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How to Set-Up WordPress Theme

How to Set-Up WordPress Theme

How to Set-Up WordPress Theme post thumbnail image

How to set up WordPress Theme? Learn easy steps to Install your theme.

What is WordPress?

WordPress is an open-source website development tool penned in PHP. It is discovered in 2003. It’s a very speedy and the most dominant online log and website detail management system existent today. It has become one of the most popular web publishing platforms. Today it powers nearly 30 percent of the entire web, some of the biggest news sites online. As its open-source, thousands of participants from all around the world are eternally creating and improving the code for WordPress software.

There are different types of plugins, widgets, and themes that trigger you to frame any kind of website that you can realize or fabricate. We can say WordPress is a highly flexible “Content Management System” that enables you to build and manage your website. Best of all it is completely free. Over the globe, millions of users have chosen WordPress to influence the place on the web they call “Home play”. For many of the users, it seems simple. As you type an address, the page loads in a bit of a second. But there is a lot that happens behind the scenes. As we know it’s open-source software, we can study and create our plugins or template for it.

What is WordPress Theme?

WordPress theme is the design or functionality of the website and assembly of files that work together to create a graphical alliance or interface with the design for the website or weblog.

What can themes do?

Themes take the content and data stored by WordPress and display it in the browser. When you create a WordPress theme, you decide how that content looks and is displayed. WordPress themes are powerful. But, with every web design project, a theme is more than color and layout. Good themes improve engagement with your website’s content in addition to being beautiful.

What are Themes made off?

There are two main files :

1. index.php – main template file

2. Style.css – main style file

How To Set-Up WordPress Theme

The most important thing is the theme functionality. So now that we are familiar with the basics of theme development, it’s time to start going deeper into the world of themes. This informs all basic theme functionality that helps in creating the theme.

• Custom headers – Enrol how to give your users the flexibility of adding their header image

• Sidebars – Add widget areas to your layout design where users can store widgets

• Widgets – Generate re-usable PHP objects that can be added to a sidebar

• Pagination – Separating print content or digital content into discrete pages. It works with WordPress built-in pagination.

• Comments –Personalize the comments template

• Media – It works with WordPress core’s media potential

• Featured Images & Post Thumbnails – This works with the images and customizes post thumbnails

• Post Formats – Create different formats and aspects for displaying users’ posts

• Internationalization – learn how to make and launch your theme for translation into various languages

• Localization – learn how to reword a WordPress theme

• 404 Pages – It creates a custom 404 page.

• Theme Security – Secures the theme without any error

• Launching Theme – Installing theme after being ready


While creating your theme, it’s important to check and consider the security aspect of the function. Below given are some of the important notches as you start your theme development practices :

Don’t trust any data, user input, third-party APIs, or data in your database without any verification. The safety of your WordPress themes starts with ensuring the data entering and leaving your theme is as intended. Always make sure that it should be validated on input and sanitize (escape) data before use on output. Many core WordPress functions provide the inbuilt functionality of approving the data. Keep your themes up to date.

Now you might be clear about how to set up a WordPress theme. Setup and you can start designing your website. 

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