Top 10 Best Plugins for Gravity Forms WordPress Websites

June 24, 2024
Top 10 Best Plugins for Gravity Forms WordPress Websites


If you happen to use gravity forms WordPress , then you’re probably aware that the most commonly used and well-liked form plugin on WordPress. Using and incorporating forms is a for running a profitable and visually appealing website, which means plugin installation is required.

That being said, Gravity Forms has developed into a thing that depends on a number of specialized plugins.

How Do Gravity Forms Work

Best free WordPress plugins allows to create different types of forms and connect your website that uses gravity forms WordPress. With the support of this plugin, adding tests, surveys, and contact forms to a website is simple. It’s recognized for routing form submissions to specified email addresses using conditional formatting to show/hide inquiries based on responses.

Gravity forms WordPress gives users the capacity to create far more complex forms with features like saving, logic furthermore, e-commerce, and much more. The three license levels for this plugin are the Basic License, Pro License, and Elite License, so they are all fairly priced. Additionally, Gravity Forms is easy to set up and has an unlimited feature set.

The Crucial Function of Gravity Forms for WordPress

When creating a gravity forms WordPress website, forms are a vital consideration if you want to win away your visitors’ trust and market to them successfully. Purchasing a premium plugin guarantees effective and user-friendly data collection.

Gravity Forms allows you to fully customize any form, including who may submit it, who is able to view it, and who receives the responses. For your WordPress website, Gravity Forms can help you with all of this and more, regardless of whether you’re looking for simple contact pages, email sign-ups, or you simply desire to create sale forms.

Gravity forms WordPress integrates with top interactions, analytics, money processing, storage in the cloud, and automation for marketing companies. Notable integrations include the following ones: Constant Contact, HubSpot, Slack, MailChimp, and Stripe.

Advantages of WordPress Gravity Forms

  • 1. Ability to Customize: There is an unbelievable amount of customization available to Gravity forms WordPress users. Nearly all of the form’s fields are editable. Some of you can create a form specifically for your website by doing this. Users can change the built-in styles of the Gravity Form using CSS class names.
  • In addition, you can change the data’s formatting. Some of you can change the date field format, for example, from dd/mm/yyyy to mm/dd/yyyy. This suggests the gravity forms are easy to use in any location.
  • 2. Add additional features: Furthermore, to avoid form fatigue, the Gravity forms WordPress plugin’s multi-page capability splits the form into many different pages. The “save and continue” option allows users to leave the form and return later to finish it. In order to utilize the save and continue feature, the person using it will still need to create an account. For example, the plugin increased the capability of its toolkit to aid in the detection of bots. An invisible solution called Anti-Spam Honeypot uses JavaScript to cover up an additional field.
  • 3. The highest standard in usefulness: Form creation has been rendered easy by Gravity forms WordPress intuitive design. In only a couple of minutes, even a novice may complete it accurately. The majority of consumers that need forms for their online properties just don’t have the time to learn how to code. They have no need to because Gravity Forms allows them to just click the Gravity button and enter the desired form.
  • 4. Safeguard your forms: Hackers tirelessly seek online form vulnerabilities to gain access, create hidden pages, and disseminate malware on websites. Site owners have to improve their security to entice visitors to enter their personal information. You have to use builders of forms like gravity forms because of this. Numerous safety features are in place, such as spam defense, user permissions, automated upgrades, and login requirements. The plugin allows users to limit logged-in users’ access to particular features as well.

The Top 10 Gravity Forms Plugins:

1. WP Gravity Forms Insightly:

If someone fills out a contact form, the Gravity Forms Insightly Add-on immediately submits the form responses to Insightly.


  • In particular, individual fields for phone number fields
  • Assign each lead with insight into a lead source and status.
  • Give each insightful object (leads, contacts, etc.) a designated owner.
  • Provide tasks, projects, and other things as a category.
  • Assign objects (Lead, Contact, etc.) created by a single feed to other feed objects (Organisation, Contact, Opportunity, etc.) in Insightly CRM. Some of you can save gclid, utm parameters, and geolocation when a user submits a form.
  • Using Insightly CRM, assign tags.
  • Upon submitting a contact form, users can use phone or email lookup services to find out the lead’s email address and phone number.
  • 20+ premium addons

2. WP Gravity Forms Constant Contact Plugin:

If a form is submitted on your website, the Gravity Forms Constant Contact Plugin sends the form responses from Gravity Forms to Constant Contact’s database.


  • Constant Contact’s custom fields
  • Phone number fields for constant contact.
  • Upon completion of a contact form by any user, monitor the gclid, geolocation, and utm parameters.
  • Use well-known telephone number and email search services to look for a customer’s phone number and email.

3. WP Gravity Forms, Zoho CRM, and Bigin:

This is one of the best WordPress form builder Plugins that can be used for modification, the Gravity forms WordPress Styles Pro Add-on is the finest available. If an entry is produced in Gravity Forms, you can easily create or change a lead, contact, or any other type of object in Zoho CRM/Bigin.


  • Zoho CRM has custom modules and custom fields (especially phone number fields).
  • Add a contact and lead to any of the campaigns.
  • In Zoho CRM, set the lead source and status.
  • Give one object a partner. Assigning a contact to a case, for instance
  • In Zoho CRM, assign a person as the owner to every item (contact, lead, etc.).
  • You are able to monitor gclid, utm parameters, and geolocation upon form submission by any user.
  • If a lead fills out a contact form, you may use well-known email and phone search services to find out their contact information.

4. WP Gravity Forms Dynamics CRM

The Gravity Forms Dynamics CRM Add-on streamlines your workflow by automatically transferring form submissions to Dynamics CRM Online as soon as a user submits a form on your website. This integration ensures that all data collected through your forms is seamlessly and efficiently transferred to your Dynamics CRM, reducing manual data entry and improving your customer relationship management process.


  • Dynamics CRM Gravity Forms If someone fills out a form, the add-on immediately provides the information to Dynamics CRM Online.
  • Specifically, custom fields for phone number fields
  • Customized objects in Dynamics CRM.
  • In Dynamics CRM, assign an object (Account, Contact, etc.) developed through a particular feed to an object (Lead, Case) created by another feed.
  • Add an inquiry to Dynamics CRM’s campaign.
  • Some of you can save gclid, utm parameters, and geolocation if a user submits a form.
  • After a user fills out a contact form, look up the lead’s email address and phone number using phone or email lookup services.
  • 20+ premium addons

5. WP Gravity Forms Salesforce:

Salesforce Gravity Forms If a form is submitted on your website, the add-on transfers the form inputs from Gravity Forms to Salesforce CRM.


  • Salesforce Phone fields, in particular, are examples of custom fields.
  • Add attachments to Salesforce’s “Files” section.
  • Include a contact and lead in a campaign.
  • Assign a specific object to another. assigning a user account to a Salesforce contact, for instance.
  • Give an object (such as a contact, lead, etc.) a Salesforce owner.
  • Keep track of the customer’s location, UTM parameters, and Gclid when they complete a contact form.
  • Use well-known phone numbers and email lookup tools to find out a customer’s email address and phone number.

6. WP Gravity Forms Keap/Infusionsoft:

When a user submits a form, the Gravity Forms Infusionsoft add-on performs an instant and automated transfer of the form responses to both Keap CRM and Infusionsoft, ensuring seamless data integration between the two platforms.


  • Specifically, custom fields for telephone number fields
  • According to user input, assign tags to Infusionsoft Contacts.
  • Tracking affiliates and contact attachments in Infusionsoft
  • You are able to save gclid, utm parameters, and geolocation if a user submits a form.
  • After a user submits a request for information, they can look up the lead’s email address and phone number using phone number or email lookup services.

7. WP Gravity Forms HubSpot:

The WP Gravity Forms HubSpot plugin is a powerful tool that streamlines the data collection and management process for your website. One of its key features is the Gravity Forms HubSpot Add-on.

Whenever a visitor to your website fills out a form and clicks “Submit,” the Gravity Forms HubSpot Add-on springs into action. It serves as the bridge between your WordPress Gravity Forms and your HubSpot account, facilitating seamless data transfer.


  • Specifically, personal fields for phone number fields
  • To an agreement, ticket, task, and company, add a HubSpot contact.
  • Give a company a task, ticket, or contact.
  • Include contacts in WorkFlows and lists in HubSpot.
  • Put a contact on a task or ticket.
  • Update HubSpot tickets and offers.
  • You are able to save gclid, utm parameters, and geolocation when a user submits a form.

8. Connector for Gravity Forms and Google Sheets:

The Connector for Gravity Forms and Google Sheets is a valuable integration tool. When a form is submitted on your website through Gravity Forms, this connector seamlessly transfers the form responses to a designated Google Sheets document. This ensures that all the data collected via your forms is efficiently organized and accessible within your Google Sheets, making data management and analysis a breeze.


  • Connect the phone contact fields from Gravity Forms to Google Sheets.
  • Upload documents from Gravity Forms to Google Sheets.
  • Build Google Sheets feeds that are unlimited.
  • Keep track of the user’s settings, utm parameters, and Gclid if they complete a contact form.

9. WP Gravity Forms Zendesk:

When a form is submitted through Matter Forms, the Zendesk Add-on facilitates the seamless transmission of the submission data to the Zendesk platform. Within Zendesk, users have the capability to create and manage contact information and corresponding support tickets, providing a comprehensive system for handling customer inquiries and requests.


  • Specifically, additional fields for phone number fields
  • Give agents tickets to assign.
  • Ticket attachment in Zendesk
  • Decide on the ticket type and priority.
  • Some of you might save gclid, utm parameters, and geolocation when a user submits a form.

10. Integration for Gravity Forms and Pipedrive:

When someone submits a form on a website created with Gravity Forms, the data from that form is automatically transferred to Pipedrive CRM, where users can manage contacts, organizations, and deals based on the information received from the forms. This integration streamlines the process of capturing and managing customer information for sales and customer relationship management purposes.


  • Pipedrive field for custom fields.
  • Enter your mobile number in Pipedrive CRM.
  • Use Pipedrive CRM to generate leads.
  • Assign contact and dealing organization.
  • Establish deals and organizations in Pipedrive.
  • Assign the Pipedrive Deal’s contact.
  • In Pipedrive, assign a responsibility to contacts, organizations, and deals.


A broad range of premium WordPress plugins and add-ons are accessible for Gravity Forms to improve the user experience. Users are able to connect Gravity Forms with email marketing services like Active Campaign, MailChimp, Mad Mimi, and AWeber by using the Basic Add-ons. Clients who purchase the Pro and Elite licenses get access to 16 additional add-ons that significantly improve Gravity Forms’ functionality.

With the Gravity Forms Product Add-ons, customers may integrate complex product creation forms with any WooCommerce product and manage pricing in online businesses. The greatest option for customizing forms is the Gravity Styles Pro Add-on, which comes with over 2,000 styles, components, and symbols in addition to pre-made style templates. Moreover all of these plugins are compatible with every Premium WordPress Themes

Gravity Perks offers over 30 plugins, enabling customers to customize forms without the need for extra website code. Uploading files to sites is made easier using Gravity View, which displays pertinent information without needing code changes. Google Analytics and Tag Manager enable dynamic event values, logical logic, form pagination tracking, and event tracking with Gravity Forms. Users can send emails directly to clients with Gravity Forms, Word’s all-inclusive automation document solution.