7 Best WordPress Cloud Hosting Options in 2024

June 24, 2024
7 Best WordPress Cloud Hosting Options in 2024


Among its numerous benefits is scalability, which lets you swiftly adjust your resource levels to suit what you need. Furthermore, best WordPress cloud hosting often provides enhanced efficiency because of its superior site caching features and dedicated resources. Yet there are so many options readily available that choosing the best cloud hosting company can be challenging. To help users make an informed choice, we’ve gathered a list of the top WordPress cloud hosting providers in this post.

What is cloud hosting for WordPress:

A subclass of WordPress hosting known as “WordPress Cloud Hosting” uses a network of distant servers for storing, handling, and processing data, mobile applications, and services. Compared to more conventional hosting options like shared or VPS, this gives cloud-hosted websites and apps access to a nearly infinite pool of computing horsepower, resulting in increased flexibility, scaling, and reliability. In addition, cloud hosting offers options for balancing the load, backup, and recovery from disasters, in addition to self-sufficient scalability. Discover the 7 best WordPress cloud hosting options in 2024, perfect for powering your website’s performance, paired with the ultimate WordPress theme bundle.

7 Best Cloud Hosting Solutions for WordPress in 2024:

To create our list of the most popular WordPress cloud hosting companies, we did a lot of research. In order to do this, evaluations for each host were examined, and key characteristics including flexibility, safety, efficiency, and cost were assessed. Okay, let’s get started right now.

1.Scala Hosting:

Next on the list of the best WordPress cloud hosting virtual personal server (VPS) providers for WordPress is Scala Hosting, a well-known managed cloud service. Users of Scala Hosting have access to SPanel, an even simpler-to-use approach to administering your hosting account than cPanel. Scala Hosting offers a variety of services, including pre-installed applications for outgoing filtering of spam, blacklist monitoring and removal, and strong caching utilizing LiteSpeed technology.

Benefits include a free name, storing an infinite number of internet pages, support for Nginx, and continuous email and live chat assistance. You’ll also receive an IP address that is solely for you, which improves your search engine ranking (SERPs).
Scala Hosting is ideal for anyone seeking trustworthy, quick hosting services with innovative security features, whether they are small enterprises, individuals, or bigger companies. It also provides development tools, scalable plans to support growth in the future, and simple-to-use website management.


Their lowest-tiered package, Cloud Startup, includes multiple very good features. Get a free name, store up to 300 websites, and take advantage of limitless free SSL certificates. A dedicated Internet Protocol (IP) address, free email, WP-CLI access, daily automated backups, and support for WordPress multisite are all included in the plan.

With the ability to set up repositories of the website that allow you to download, edit, and immediately deploy across various branches, this feature gives you total control. Other developer-friendly advantages that Hostinger provides include unlimited cron tasks, SSH access, and DreamHost’s powerful administration panel.

Hostinger is a great choice if you’re a tech-savvy programmer looking for total control over your computer and websites. In addition, Hostinger’s hosting plans are reliable, quick, and scalable, making them ideal for individuals who want to host several websites.


Our next best WordPress cloud hosting, DreamHost, provides clients looking for dependable and managed hosting solutions with a selection of DreamPress plans. DreamPress also gives users the peace of mind that periodic server and website upkeep is taken care of, freeing them up to concentrate on other aspects of their company. Additionally, pre-installed WordPress and an SSL certificate, on-demand backups with one-click reconstruction, and a one-click staging environment for securely testing updates to the website are included with all DreamPress plans.

DreamHost additionally offers the extra benefit of giving Jetpack out for free. Among its many features, like real-time malware scanning, downtime management, and protection against brute force assaults, Jetpack is a potent security plugin. In addition, it has automatic essential CSS next, which may significantly boost the speed of sites.

A managed hosting company like DreamHost is a great option for those who value regular company chores in addition to server maintenance. It’s also an excellent option for people with large websites that get a lot of traffic.


Another major rival in the best WordPress cloud hosting market is Cloudways, which provides an excellent range of functions at a competitive price. Furthermore, in contrast with other companies on our list, their pricing strategy is distinct. Particularly, it offers modular pricing, which lets you pay for just the things you really need. This implies that when your business grows, anyone can simply add additional RAM, storage, and other capabilities.

In terms of features, Cloudways does not let you down. You’ll get access to all the necessities for WordPress site optimization, including scheduled backups and news stories, Cloudflare CDN, free SSLs, immigration, staging, and caching. Its user interface might not be as simple as that of other hosting providers, but it still has all of the capabilities you need to efficiently manage your websites. After overcoming the first learning curve, you’ll find that Cloudways is among the greatest and most reasonably priced cloud hosting companies available. A great choice for companies of all sizes, Cloudways offers a wealth of capabilities along with a flexible price structure. Explore the top 7 WordPress cloud hosting options in 2024, seamlessly integrated with newsletter plugins for WordPress.

If you’re looking for a packed-with-features and affordable cloud hosting company, Cloudways can be a perfect choice. It is crucial to remember that there can be an adjustment period and that the user interface can be very complex.


The best WordPress cloud hosting based on Google Cloud, SiteGround gives customers access to a reliable and effective hosting environment. Solid-state drives (SSD) and object caches are advantages for WordPress sites hosted on SiteGround. Additionally, the SG Optimizer plugin helps with site caching. 

In addition, SiteGround guarantees quick website operation by significantly reducing the amount of time to first byte (TTFB) through its lightning-fast PHP setup. An exceptional security feature of SiteGround’s web hosting service is their AI anti-bot system, which gives consumers additional peace of mind by effectively thwarting brute force attacks and forged traffic before they arrive at your website. It makes handling files, databases, domain names, and privacy preferences on websites easier. It also provides a useful analytics dashboard to track the performance of your internet presence, along with an abundance of options to help improve website performance.

If you need strong server-side and website-side cache capabilities, SiteGround is a great option. In addition, a simple way of managing website files, domains, and various other features is provided by their Site Tools website administration panel.


First up, Pressable is the best WordPress cloud hosting company on our list. Its user-friendly dashboard makes managing WordPress sites easier and offers features like free migrations, staging, and automatic updates. Pressable’s high-performance cloud servers are optimized for the WordPress platform and use storage to deliver quick page loads and enhance performance as a whole. Pressable also has one of the strongest safety suites in the business, which includes intrusion detection, automatic malware removal, and protection against distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks.

The use of this technology keeps a watchful eye on your server continuously and alerts you to any potential issues right away. The failover mechanism ensures that your website is always up and operational by instantly switching to a different cloud server in the event of an issue. Pressable is a wonderful choice for people who value website availability due to this feature, which is particularly noteworthy because it offers unparalleled uptime and dependability.

It offers features like daily backups, automated upgrades, and advanced security features, along with scalability and dependability to handle heavy traffic levels. In addition, Pressable offers professional WordPress support, which makes it a great option for anyone in need of technical assistance.

7.WP Engine:

Next up is WP Engine, which uses AWS and Google best WordPress cloud hosting to offer cloud packages that offer a managed WordPress web hosting experience that is simplified and has a simple UI full of useful features. Every WP Engine plan includes free migration, weekly backups of development, staging, and operational environments, a CDN, and multi-factor authentication for passwords, in addition to round-the-clock support. Additionally, WP Engine makes it simpler to migrate websites you’ve built into other WP Engine accounts to ensure seamless handoffs.

Users have the opportunity to add on more services in addition to the usual functionality previously mentioned, such as an intelligent plugin manager that handles WordPress, plugins, and design updates automatically. WP Engine also offers global edge safety, which includes a powerful DDoS mitigation system, a strong firewall, and automatically created SSL certificates. Lastly, material can be delivered to particular people based on their precise location through WP Engine’s geotarget capability.

They can also transfer these to other WP Engine accounts and Report Word clients quickly. The multi-factor authentication for passwords mechanism provided by WP Engine ought to ease your security worries.

Comparing Our Best Choices for Cloud Hosting for WordPress:

There are several wonderful solutions accessible when it comes to best WordPress cloud hosting. DreamHost, Scala Hosting, and Pressable are the top three options. Pressable stands out in particular for its emphasis on professionally managed WordPress hosting and its excellent performance. Compared to that, Scala Hosting offers a superb mix of price and performance, which renders it a fantastic option for individuals with limited finances. Finally, DreamHost is renowned for both its excellent customer service and user-friendly UI. All three of these hosts are perfect for anyone looking for trustworthy and scalable cloud hosting services for their WordPress-powered websites because they provide a variety of features and advantages, despite their variances. Explore the top 7 WordPress cloud hosting options in 2024, ideal for maximizing website performance with popular WordPress themes.


If choosing a new hosting plan, price may be an important consideration, but cloud computing is an excellent choice when scalability, dependability, and feature count are all taken into account. You may also use strong safety precautions like a firewall and information encryption with cloud hosting. Fortunately, for those who are more price-conscious, we’ve provided several great selections. You have a lot of options from the list below, regardless of which computer you host. Still unsure about which host option to choose? These leading hosting companies are, in our humble opinion, the greatest available.