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June 24, 2024
Best Place To Purchase WordPress Themes | Themes Caliber
  • The best-selected theme must be responsive enough to fit on all screens. 
  • It must be compatible with useful plugins for better functionality. 
  • A website marks its place with all unique designs and features to use.
  • It must be integrated with SEO to secure higher SERP ranks. 
  • It should be compatible to be accessed on all browser types.
  • Lastly, it is important to note down the ratings and reviews for a particular theme. 

Now, let us dive into some Top Purchasing WordPress Themes: 

1.Food Ordering WordPress Theme:

Wandering to take your food ordering services online? Get this modern Food Ordering WordPress Theme with excellent features. The theme is perfectly crafted for food trucks, street food cafes and restaurants. You can get this premium and design a spacious website at $39 only. It makes a striking impression on the new customers craving delicious dishes. Also, you can provide home delivery services and reach out to the client’s place. It lets you use a unique range of features and designs. 

The elementor page builder has a key to website design providing custom widgets. This further helps to design reliable web pages with custom options to place. The responsive layouts make your website transparent on all screens. The theme runs on the Bootstrap Framework, giving access to many web applications. It provides a gallery slider for displaying delightful food images. The Woocommerce plugin manages online food ordering and delivery services.

Theme Stats:

  • Downloads: 80+
  • Notable Features: Woocommerce compatible, no codes required. 
  • Best Suited for All types of Food businesses.
  • Price: Freemium (free version available with extended premium features at $39)

2.Advertising Agency WordPress Theme:

Are you trying to reach out to more clients for your niche business? You must engage a good advertising agency to do so. The Advertising Agency WordPress Theme is made to imply better promotions. The well-organized theme has a catchy range of templates for a professional website. A company acquires more attention from clients with an appealing design and functionality. The stylish theme design perfectly suits advertising agencies, digital agencies and others. It continues to provide the best functionality with third-party plugins. It uses a string of strong HTML codes keeping great performance in mind. Themes Caliber offers the best WordPress themes for beginners, making it the ultimate destination for purchase WordPress themes.

Further, the SEO integration helps to load the pages faster by boosting speed. This is a no-code theme as users don’t have to embed a single line of code. You get outstanding customization features to get the best of the website. Get your website promoted on standard social platforms using social media icons. Moreover, the drag-and-drop feature helps the website flourish with custom element placement.

Theme Stats:

  • Downloads: 300+
  • Notable Features: Responsive design, Advanced slider menus
  • Best Suited for Digital agencies and advertising agencies.
  • Price: Freemium (free version available with extended premium features at $39)

3.Electronics Gadgets WordPress Theme:

Want your electronics store feature on top marketplaces? You need to have a stronger online presence to attract clients. For this, the Electronics Gadgets WordPress Theme suits perfectly. The proceeds with easy installation at $39 only with custom features. It comes with robust templates and responsive layouts to shape the website. The free demo content helps to secure the website design in minutes without any codes. 

The theme design has an adaptive nature for electronics supermarkets and E-commerce stores. The theme runs on the professional Bootstrap Framework, opening doors for web apps. The Woocommerce compatibility provides a catchy gallery to display store products. It skillfully elevates the homepage with featured products. Also, it includes sections like landing pages, testimonials and newsletters. The plugin compatibility increases functionality and adds features as well. To make a more enticing impression, slider menus are available to make happen. Social media integration makes for better promotions.

Theme Stats:

  • Downloads: 300+ 
  • Notable Features: Mobile-friendly Design, Woocommerce compatible
  • Best Suited for All types of E-commerce stores. 
  • Price: Freemium (free version available with extended premium features at $39)

4.Shipment WordPress Theme:

The Shipment WordPress Theme is a clean theme for shipping services with a website. If you own a logistics company, this is your theme. It concludes with the best online services with trustworthy features. The theme can be easily obtained at $39 only. It has a tremendous range of templates to make your website noticeable. The most functional and advanced features are a way to run an online business. Also, the free demo content acquires prominent custom features for web development. The responsive nature of the theme makes it adjustable to all screens. Without any codes, you can design a website in less time.

At Themes Caliber, find the best WordPress templates for personal website, making it the ultimate destination for purchase WordPress themes

The Bootstrap Framework comes with strong codes to develop web applications. The enticing homepage layouts set a banger impression on clients with custom formatting. It includes an admin panel with sidebars, a video header and grid layouts to add. The mobile-friendly design holds easy access on all screens. Reliable web pages allow the addition of numerous elements using the drag-and-drop feature. For running a rolling online business, you must integrate the Woocommerce plugin.

Theme Stats:

  • Downloads: 700+ 
  • Notable Features: Easily customized, SEO optimization
  • Best Suited for: Movers and Packers, Shipping and Logistics companies. 
  • Price: Freemium (free version available with extended premium features at $39)

5.Feminine Style WordPress Theme:

This female-oriented theme is best suited for blogs and female-leading businesses at $39. The Feminine Style WordPress Theme gives the website a pleasant and feminist look. It manages to provide the most trendy and stylish traits for an impressive website. Especially for females, it holds the most appealing designs and features. It has a live theme customizer to make quick changes to the website. And the free demo content makes it easier for beginners to design a website. A quality range of templates enhances the website’s look with custom menus. Themes Caliber stands out as the best place to purchase WordPress themes, offering a diverse and high-quality selection for all website needs.

The elementor page builder lets you design beautiful web pages that go easy with custom options. Also, there is a call to action button for better conversion rates. The SEO integration sets higher standards in SERP ranks. Also, you get the most trendy features using third-party plugins. There are custom galleries to make your blogs a unique touch.

Theme Stats:

  • Downloads: 100+ 
  • Notable Features: Responsive Design, Elementor page builder compatible
  • Best Suited for Female-oriented businesses and blog websites. 
  • Price: Freemium (free version available with extended premium features at $39)

6.Travel Agent WordPress Theme:

Are you a travel agent and want to launch a personalized travel agency online? This is a theme through which you can make it happen. The Travel Agent WordPress Theme is available at $39 to grace your business. It implies the most responsive assets for a startup agency launch. Acquire new clients with innovative website design using free demo content. Adjacently, the theme goes easy for travel blogs and businesses. It conquers the best layouts to display every element in the blog with custom menus. The Woocommerce plugin implies creative galleries for a professional-looking travel blog. 

Also, it continues to provide a user-friendly interface suiting all screens. The elementor page builder further shapes the website with reliable web pages. It includes the addition of various elements using the drag and drops feature. For travel businesses, users can easily book their destinations with secure payments. You can make easy promotions with social media integration. 

Theme Stats:

  • Downloads: 300+
  • Notable Features: Advanced Gallery Slider, Custom Features to use.
  • Best Suited for All types of Travel businesses and blogs
  • Price: Freemium (free version available with extended premium features at $39)

7.Museum WordPress Theme:

Want to give your old museum a modish look with a website? The Museum WordPress Theme helps to reshape your old museum with perfect assets. Museum owners must approach this theme available at $39 only as they get modern aesthetics to design an online museum gallery. It helps to define the website with vibrant images and custom colours. You can manage online auctions and items for sale with the Woocommerce plugin. Discover the ultimate destination for premium WordPress themes – Themes Caliber, your best place to purchase WordPress themes for a seamless and stunning website design.

Users will find the most solitaire products displayed in a high-volt gallery slider. The elementor page builder keeps eyeing the perfect web pages with drag and drop. It has a graceful range of homepage layouts with custom options and admin panels. With this, owners can self-design the website without any codes. And to make their museum promoted well, we have social media icons to place.

Theme Stats:

  • Downloads: 200+
  • Notable Features: Mobile-Friendly Design, Advanced gallery slider.
  • Best Suited for: Art Galleries and studio websites.
  • Price: Freemium (free version available with extended premium features at $39)

8.Stock Photography WordPress Theme:

Wanna see your Stock Photographs on top platforms? Get this Stock Photography WordPress Theme to do this at $39 only. This is an ideal theme suiting all types of photography businesses and blogging. Stock Photography is nothing but a collection of realistic photographs for a magazine. What can be more exciting than this when you showcase your website? This theme also proves ideal for beginners because it provides a code-free design. And the most responsive features are here to make it more functional. The theme supports a gallery slider to project a beautiful range of images.

It also has a live theme customizer for quick and easy changes. Users will be impressed with the website using a stunning range of homepage layouts. These are all responsive with an adjustable mobile-friendly interface. Further, the Woocommerce plugin is the door to managing online bookings with easy payments. 

Theme Stats:

  • Downloads: 100+
  • Notable Features: Responsive Design, Bootstrap Framework
  • Best Suited for All types of Photography and Portfolio business and blogs.
  • Price: Freemium (free version available with extended premium features at $39)


The above content depicts all the most responsive Purchasing WordPress Themes. The themes clearly show easy purchasing with more features to explore. The Food Ordering WordPress Theme holds vast assets for online food businesses. Any business can be flourished with the Advertising WordPress Theme. 

Turn on the tables to establish an online store with the Electronics Gadgets WordPress Theme. Like these, every theme has its functionality with unique features to develop. Purchase WordPress Themes are the best way to communicate with a live audience through a website. You can easily customize every bit of the theme with customized options. And make better promotions for the website. 

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