How To Get Started with WordPress: 2022 Guide

April 04, 2022
get started with wordpress

Before We Get Started With WordPress Themes? Let's See What is Word Press?

WordPress is the most simple and easiest way to make your own website. You can develop any type of website with WordPress because of its vast network of plugins and themes. In this blog, we will see how to get started with WordPress.

How Do I Get Started With WordPress?

So, let's discuss how can one get started with WordPress and can create their own responsive WordPress website with very simple techniques and basic knowledge about WordPress.

Step 1: Choose a Domain name – People type your domain name into their browser to access your website. It's the internet path for your website.

Step 2: Purchase Web Hosting - The 'engine' that runs your word press site and makes it accessible to visitors worldwide is Web hosting.

Step 3: Install WordPress – The majority of WordPress hosting companies provide easy-to-use tools for installing free WordPress software.

Step4: Pick Up your WordPress theme – Your word press theme determines the appearance of your website. It allows you to customize your site without requiring any technical expertise.

Step 5: Install must-have WordPress plugins – WordPress plugins, on the other hand, are all about providing new functionality to your WordPress site. In contrast, themes are about style, plugins, and bringing new features to your website.

Step 6: Add your Content – To add content, you need to click on Add menu in your WordPress dashboard. Adding your content helps to increase your reach.

Is WordPress Easy For Beginners?

Although being the most flexible and versatile platform, WordPress is relatively simple to use for beginners. And To Get started with WordPress Doesn't require any coding knowledge. It has a basic dashboard with several menu options provided on the sidebar. Moreover, with premium and Most Popular WordPress Themes, you can quickly make changes in articles, pages, navigation menu, etc. To give your website a new design, simply download a theme. You can simply install a plugin to add a new feature, such as a contact form.

Is WordPress or Wix better?

Wix is great for design because of the beautiful, easy-to-edit templates it offers. On the other hand, WordPress has significantly more customization features than Wix. This is a tough one to answer because it all depends on what you are looking for. If you prefer to start from scratch with your website, WordPress is your platform. Wix, on the other hand, offers an incredible level of flexibility. Wix is a less accessible e-commerce platform than WordPress! WordPress is the way to go because of its strength and scalability if you don't mind paying more for an e-commerce plugin and dealing with the more technical requirement.
Wix and WordPress are both fantastic for plugins. On the other hand, Wix's built-in eCommerce features are ideal for smaller stores and multi-channel integration. Everything on Wix is checked and regulated by a private development team, ensuring better quality.

What are the advantages of WordPress?

  • WordPress is a comprehensive yet free content management system with a wide range of capabilities for building truly remarkable company websites.
  • It's quick and straightforward to get started with WordPress because it has a rapid and precise installation process.
  • WordPress's most attractive feature is its simplicity. Because the software has an interactive interface, anyone can become an expert while working with it.
  • WordPress has a responsive design that allows your website to run on a range of devices without you having to spend extra time and effort building different web pages for each device.
  • To improve the content on your WordPress website, you may quickly add images, videos, and other media assets. Mobile-friendly WordPress themes determine the site's appearance and navigation.
  • WordPress offers a variety of theme options that may be adjusted to meet specific business needs.
  • This platform's backbone is made up of plugins. Using plugins, users can personalize the site and add the needed features and capabilities.
  • As it's open-source, WordPress is a cost-effective development platform.

What are the disadvantages of WordPress?

WordPress, without a doubt, is the most popular content management system on the planet. It is generally praised and respected for its benefits, with millions of users. However, while the enthusiasm is still strong, many individuals miss or are unaware that WordPress has several flaws that may cause them to reconsider their choices.

  • WordPress's biggest disadvantage is its lack of security.
  • You have to purchase a theme if you want your website to stand out and your visitors to have a positive experience, as free themes are overused. Keeping your website up to date can become rather costly, especially with so many upgrades coming out.
  • Your theme or some plugins may become inaccessible after a WordPress update. The more plugins you install, the more likely you will face compatibility issues.
  • WordPress can cause a lot of problems for people who have zero knowledge and experience in SEO.
  • If you want to customize it uniquely or improve its design, you may need to write many complex code lines.

Getting Started With WordPress Themes

While creating your theme, it’s important to check and consider the security aspect of the function. Below given are some of the important notches as you start your theme development practices:

  • Custom headers – Enrol on how to give your users the flexibility of adding their header image
  • Sidebars – Add widget areas to your layout design where users can store widgets
  • Widgets – Generate re-usable PHP objects that can be added to a sidebar
  • Pagination – Separating print content or digital content into discrete pages. It works with WordPress’ built-in pagination.
  • Comments –Personalize the comments template
  • Media – It works with WordPress core’s media potential
  • Featured Images & Post Thumbnails – This works with the images and customizes post thumbnails
  • Post Formats – Create different formats and aspects for displaying users’ posts
  • Internationalization – learn how to make and launch your theme for translation into various languages
  • Localization – learn how to reword a Top WordPress Themes
  • 404 Pages – It creates a custom 404 page.
  • Theme Security – Secures the theme without any error
  • Launching Theme – Installing theme after being ready

Don’t trust data. Without verification, you should also not rely on user input, third-party APIs, or data in your database. WordPress theme safety starts with ensuring the data entering and leaving your theme is as intended. Ensure it is validated on input and sanitized (escaped) before output. Moreover, WordPress provides many inbuilt approval functions. Always upgrade themes.

It takes a lot of effort to craft posts images and attract leads. The work is hard! Websites represent the ideas imaginations and ambitions of your work. therefore, the aim is to entertain the flow of users on the website. Visitors should not have to browse the whole site in search of good work. Create an eye-catching, professional website by choosing the right and responsive WordPress themes.   

What are the best WordPress themes?

As we all know there are thousands of Free WordPress themes and Premium WordPress Themes available in the market and choosing one from them can be a difficult task. So today in this blog we have tried to list down some of the best Premium WordPress themes that are available in the market.

1. Electronic WordPress theme

This theme is explicitly created for electronics store websites that offer electrical devices such as televisions, laptops, cameras, video games, and other items. It is fully responsive and has a lot of complex features. It's a versatile WordPress Electronics Store WooCommerce theme template that'll help you get the most out of WooCommerce as an online store platform. This theme also includes a powerful demo that you can import with a simple click to get started on your online adventure.

The theme settings panel's straightforward and user-friendly interface lets you make desired adjustments without knowing how to code. Moreover, the live theme customizer included with this Electronics Store WordPress theme allows you to see all of your changes in real-time. The theme includes extensive documentation. Every theme option is covered in both text documentation and video training. Search engine optimization is a vital aspect of growing your business. Our themes are written in a clean, SEO-friendly manner. This will also assist you in strengthening your web presence.

Key features
  • Shortcode for Testimonial Listing
  • Customize homepage
  • Optional Background image

2. Museum WordPress Theme

You will feel at ease working with the theme interface, as his Museum WordPress Theme features a user-friendly design that is simple to use even if you have no prior knowledge of web design or coding. Museums worldwide can take advantage of the digital age by developing a website that allows visitors to view critical information such as opening and closing hours, location, and more. A museum's website also allows visitors to purchase tickets.

A museum WordPress theme will enable users to construct a visually appealing museum website that attracts visitors and turns them into museum visitors. Moreover, this is a beautiful WordPress theme for museum websites that incorporates design elements that are ideal for showing your museum and all of the information associated with it. If you don't have much time, start with the theme's demo, and you'll be online in no time. You can also choose from various page themes to see which one best suits your website. This museum's WordPress themes also include a number of shortcodes and advanced tools to assist in the creation of an excellent website.

Key features
  • Custom widgets
  • Revolution Slider
  • SEO optimized

3. Stock Photography WordPress theme

Getting a stock photography website is a great way to market your work while making money; some truly unique stock photos are available online, and there is no better choice than a Stock photography WordPress theme. Stock WordPress themes are designed to make creating such picture destinations and libraries simple to organize and utilize for website administrations. On the one hand, easy to follow, filter, and find website visitors and photo searchers.

Furthermore, if you are a photo enthusiast who is always capturing photos of nature and surroundings, or a portfolio owner with digital products and multimedia files that can be shown and purchased online. You will enjoy each of these stock photography WordPress themes if you are a photographer who does weddings, portraits, or any other type of photography and videography. The last thing you want to do is commit many hours and resources to create and promote your personal or professional profile. This is never the case with these WordPress stock photography themes.

Key features
  • Easy Customization
  • Formats posts
  • Areas with custom widgets.

4. Cargo WordPress Theme

Cargo WordPress Theme is a mobile responsive WordPress theme for transport, logistics, and home movers specializing in shipping, deliveries, and storage service providers and businesses. It is packed with carefully picked and crafted features since it is tailored for shipping, distribution, and storage service providers and enterprises. Moreover, it's entirely responsive, screen ready, and simple to tweak. Cargo has a customized estimate calculator, limitless grid-based project portfolio layouts, three alternative tile/grid blog layouts, page transitions, and unique typography.

It also contains a page builder that is simple to use and quick. Cargo works on all types of devices, including smartphones, tablets, and desktops. It includes free updates and assistance from our well-recognized team. Your transportation and logistics company's website will be up and operating in minutes. Because of its content-oriented and minimalist style, you will be able to focus your audience's attention on the things that are vital from a business standard point. This Cargo WordPress theme is premium-level with clean, well-written, and well-commented code.

Key features
  • Demo importer in one click
  • With an inquiry option, you may fully customize the quote calculator.
  • Translation ready

5. Blog WordPress theme

There are many free WordPress blog themes available, making it difficult for newcomers to pick from them. Your theme should be dependable and easy to customize. The blog WordPress theme is a fantastic theme designed just for bloggers. Blogging has become the new internet craze, and everyone is trying their hand at it. Because writing a blog is relatively simple, most people struggle to achieve the desired look for their blog.

This WordPress blog theme also provides endless customization options with an advanced portfolio to organize eye-catching photographs in numerous layouts. Furthermore, social media icons will assist you in reaching the most significant number of people in the shortest amount of time. There are also a number of different sections and custom post types, such as a testimonial section, a newsletter subscription, the most recent blogs, a gallery, and so on. Each section can be activated or disabled based on your needs.

Key features
  • Simple menu option
  • The home page has a sidebar
  • Template full-width


Whether you're new to operating a website or simply new to WordPress. It might be challenging to get started with WordPress. In this situation, having a guide and other resources is very important. Moreover, Using our get started with WordPress guide you can make the process go more smoothly. To have a fantastic website you need a fantastic theme. Having popular and responsive WordPress themes attract more user to your website. Make an excellent first impression on new users, increase conversations and build relationships with visitors and generate leads.

The good news is that building your website doesn't have to be difficult, at least not if you use WordPress. The simple CMS also provides fully customizable plans to fit any requirement. If you are a developer and want multiple themes at once. You can check out our WordPress Theme Bundle. As there are many premium and user-friendly themes at a discounted and pocket-friendly price. With these themes, you can start developing your site for your business, blog, portfolio, or online store right away even if you don't have any prior experience.