Top 10 Membership plugins for WordPress to join members

June 24, 2024
Top 10 Membership plugins for WordPress to join members


Creating a WordPress website is a fantastic method for earning money. Creating a website, or membership site, represents one of the more well-liked methods of generating income from it.

For writers and editors who are passionate about entrepreneurship but may not want to run an online store, this approach is perfect. You can use a membership system to manage restricted material instead of selling items.

This post is for you when that sounds like anything you would be interested in. Here is an overview of the best free WordPress plugins or either premium.

Depending on your demands and budget, we will assist you in selecting the most effective membership plugins for WordPress website, providing membership features.

Why Should You Require a Membership Plugin For WordPress:

Using membership-based websites is one approach to setting up a recurring revenue source. In terms of branding, this method will strengthen your link with the community and increase the trust that you have.

Like a website that sells goods online, a membership site requires certain features and functionalities for it to work properly.

What a plugin like this can do for your membership-based company is as follows:

  • Control content drip allows users to regularly release a set amount of content in an effort to keep subscribers.
  • Develop multiple-level subscription plans. This also makes it simpler to offer new customers a membership-free trial and tiered content.
  • Collect membership payments. Without ever leaving your web page, subscribers and new visitors will be able to buy a subscription plan and renew their current one.
  • Set user permissions. With this functionality, you may share evidence that is restricted to specific user groups according to their membership level.
  • Distribute discount coupons to customers. This is extremely useful for promoting sales and expanding awareness of the brand.
  • Automate reminder. You won’t have to waste your time reaching out to each member individually since they will be able to renew their membership on their own by just visiting their account.

The Top Ten Premium Membership Plugins for WordPress:

Although there are a lot of free membership plugins for WordPress accessible that can assist you with building a membership site, their features and support are usually restricted.

Choosing an expensive membership plugin will thus guarantee that you have all the resources needed to give your users an exceptional user experience.

Paid Memberships Pro:

Every aspect package to protect your content and design a flawless membership experience on WordPress is Paid Memberships Pro.

We give you everything you require to build an effective and user-friendly membership site, featuring over 28 techniques for content security, advanced membership leadership, as well as integrated recurring payment processes.

  • Profiles of users and editing at the front end
  • user registration at the front end.
  • front-end password recovery and user login.
  • Form fields that are unique.
  • Conditional statements in form fields
  • Dashboard for a membership account.
  • Pages with billing details as well as membership invoices
  • Custom member emails
  • Anyone can access the WP admin.
  • The WordPress toolbar can be hidden.
  • Conditional menus for navigation

WooCommerce Memberships:

WooCommerce is the most commonly used open-source eCommerce website globally.

Its main platform is open-source, flexible, and developed by a worldwide community. You will always have complete control over the data and content in your shop because of open-source freedom.

Whether you’re starting a company, integrating traditional brick-and-mortar shopping online, or simply creating webpages for customers, WooCommerce can help anyone create a store that successfully combines commerce and content.

  • Make amazing, enticing shops with themes that go with your company’s name and sector.
  • Increase revenue with a conversion-optimized shopping cart experience.
  • Modular product blocks allow users to swiftly customize product pages.
  • Showcase goods in both physical and digital form, as well as affiliate products, customized configurations, rapid downloads, and variations of products.
  • Use our developer-approved extensions to sell memberships, subscriptions, and bookings.


One of the most popular MemberMouse add-ons is Groups, which enables you to sell membership to companies, organizations, sports teams, and other users who require the option of giving team members access to the membership site.

By selling “seats of membership” to your members, Groups enables you to expand MemberMouse’s unique Member Management solution. Your members can now add additional users to their own accounts thanks to this feature. The best part is that you may boost your earnings by letting your members buy membership with any number of seats they select:


  • Offer member seats for your merchandise and subscriptions.
  • provides support for the exact same pricing and subscription levels as MemberMouse.
  • directly incorporates MemberMouse
  • Dedicated Leader Management Screen: From a dedicated management screen, leaders can simply oversee their groups.
  • Simple to Handle for Managers It’s simple to add or remove groups, change members within particular groups, and add any form of pay plan to your group products.

Magic Members:

Complete connectivity with WordPress Courseware will be encompassed with the Magic Members Addon. Simply select a Magic Members subscription level on the WP Courseware course or courses. Someone who enrolls will be immediately placed in the related course(s) upon purchasing a membership level.

Ultimate Member:

The best Membership plugins for WordPress for profiles of users and memberships is called Ultimate Member. Users can easily register and join members of your website owing to the plugin. This plugin is ideal for building sophisticated social networks and membership sites, as it lets you add attractive member profiles to your website. With Ultimate Member, companies can quickly create practically any kind of website where users can sign up and become members while it is lightweight and extremely extensible.


Can you envision a Free Membership Plugin for WordPress that offers a wealth of features, boasts remarkable simplicity and speed, and showcases a sleek, modern user interface? Even when compared to the most widely used membership plugins for WordPress, this one is much superior and very distinct.

You may build a fully complete membership site with the aid of ARMember.

With ARMember, users may build a variety of plans, including free plans, premium plans with an end or limit, and subscription with the ability to set up payments automatically.

In order to develop material-style and spam-free forms for SignUp/Registration, Login, Modify Profile, Forgot Password, Changing Password, and other purposes, ARMember also has an integrated form builder.

Simple Membership:


You can restrict who can read the content of your pages and posts to your members exclusively by using the straightforward membership plugins for WordPress.     

A member registration widget is simple to add to your website’s sidebar. Just utilise the sidebar widget’s shortcode for the login form.

By making a custom template file in the subject (or child theme) folder, you can further alter the member login widget.

WP Private Content Plus:

WP Private Content Plus simplifies securing the most important content on your WordPress website from guests, members, specific user roles, and selected groups of users. This plugin facilitates content limitations on posts, pages, custom post types, navigation menus, widgets, and post attachments. Additionally, the membership plugin for WordPress has a short code that enables you to conceal specific material from posts and pages.

Restrict User Access:

Create a paid membership website for your consumers as soon as possible, with tiers like Platinum, which is Gold, and Free. After that, when someone buys a product employing WooCommerce, grant them those levels.

Members may have a number of levels, and you decide how long they should be active. You can display a teaser and redirect unauthorized individuals to an alternate URL when they attempt to view restricted content.

s2Member Framework:

Sell limitless memberships with a one-time purchase or recurring subscriptions, converting free subscribers into membership (subscriber to membership → s. 2 members → s2Member).

Simple to use and fast. In a moment’s time, safeguard your membership content and be prepared to collect costs for member access!

Very adaptable as well as easy to configure. Safeguard the entire website, certain sections, or even member files that are available for purchase.


Conclusively, these top 10 WordPress membership plugins offer powerful solutions for creating and nurturing a vibrant member community on your website. Simplify membership management, content access control, and subscription handling with these versatile plugins.

For an enhanced membership experience, consider exploring our WP theme bundle. This comprehensive bundle includes premium WordPress themes tailored to complement membership sites. These themes offer responsive designs, seamless integration with membership plugins, and customizable features, ensuring a visually appealing and functional platform for your members.

Pairing these top-tier membership plugins with our premium WordPress themes from the WP theme bundle can elevate your website, providing an optimal environment for growing and engaging your membership base effectively.