Improve Website UX With 7 Proven Methods - Themes Caliber

June 24, 2024
Improve Website UX With 7 Proven Methods - Themes Caliber

Conventional marketing strategies have fallen in today's digital era, and the digital marketplace has superseded them. Your website is the first place where potential customers find out about your company in today's world. According to statistics, it takes less than a second or two for any user to form an opinion about your site and your services and whether they like it. As your audience decides in a split second, you expect your website to be fully effective and dedicated to providing an outstanding user experience by keeping things straightforward, simple to users. In This blog, we will see 7 proven ways to improve website UX.

What Is Enhanced User Experience?

Enhance user experience means the overall experience of the person or user that includes the user's thoughts, opinions, and feelings about how a website or any application is working or functioning. While many businesses consider the importance of having a website, very few understand what it takes to enhance the website user experience.
A few years ago, many businesses used their websites merely as a medium of advertising. However, today's audience expects much more than basic info such as an address, phone number, etc.

Why Is There A Need To Improve Website UX?

Nowadays, users expect much more from your website regarding functionality, usability, and digital Response WordPress Themes. They want business owners to create websites that provide targeted and customized user experiences, are easily accessible and easy to use, and present relevant content that will help them understand the product or service better.
A recent study shows that almost 97% of small business websites are not so effective in grabbing users' attention or failing to provide a satisfying user experience. The website needs to be redesigned to enhance the website's user experience to serve the customers better. In this blog, we will see How do you improve user experience?

How Can User Experience Of Website Improve?

You may wonder How can user experience of website improve? A few key factors can transform your website into a much better, more effective, sleek, and advanced marketing site from a relic. let's see them.

1. A Clean Web Design

Most visitors spend less than 15 seconds on a website. However, this number seems to improve by 20% when the website's design makes the Best Plugins appropriate use of the whitespace.
A minimalist, simple, and cleanly designed website makes it easy for users to find the info they are looking for. A clutter-free design with unnecessary elements allows the true purpose of your business to shine.
This design grabs your users' attention by impressing them. It is likely to increase the time the user spends on your website.

2. Ensure You Have Quick Loading Pages

Your business website should not cause your visitors to wait for long. It should fully load within seconds.
Ensure that the codes (let it be HTML, Javascript, CSS) you are using in your site are highly optimized and well coded. Remember that the simpler the code, the faster your website runs.
Make use of optimized images and try to keep the file size of the images to a minimum as this impacts the load time of your website.
For managing your content and its fast delivery, implementing a CDN will be great.
Using page-level caching will allow your site to load much faster, ultimately helping you enhance the website user experience.

3. Updating Your Site

You always want your website to create a good first impression when visitors or potential customers visit your page. That is why updating your website with the latest content and information is necessary.
The content present on 25% of small business websites is hardly updated even in a year. To ensure that the visitors keep coming back to your website repeatedly, you need to keep adding and updating new content via articles, videos, photos, etc.

4. Mobile-Friendly Websites

Mobile phones have become the primary means of delivering huge traffic to websites. They need to be mobile-friendly.
By making your site mobile-friendly and responsive, you can make sure that you are channelizing the traffic coming from mobile phone users.
While designing your website, you need to consider how your website will look and perform on various devices such as desktops, tablets, and smartphones and prioritize the content accordingly.

5. Keep Things Simple

Simple websites are more likely to succeed. Having a simple website refers to its appearance and how easily and simply it can be used by visitors. Everything from navigation, registration, adding products to the cart to checkout flows must be considered. It is your responsibility to test your website with people of different understanding levels so that all users can easily access it.
Soliciting the feedback from your visitors or customers can easily help you build your email list or database. It would be best to find out ways to keep your audience engaged. You can consider offering discount coupons, relevant information, and other things that the audience finds engaging.
By removing unnecessary fields from forms, you can boost the conversion rate. You should clearly state what is optional and what is required. This is a good way to enhance the website user experience.

6. Effective Use Of Call To Action

The basic idea behind adding Call To Action buttons to websites is to improve conversion rates, as these buttons are useful to generate purchases, get new leads and subscribers. -The placement of CTAs and their appearance should be such that visitors should easily catch them.
It is better to keep Call To Action buttons at one or two per page and not overload your visitors with tasks.

7. Try To include Fewer Pop-ups

Popups are known for improving conversions, and at the same time, they are also very annoying. They block the content and practices and force the users to take action. However, the visitor's reaction to such annoying popups is that they leave the site.
So as far as you are looking to Improve website UX, you need to keep in mind that less is more. Not to forget that popups look awful on mobile phones. This also doesn't direct you to remove all the popups, but there should be a limit. You should take care that popups should notify and not annoy.

Wrapping Up

These are some ways that will help you improve website UX. These are only some of the ways to consider. You should constantly monitor and analyze your website to find other ways and see what works the best. Also, check out responsive WordPress themes from themes caliber. We're offering our WordPress Theme Bundle for just $99. You can strengthen your website and give it a professional look by purchasing this bundle!