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Responsive WordPress Themes

Responsive WordPress Themes

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Whenever we talk about responsive WordPress themes, we need to be well aware of outstanding responsive web designs. Moving on with the same perception, a responsive WordPress theme utilize HTML and CSS to alter the layout of a blog or a site to fit into the space inside the search engines that we practically view on the screen of different devices. Holding a responsive theme for your blog or site provide you so many benefits. It will make your site more appealing and attractive to drive potential traffic from all over the world. A Responsive site will adapt itself to the various types of search engines used.

Role of a responsive WordPress theme

Any website which is difficult to read over any type of display devices is a piece of scrap in this era. An internet site is supposed to have a responsive design to offer the finest viewing experience on all the devices. A site should be simpler to read and navigate on computer screens, mobile phones, tablets etc. With the increasing popularity of smartphones and tablets, they comprise a big part of web traffic and will continue to grow.

Designing a Responsive WordPress Theme

The responsive site has a capability to rank higher on search engines due to its user-friendliness. Having a responsive and attractive website increases your credibility, as your visitors are likely to spend more time browsing your products and services. This results in decreased bounce rate and increased revenue.

Before appointing a designer to encode the responsive outline, make sure that you are using a reliable website that enables any individual or organization to post on the site. Confirm that the individual you hire is genuine in their work and is capable to cope up with your requirements. There may be a fluctuation in the cost whenever your site needs to be fully coded or partially edited by adding some media instructions. There are frequent situations where everything cannot be configured on a mobile site. To overcome this problem, some amazing responsive frameworks come into consideration. They all are progressive, well documented and free to use.

Most demanded themes are from Bootstrap. These are complete frameworks with configurable features like forms, navigations, buttons, icons, and popups along with some standard templates to initiate with.

Bootstrap is very simple to install and use. It is well documented and provides excellent support. It has already figured out compatibility problems, bugs and is developed with simple and sleek codes. Hence this will comprise the responsive approach to your development.


Responsive themes are deliberated to be Google’s most preferred object of optimizing websites and blogs to appear on mobile platforms.

  1. Search engines like Google and Yahoo can detect the content of a Responsive website more easily as these websites use single URL for desktop and mobile.
  2. It makes your blog to appear more coherent and stable over all the devices as compared to other mobile versions or mobile plugins.

Likewise, there are so many benefits of Responsive WordPress themes.

Getting responsive theme is definitely the best thought to make your website readable by mobile users. Specifically, an e-commerce website with a responsive theme can automatically adjust itself to display as per the size and resolution of mobile screens.

Numerous free and premium WordPress themes are available online to improve the look and functionality of e-commerce site. These themes are responsive and efficient in endorsing your goods and services.

Usually, theme developers and users opt to use premium themes over free ones. Premium themes are in demand because of their multiple functionalities and essential plugins for businesses.

Some of the examples of premium e-commerce WordPress themes are listed below:

1. Sauna Spa by themescaliber

It is recently launched theme developed specifically for spa, salon, wellness, beauty and many other types of hospitality services. This premium sauna theme is highly responsive and does not create any type of compatibility issues with the latest versions of WordPress. It is cross-browser compatible too and works well on different browsers.

2. E-commerce by themescaliber

Premium e-commerce WordPress theme consists of remarkable features like practicality, uniqueness, flexibility, and responsiveness. This user-friendly theme provides simple account management, easy payment options, pop-ups etc. With theme options panel you can make several customizations as per your needs. As this theme is SEO friendly, your website will rank high in different search engines.


Responsive WordPress themes result in increased traffic towards your website. With increased responsiveness and improved SEO, your site will appear in the top searches of different search engines and help you to earn you excellent profit as well.

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