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WordPress : The E-Commerce Platform

WordPress : The E-Commerce Platform

The relevance of Electronic commerce technologies has briskly grown. There are plentiful and great open-source portals on tap for e-commerce. Among all, WordPress is the most widely used and the most chosen one across the globe. The intention behind its demand is that it helps in creating the e-commerce website by engaging fewer efforts. WordPress is very easy to use compared to another available e-commerce portal. It saves much of your time and money. If we can try a hand on the interface you will learn how it works.

Creating E-Commerce Website

WordPress Platform

WordPress is too massive and mammoth that you can spend an ample amount of time exploring it. There are so many plugins available for the developers in the WordPress Marketplace through which they can customize the portal. The layout and the customization of the themes can also be done such as remove the sidebars, add or delete spaces in posts or pages. The upper hand of the WordPress platform is you do not have to search and ingress into the other platforms to get it integrated for your e-commerce store. This gives you entire control and holds on your website.

The blogging platform of WordPress helps to make it popular so far. WordPress was also known as the Blogging Platform because it has all the Blogging capabilities integrated into it. WordPress has the impressive statistics you can see it below :

  • 60 million and above installations of WordPress
  • Top Million Sites by traffic are powered by the WordPress
  • More than 50% of the website which uses the content management system is also powered by the WordPress
  • Completely free domain – an open-source network
  • Themes and plugins can be easily integrated to customize the front end and the back end functionality.
  • Constantly updated according to the technology and the generation

Creating an E-commerce Website Using WordPress

Creating an e-commerce website and using the Platform for the different aspects as well. Magento, Shopify, and Opencart are only made for e-commerce so they cannot fill their hands in any other functionality. In the case of WordPress Themes, it’s not so. You can combine your online store with any other purpose and functionality such as portfolios, blogs, corporate pages, etc. It provides a large number of plugins, themes, tools, and integration with modern online services and platforms. WordPress platforms worry about the pocket of the user and offer free, premium, Cheap premium services anywhere.

WordPress has a great authority of development and design for all the programmers and designers here. It allows the programmer to use their well-versed programming skills for creating an e-commerce website and add custom features and plugins.


WP E-Commerce

This is the WordPress plugin that was around for some time. It was thoroughly tested by users and a lot of buzz and threats were fixed on the user end through it. There are some specific templates available for shopping so there is no need to spend money anymore. There is a fully functional user interface and support forum to the firm’s websites. Buying the plugin will give you the benefit of free updates and the customization of the theme for some ample amount of time.


Its another paid Plugin for the e-commerce world. It poses very powerful orders fulfillment system features and includes the options of payment gateway membership actions. The past customers have a good review of the website all it was under the favor.


With popularity, there also comes the risk. For security and maintenance purposes, there is a large part you need to take care of. As users of WordPress is more on this globe therefore hacker’s topmost priority is to bombard against WordPress. If they can sneak in the core WordPress then it can affect the website on a massive scale. Also, the concern towards it makes sense. One should be aware of the matter that tons of e-commerce websites are popular and successful and also generating great sales. Also, they are generating traffic to their online store that runs on the WordPress platform.

Below are given some examples of how an e-commerce site built using WordPress can be safe and secured. Also, we will discuss privacy, hacking, and vulnerabilities.


It is said that “Precaution is better than cure”. This is the important thing to consider when it comes to safety and security no matter on which platform you have your site or with which websites you are dealing with. You have to make the credentials and passwords complicated so that its complex to guess, long, and strong enough. It’s also better if the user is also using strong passwords for login.


The website administrator has to obtain the SSL certificate so that whenever the user enters your store it is encrypted and secure. SSL certificates and HTTPS ensures that the data transferred is secure and encrypted. By this, the Customer or User can trust you because they will come to know by the certificates that their online shopping is safe and secure.


Well-established and rooted e-commerce and WordPress websites use the third party Payment Gateway such as PayPal, Stripe, and many more Plugins and apps for the financial transactions. It’s just to make sure that the credit card information or other sensitive logins Id and passwords through high privacy and security check to the payment gateway.

In the case of an e-commerce store the user end data like the Credentials, Credit Card details CVV number is not stored unless the customer principally allows them to do. Consequently, the user knows that the payment is generated to the trusted partner (PayPal, Stripe).


It is concluded in apparent and in many beneficial ways that the use of WordPress is beneficial and advantageous for creating an e-commerce website. Our team knows and they are well versed with WordPress ins and outs and front back. We can help with the setting up of the business in WordPress.

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