Changing WordPress Themes Safely Without Losing Data

June 24, 2024
Changing WordPress Themes Safely Without Losing Data

Changing WordPress Themes provide ways to add more themes to a website. Let us have a glimpse of it. Do you want to change a WordPress Theme without losing any data? Here in this article, you will find a step-by-step guide on how to swap themes. 

WordPress is one of the quality platforms for personalized website design. And you get endless free and premium themes to work with. But sometimes, the user wants more than a single theme on the site. Fortunately, WordPress has made it possible to add many themes with easy installation. And whenever you feel like changing it, you can change it in a few clicks.

But what if you already have a theme installed on your site? This is quite a critical process as you also have to look after your content. Don’t worry. Your content will not vanish as it gets attached to the new theme you switch. 

Before that, you need to assist with some important situations while adding a new theme: 

This is for sure that your content will not erase as you change the theme. As WordPress works on standard principles providing curated security for clients’ data. But, the client must ensure to take care of it by saving the data from the existing theme.

  • It is essential to keep a backup of your existing site. In case things do not align as per the needs, you will have a backup plan to work with. 
  • Make sure to record all the codes or files or changes you have made to it. 
  • It is important to have a tracking code for your current theme so that you will be able to navigate the site after changes.

Let us have a look at Changing WordPress Themes with proper precautions taken: 

Process of Changing WordPress Themes Is Divided Into Four Steps. 

1. Put On The Maintenance Mode. 

Before changing WordPress themes, put on the Maintenance Mode. Putting the website in maintenance mode helps to maintain its credibility of the website. It displays a pop-up menu with the message the website is under maintenance mode. It requires no codes and can be enabled with a plugin easily. 

2. Install The New Required WordPress Theme. 

  • Here, we are using Free WordPress Themes for easy installation. But if you wish to have a premium theme, you must manually upload files. 
  • To install a theme, select “Appearance” from the dashboard and “ Themes.” 
  • It will direct you to a gallery of themes. Select the “Add New.” 
  • Select or search the required theme and click to “Install.” 

3. Activate The Theme. 

After installing the theme, click on the “Activate” button to get your theme activated. 

4. Fix The Errors And Make Custom Changes. 

Now that you have installed and activated the theme, you need to make suitable changes. You need to restore all the data from the previous theme. It will include codes, web pages, plugins, web content, and cache. 


This is how we understood Changing WordPress Themes in step-by-step guidance. WordPress is a great platform where you can effortlessly add themes. Here, you get all types of free and premium themes to run on a single site. This usually happens the user’s mind changes and wishes to switch to the existing theme. That’s why we have collected some useful points to look at before adding a new theme. Then we have listed four important steps to be followed while changing a theme. Changing Premium WordPress Themes can increase the site’s performance. It increases the website’s speed with faster loading of pages. 

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