Top 7+ Best Google Maps Plugins For WordPress 2022

June 24, 2024
Top 7+ Best Google Maps Plugins For WordPress 2022

The Google maps plugin allows you to create short codes to display responsive Google maps on pages, custom templates, and widgets. It shows custom markers on each Google map and displays messages inside the info window.
Google maps are the most popular map service online. This service was launched in 2005, and at the same time, it was integrated into websites and apps. The Google Maps API allows third-party products and services to embed Google maps. WordPress easily supports Google maps, and there are many WordPress plugins in the market that help you integrate it into your about page, sidebar, contact page, or wherever you want. Many Most Popular WordPress themes have built-in Google maps functionality.

Here, We Will See The Best Google Maps Plugins For WordPress.

  1. WP Google Maps
  2. WP Map Block – Gutenberg Map Block for Google Map and OpenStreet Map
  3. MapPress Maps for WordPress
  4. WP Google Map Plugin
  5. Maps Plugin using Google Maps for WordPress – WP Google Map
  6. Interactive Geo Maps
  7. Map Block for Google Maps
  8. MapPress Maps for WordPress

Before going into the details of the above Google maps plugins for WordPress, let's just quickly answer the question;

How Do I Add Google Maps Plugin To WordPress?
How do I use Google Maps in WordPress?

Nowadays, majorly people use Google to find a business near them because it is super easy to do. If you run a brick-and-mortar store and have an eCommerce store, then having a Google map on your WordPress website would be a great way to get more customers to visit your physical store, and you can generate more business. Here, in this google maps plugins for WordPress blog, you will get to know how exactly you can add the Google maps plugin to WordPress. There are various ways by which you can add Google maps to your website.

We Will See The Easiest Top 2 Ways

Using A Store Locator App

A store locator app is a tool that displays a map on your website so that visitors can see the location of your brick-and-mortar store. WordPress store locator uses Google Maps and other map APIs and comes with many features like directions, location information, customizable map themes, markers, and much more. You can find a variety of store locator apps on the internet. To embed your map on your site, you need to create a shortcode and copy-paste it onto your site.

Installing A WordPress Plugin

Plugins are a key for websites made with WordPress. Best Plugins allow you to add various features to your website with or without coding knowledge. There are many WordPress store locator plugins that you can install to integrate a map on your site.

Down Are The Instructions On How To Install And Use The Plugin

  • Install and activate the WordPress plugin.
  • Produce an API key for your Google Map.
  • Create a map from your WordPress dashboard.
  • Assign your API key to that map.
  • Modify your map and add your business location and information.
  • This plugin forms a short code you can insert on any page or post.

How To Add Google Map In WordPress Without Plugin?

To add a Google Map to your website without using a WordPress plugin, you can use the official Google map creator, i.e., "Google My Maps."

Check out the steps to follow

  • Visit Google My Maps and create a map
  • Make your map unrestricted
  • Produce an embed code for your map
  • Add your Google Map API key to the embed code
  • Add the embed code to the Text tab on your WordPress page editor
  • Check the map and save your page

This method works well for displaying an uncomplicated Google Map on your website. 
You can use any of the three options to add a Google Map that precisely displays the location of your business. After installing the Google map plugin to your WordPress website, it's time to use it.

Let's Have A Look At The Best Google Maps Plugins For WordPress

WP Google Maps

WP Google Maps is one of the most popular Google Maps plugins for WordPress and is actively used on more than 400,000 websites. The process of creating new maps with this plugin is super easy. You can add lines, markers, polygons, and other shapes to your map. Various themes are available, and you can permit bike layers, traffic layers, directions, and the maximum zoom level. After creating your map, you need to insert it into your website using a short code. You can enable and disable map controls in the main settings area, such as zoom, street view, etc. After activation, you can enter your Google Maps API key using the advanced tab. It will ensure that the plugin can retrieve maps. Also, the advanced settings area allows you to add custom JavaScript and custom CSS (Cascading Style Sheets).

Three Premium Versions Are Available For WP Google Maps.

  • Visitor Generated Markers addon: Website visitors can add their markers to maps.
  • The Gold addon: It adds marker clustering and real-time location tracking.
  • Pro addon: This adds custom fields, custom data sources, an improved user interface, improved marker filtering, scheduling, performance enhancement, and direction waypoints.

WP Map Block – Gutenberg Map Block For Google Map And Open Street Map

Gutenberg block builder is a tool that you will find super easy to use, as it does not require any rocket science. You can effectively include a map to your website with Gutenberg Map Block, even as a beginner. Gutenberg map block is simple and clear in its function. Along with quick insertion, there are also various settings that Gutenberg Map Block comes with. You can modify the address or coordinates, zoom in and style the map's height. You only need to set up the API key once, and it will work through all blocks. For using the Gutenberg map block, you need to install, active, add to the content, and you are good to go.

WP Map Block Plugin Features Upon

  • Address or coordinates
  • Map height
  • Zoom in
  • API key – needs a single setup and can work through all other blocks.

MapPress Maps for WordPress

This is one of the best Google Map Plugin For Website. MapPress Map plugin is the simplest way to add fine-looking interactive Google and Leaflet maps to WordPress. This plugin automatically inserts an interactive Google Map to your site once you enter any address you wish to add to your map. You can create infinite maps and map markers using Gutenberg blocks or the classic editor. The MapPress map editor makes creating and editing maps super easy. The premium version of MapPress gives various features, including custom markers, clustering, searchable mashups, and much more. You can check the plugin's working on the MapPress Home Page or test it yourself with a Free Demo Site. You get unlimited maps and multiple maps per post in this free version.

Features Of MapPress Maps

  • Create maps from the page edit or post edit screen.
  • Add and drag markers from anywhere.
  • You can customize text and HTML, including photos, links, etc.
  • You can add directions for driving, walking, etc.
  • It supports Street View.
  • You can create numerous maps on a single page or post.
  • It can show real-time traffic.
  • It comes with multiple shortcodes in different parameters.

WP Google Map Plugin

WP Google Map Plugin and WP Google Maps are two separate plugins. A versatile map tool, WP Google Map Plugin supports multiple map types, locations, and markers. Currently, it is used actively on more than 100,000 WordPress websites. When you add a new location, you can check what happens when a user clicks on the map and allocate markers to a group. With WP Google Map Plugin, you can set the height and width of the map, the type of map to be used, and the zoom level and assign any locations you've previously created.

You have to enter the Google Maps API key on the main settings page. The premium version of WP Google Map Plugin comes with custom post types, directions, marker clustering, map skins, and the ability to import and export markets. You can display blog posts on maps too. It also supports Advanced Custom Fields, HTML overlays, filters, and drawing with shapes. WP Google Map Plugin handles multiple locations and maps well and has excessive documentation within the admin area.

Maps Plugin using Google Maps for WordPress – WP Google Map

WP Google Map is a splendid plugin to use when you want to add a custom Google map to your website. It is completely customizable and can be used as a shortcode. WP Google Maps is the simplest plugin that provides simple to advanced and customizable maps. Any map you can think of can be formed with WP Google Maps.

It is the most advanced Google Maps plugin for WordPress. You can build simple to advanced maps in just a couple of minutes. Also, you can create markers containing text, galleries, images, videos, ratings, and more. This plugin lets users get directions to your markers in Google Maps and OpenLayers. The plugin is completely user-friendly and can change the language of the map and regional area. You can import shortcodes by WP Google Map Button on the custom editor. You can customize the zoom level on your maps even if you lack coding knowledge.

WP Google Map Plugin Features:

  • Fully responsive maps
  • Supports multiple languages
  • Customizable height and width
  • It can be used on a single page or post, footer, sidebar, etc.

Interactive Geo Maps

With this interactive geo maps plugin, you can create maps with regions and colored markers. You can display the world map, single country maps, and continent maps. You can create your map in a couple of minutes. Interactive geo maps can display your visited countries map, office locations, travel map, project map, representative map, data visualization map, statistics map, etc. You can create unlimited maps with this plugin. This plugin produces responsive, interactive, touch-enabled SVG maps integrated directly into your HTML5 pages, and it is compatible with all new and modern browsers and devices.

Interactive Geo Maps Feature Upon:

  • Responsive and cross-device
  • Colour countries
  • Add round colored markers
  • Set hover color change
  • Choose from different map projections such as Miller, NaturalEarth1, Mercator, etc.
  • You can Select specific regions to display on a map
  • You can Exclude specific regions from a map
  • It displays HTML tooltips on hover
  • Come with Zoom controls.

Map Block For Google Maps

The Map Block plugin allows you to display a Google Map on your website. You can create maps with custom icons, descriptions, tooltips, zoom levels, etc. Map Block for Google Maps plugin is the ideal solution to integrate Google Maps with the WordPress block editor. This plugin adds a simple Gutenberg Block for Google Maps and lets you reside a responsive, user-friendly map module inside a post or page. It creates the block itself, and this free plugin lets you customize the map display. You can set an address or coordinates and adjust the zoom and dimensions of the map. The best part is that you only have to load your Google Maps API key once, and it's saved by the plugin and usable in all other maps you place on your site.

Map Block For Google Maps Features Upon:

  • Address or coordinates
  • Map height
  • Zoom in
  • API key – needs a single setup and can work through all other blocks.

MapPress Maps For WordPress

MapPress is a free, easy, and quick tool to place Google Maps on a WordPress website. The maps are simple, but it looks professional. This makes it best for websites that need a Google Maps solution loaded with features. MapPress lets users place maps with a shortcode, widget, or Gutenberg block and customize basic map settings like zoom and address. You can place multiple maps on a site and put multiple markers per map, specified with an address or coordinates. MapPress comes with custom markers, map searching, marker clustering and filtering, and the option to generate an accompanying list of markers with your map.


WordPress Google map plugins which we talked about, will offer a simple option to add a map to your WordPress site. These plugins come with highly customizable functions to modify your map with your exact requirements. The benefits of using a plugin far exceed embedding a simple map loaded with helpful features. If your website is a blog or informational website, or a location-dependent one, you should have an interactive, well-styled Google map. With our responsive WordPress themes, you will find Google maps integration. If you want to get more themes at once, check out our WordPress Theme Bundle and give your business an instant boost.