choose WordPress To Build Your Website

March 19, 2022
reasons to choose WordPress

A trend-setter, vogue platform, started with blogging space but now acquired a safe place as a powerful website builder and a secure content management system (CMS). A system that is easy to use, guarded, and attractive. There are many reasons to choose WordPress to build your website. With the help of themes, you can easily create a professional-looking website. Moreover, all these New WordPress Themes are regularly updated. Even big organizations and corporate houses are joining the tribe of WordPress for the plethora of benefits it comprises. 

Why Should We Choose WordPress?

The first version of WordPress was released on 27 May 2003, but WordPress has evolved into much more than a blogging tool. With it, you can build your website and manage your content from a single interface. The best part about WordPress is its ease of use and flexibility, due to which you can create different types of business blog websites with it. This factor has made WordPress increasingly popular.

What Is The Significance Of WordPress?

WordPress has been the most popular platform in recent years because it is one of the easiest for non-developers to build a professional-looking website. Users can easily create websites with WordPress thanks to its integrations, plugins, tools, and features. Over 40% of websites on the web are powered by WordPress, from large to small organizations to personal websites. Using WordPress is simpler and more accessible than most other content management systems. Everyone can build a robust and easy-to-manage website with just a few mouse clicks.

Let’s Take A Look At Reasons To Choose WordPress In Detail

1. WordPress Is Absolutely Free

This software is free to download, install, use and modify as per the need. You can create any type of website using WordPress. This is one of the primary and important reasons to choose WordPress for the website. It only requires a few basic things to start with like the domain name and web hosting. Once you have your domain name and host to cater to your website, you are good to start creating your website on WordPress.

2. WordPress Is Easy To Customize

You are not supposed to be a web designer or programmer to create your website on WordPress. As mentioned above, it is a user-friendly platform, and even without having any design knowledge, one can try their hands on WordPress. It has ample free and premium WordPress Themes and templates to choose from and start from. The WordPress choose themes are easy to customize because of their in-built features.

They have all the options to change the background colors, upload logos, and pictures, and whatever you want to make your website attractive and SEO-friendly. Above all, Users can add plugins to make the websites more interactive and to know the traffic details on the website.

Just like free WordPress themes, WordPress has free plugins too. Though they have premium plugins, for which users are supposed to pay but free plugins are as good as the paid ones. These plugins and themes give an enticing look and feel to the websites.

3. WordPress Is SEO-Friendly

The coding of WordPress is done under standard compliances, which is compatible with Google and other search engines. This should be among one of the salient reasons to choose WordPress. Because search engines love the site, there are chances to rank your website higher than websites created on other platforms. WordPress itself has an SEO plugin to help you write and optimize the quality blogs and write-ups for the website.

4. WordPress Is Easily Manageable

WordPress comes with an in-built update system, which helps you to update the plugins and themes of your website; too easily via your admin dashboard. It keeps on notifying you about new versions so that you can update the website as and when required. WordPress also provides a backup plugin to protect your data from hacking.

5. WordPress Is Absolutely Safe

There are umpteen reasons to choose WordPress for website building and one of the strongest reasons is its high level of security. It is developed around security to accord a completely safe platform for your website.

6. WordPress Can Handle Any Type Of Media

You can upload the intended images, video files, and audio to your website and create dynamic content. WordPress supports embedded YouTube, Instagram, and other videos too. It gives ample reasons to choose WordPress among other options to make the website interactive and dynamic.

7. WordPress Is An Open Source Platform

This means you are free to add and modify the plugins given the fact that the modification will be approved by the WordPress community. According to your need, you can do changes in coding also, if you have coding knowledge. Minor changes will be done in no time whereas major will take some time to get approved.

8. WordPress Is Stalwart

WordPress is launched many years back in 2003 keeping in mind the number of tech-savvy people at that time. Initially, it was popular among bloggers for its easy and user-friendly operations. Slowly with the demand of time, WordPress has evolved as one of the major CMS (content management system) platforms, wherein you will find thousands of websites including the big corporate names. Websites made on WordPress don’t need frequent updates and maintenance.

9. WordPress Has Community Support

It is one of the major reasons to choose WordPress because many people use it now regardless of their field and knowledge. They create their own website by choosing WordPress themes. It gives a hassle-free experience to beginners. A huge crowd has started using WordPress for their commercial and personal purposes. WordPress has a community forum to support everyone as and when required.

10. WordPress Makes The Dynamic And Interactive Website

WordPress has many dynamic tools and add-ons which allow you to create a website as if created by a professional programmer or developer. Content creation and giving it a decorative format is as easy as clicking a button. It helps writers to write the way google and other search engines want to write and create effective and creative content.

11. WordPress Have The Affordable Experts

You can easily find people to write for your WordPress website and also to manage the website. There are so many well-trained developers and SEO consultants who deal in WordPress websites on daily basis. They know their work, how to choose a theme on WordPress and how to create an SEO-friendly article. You just need to hire them and that too without spending hefty amounts on them.

12. WordPress Gives Better Customer Experience

Your website should not only be user-friendly for you to create it but also for the readers to read it. People will spend time on your page only if they can operate it smoothly. Anybody who is lending on your page needs compatible content with easy-to-walk-through functioning. Your website will have every such bit and piece if you choose WordPress.

Every big and small houses require a good website and content management system. It is good for you, if you’ve had a problematic website that was not able to attract traffic to your page, then switch to WordPress. As mentioned above, you have myriad reasons to choose WordPress for blogging and content creation. It will divert organic traffic to your page without paying a hefty amount to google and other search engines.

Paid campaigns can give you a little traffic but that will not last for a longer duration and then you have a higher bounce rate. however, To keep the bounce rate lower, you need loyal a genuine traffic. A bunch of people, who are actually interested in your product or blog.

To attract such a crowd and then grab their attention for a longer time span you need a performing website. An effective website that will engage your readers to deeper into your website and will encourage them to continue with their visits.

The website is also responsible for attracting and grabbing the visitor's attention, not just the writer or blogger. Writers only create content, but even the best-crafted content can be wasted if the website cannot deliver the desired experience.


So, you have so many above-mentioned reasons to choose WordPress for your website and mark your online presence. Create a website in no time with all the features you want, and without spending a lot. The only thing you need for this free, secure, responsive, and customizable platform is your own console. Don't forget to check out our Responsive WordPress Themes for a kickstart on your business website in a professional way.